Sunday, January 21, 2024

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Friday Denim Blues; Phool and Desigual Brunch (and a 5-Minute Shop) and Winesday; Plus Book Club (and a Wee Shop)

Welcome back, Gentle Readers! Did you have a good weekend? Mine's been busy, but full of good times with my Chosen Family, including Winesday and Book Club. 

Kicking us off is Friday's work outfit. It was still cold, so I layered up.
A mix of navy, dark denim and a woven Finnish plaid in shades of steel blue. 

  • Denim jacket - G-Star Raw, consignment, Powell River; last worn here in October 2023 for my birthday lunch with Mom
  • Top - Jean Paul Gaultier, vintage 90s, consignment; last seen here with my cocoon dress in October 2023
  • Skirt - Arola, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in February 2023 for brunch
  • Boots - 1883 Luchesse, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in November 2023 with boxy plaid
  • Coat - Tadmor, vintage 60s, vintage mall; last worn here earlier this month

This is my third and final wearing of this Arola skirt - I like it but I don't love it, and I'm going to move it along, either to a friend or via consignment.
I only paid $9.95 for it, so I got my money's worth. 

Love this G-Star Raw denim jacket.
I like how the hem is longer in the front. 

Buttoned up, it's a big boob-smushing. 
I only do that for putting on my coat. 

Rain was in the forecast, but I missed it entirely. Woo! 

I picked up some goodies for the weekend on the way home, and the clerk gushed over my outerwear. "Look at you!"

The stuff: 
I briefly considered walking to and from work in these boots, but there was still snow and ice on the sidewalks, and these have leather soles, I carried them in a bag and wore my Docs. Safety first, kids!

Silvery bling: 
A bunch of knuckle-duster rings. 

  • Crystal heart bracelet - Juicy Couture, consignment
  • Silver/carnelian bangle - consignment
  • Silvery/kyanite ring - consignment
  • Anneke and Lars ring - vintage mall
  • Silver/obsidian ring - consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Brooch - thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

Wait, I feel like something's missing...
Oh, yeah, I still had my necklace on! 

  • Necklace - Myka, thrifted

On Friday night, L and I hung out and played board games. We realized after a couple of hours that we hadn't seen Vizzini for a while and looked high and low for him. 
"Heh, I'm just blending in with your pirate clothes."

And so he was! 
"You can leave me alone now, 'kay, thanks."

Enjoy your snooze, buddy. 

We awoke to warmer temps (7 degrees! practically tropical!) and mostly melted snow, so we ventured out in Vlad the Jag to brunch. 
I had Winesday in the evening at Tracy's, so I wore the exact same thing all day and night. 

  • Vest - Phool, vintage 90s, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March 2023 with McQueen
  • Dress - Desigual by Christian Lacroix, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in December 2022 for brunch
  • Boots - Doc Martens; last worn here a little over a week ago for a wee shop
  • Coat (below) - Mallia, consignment; last seen here last week

L and I went for brunch at John's Place.
Then ran a few errands and grocery shopped after that. 

I cabbed to Tracy's and back with Cat and Yvonne. 
My tights are fleece-lined, plus I have a camisole and my wee sporty shorts under the dress for extra thigh security. 

The glorious silky viscose and velvet vest is like wearing a blanket. 
I happily curled up in it at Tracy's and chilled with my wonderful Winesday Women. 

Without the vest, so you can have a gander at the dress. 
The printed fabric has a gold sparkly thread running through it, and the red/yellow decoration in the centre of the chestal region is all embroidered and beaded. 

And how does one wear a coat over such a long, thick vest?
You don't! You wear the vest over the coat! Such trickery! 

All ready to briefly be outside. 
It was a bit of a production to take the vest off, remove my coat, then put the vest on. The things we do for fashion! *dramatic gesture*

Shiny gold and Dad's dance-band scarf (all the members of his band wore these scarves). 

  • Purse - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Scarf - vintage 60s, Dad's
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff: 
Good boots! They make me - and my feet - happy. 

Brass bling:
All armoured up. 

  • Belt - vintage 70s, consignment
  • Brass/glass necklace and ring - Raphael of Canada, vintage 70s, consignment
  • Earrings - vintage mall
  • Brass ring - vintage mall
  • Brass cuff - Midzo, vintage expo
  • Brass/leather cuff - vintage 70s, Mom's

I took a picture of John's Place as I stood in line while L parked the car. 
It's in a vintage c.1890s building that was originally a store. And yes, the Belgian waffles are superb. 

L then stood in line while I did my 5-minute shop in the Beacon Avenue Thrift Shop next door. 
I bought him Jewel's "Pieces of You" CD ($1.00) and snagged 4 ties. 

L wanted all of them except for the brown dotted one, which I'll consign. 
The dotted and striped ties are both by Ted Baker, which retail for $100, but go on sale for $50. The zigzag tie (dig that groovy purple backing!) is by Pierre Cardin and is classic 1970s. 

The floral tie is by Jerry Garcia - yes, THAT Jerry Garcia of the band The Grateful Dead. 
I first learned about his art and tie designs through fellow blogger, Ally over at Shybiker (here, link 'cause I love). 

This is a very soft silk, and is a limited edition "Sunset" from Collection Forty-Six.
I like that his signature is woven into the backing. His ties sell second-hand for between $40-85.

And what did I pay for all four ties? $2.00 - yes, 50 cents apiece. 

We had a wonderful Winesday, and I got home at 1:30am, but was up early to head to town for a quick shop at the big WIN store before meeting up with my gals for Book Club early in the afternoon. 
Shopping gear! 

I wore my "real" outfit while we had lunch at the Commons, and gabbed books for hours. 
Not really things that match, but things that go. 

  • Sweater - Reitmans, thrifted; last seen here way back here in March 2022 with blues
  • Skirt - Nine West, thrifted; last worn here in September 2023 with chartreuse and turquoise
  • Boots - Original Samedi, Fluevog; last seen here in January with leopard
  • Coat (below) - Elizabeth and James, consignment; last worn here in December 2023 on the last shop of the year

I didn't think it had been that long since I last wore this red sweater! 
Thick tights and a camisole on under there. 

But my outfit was all about my outerwear as that's how most people saw me. 
I love this suede skirt. 

There we go. 
I walked to town - it was grey and rained a little bit. 

So I bundled up all the way. 
WIN didn't open until noon, so I returned to the Beacon Ave Thrift Shop for a more thorough look, to kill time. 

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed that everything is tied together by the scarf.

  • Purse - Danier, thrifted
  • Silk scarf - Fluevog
  • Toque - thrifted
  • Suede gloves - vintage, thrifted

The stuff: 
Easy boots for walking, although Cat and I caught the bus home as I was getting a wee blister on my heel. 

  • Kyanite/silver ring - consignment
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocara, vintage fair
  • Rose earrings - Betsey Johnson, swap from Cat

A good browse will always yield a few more treasures. 
This vintage 80s-era nylon slip came with me. 

These are getting more and more scarce, and the prices keep climbing. 
$7.00 is a bargain. 

I found this mini dress in with the tops. 
It's also VERY wrinkled - it'll look gorgeous once I steam it out.

Isn't the colour lovely?
And it has ginormous pockets! 

It's by COS, and I was happy to see that viscose/silk blend on the label. 
I could tell by feel it was a good quality fabric. 

It's unlined, but $12.00 is still a heck of a price.
I spied a few of them on the Interwebz for around $50-75 second hand. It would have been around $225.00 new.

I popped into WIN for an hour's power-shop. As always, I start with the accessories. 
I could tell it was silk by feel - it's so soft. 

I liked the bold mix of colours and the baroque pattern. 
$6.95 is a good price. 

This coat was on a rack to go out - I saw the brand and the price and put it straight into my cart. 
It's a menswear long dress coat, in a nice plaid, with big patch pockets on the front.

It's by Obey, which I've seen for $$ in local boutiques, as well as at Turnabout. 
Black and white with a fine brown stripe for interest. 

An inside pocket.
That's how you know it's a man's coat...har har. They so rarely put inside pockets on women's coats. 

Another little "Obey" on the cuff. 
$34.95 is a great price - it was easily over $400 new. I've offered this to my pals Ron and Randall, and we'll see who wants it for $40.00 (I charge a 10%-ish finders fee).

This shirt was sufficiently wacky to catch my attention.
It's all woven pattern (the stripes) with a black print on top of that. 

It's quite the design, isn't it?
L absolutely loved it and claimed it for himself. 

The black print are roosters...cockfighting! 
With a snarl of feathers in the middle! Okay! Sure!

It was marked as Vintage, for a mere $12.95. 
I found a $19.95 price tag under that. 

I've never heard of this brand before - Winster. Note the crossed rifles and steer head! I know "Hecho en Mexico" means made in Mexico. 
I found a couple of other shirts online, which were also this Western/cowboy style. Nothing else at all. 

This dress leapt out at me from all the tatty polyesters. That's denim and a wool-blend tweed, if I know my fabrics (and I think I do!). 
I like the studs at the armholes, and the denim inserts. 

The floral element on the denim are fabric flowers sewn out of long ribbons, with a few sequins. 
The tweed part is woven with some iridescent fibres. 

You know me - I like a raw edge! 
It's Desigual, and I'd guess this is an older style for them, probably from the 2010s. The back is plain tweed and all of the tweed has a viscose lining/backing.

Oops, can't read the price there very well - it was $24.95. 
I found the blue denim version online with its original tags - it retailed for $399.00!

I bought this vintage dress specifically to consign it. House of Savoy will love this. 
Oh my gosh, but she is a beauty! Delicate knit in white and silver. 

A threaded tie belt at the waist - crocheted trim and wee pearl dome buttons.
The silver is very metal-like - this is early lame (lah-MAY). 

It's from the 1970s, for sure. 
I couldn't leave her behind for $16.95! The tag under that says $32.95. 

I enjoyed showing the gals what I'd found and I took a pic of us just as we had our lunch served (burgers for all but Yvonne, who had sushi). 
From left: Mindy, Ciara, Caro, Cat and Yvonne. 

Mwah, much love to my Book Club Babes! 

And now, off to enjoy the last few hours of my weekend, my friends! Thank you for stopping by! 


  1. What a lovely weekend to spend with friends. We had a evening of boardgames with friends. Didn't win though! I'm very competitive. Love the plaid coat! It's it that busy in lunchrooms that you have to wait in line?

    1. John's Place is a restaurant (lunch and breakfast) and for weekend brunch, you always have to wait in line - it's that popular! We always say, "if there's no line, it's probably not very good."

  2. It sounds a wonderful weekend! I love seeing you out with your pals.
    It's always good to see that Phool maxi waistcoat, the colour is so good on you and I'm not surprised you keep the outfit on all day, one can't improve on perfection!
    Yeah, that Finnish skirt isn't doing it for me either, I'm glad you're moving it along.
    Great finds, I love L's chicken shirt especially and that silver lurex maxi needs to be in my wardrobe!
    So interesting that vintage slips are a rarity in your part of the world, it's only the cotton ones that I have trouble finding. Fancy Jerry Garcia having a range of ties. I live in hope of finding one of the ties Pablo Picasso printed by hand then I could probably retire to a Greek island! xxx

  3. Woohoo, what a full, interesting, fun and ‘great haul’ weekend! I love your Winesday and Book Club outfits for their color, interesting patterns and textures and overall uplifting vibes. And three cheers for flannel lined tights. I *finally* found flannel lined leggings that fit and are comfortable and that has changed my relationship with winter! They are equally nice with dresses or under flannel lined jeans on the below-freezing days.

    Those are some nice finds for L and friends, especially that Made in Mexico shirt and the menswear coat.
    May your week be on the warmer side!
    Cheers, Laurie

  4. The fit and proportions of your Friday work outfit are winners.

  5. Chosen Family is always something extra special. We need to make time for them. I'm happy to hear you've had a nice time with your friends.
    I love your outfits. The skirt is wonderful but if you don't love it, better to pass it along. There are plenty of unique skirts in the fashion sea.
    I love the colourful doc Martens. I plan to wear mine tomorrow. I'm taking the kids to a snowy capital. I don't know how to walk in the snow. My colleagues don't know how to walk in the snow. The kids don't know how to walk in the snow. I'll put my faith in baby steps and doc Martens boots.

  6. It looks like you had a wonderfully busy, fun-packed weekend, Sheila!
    I'm hearing you on letting that Arola skirt go: it is a bit tame, and you've got much more exciting pieces by them.
    Saturday's outfit is a stunner, and I'm swooning over that Phool vest in particular. What a fabulous garment! Loving Sunday's colourful outfit too, and those boots are to die for!
    And oh my, didn't you do well on your 5-minute and wee shops? You're right: vintage slips are becoming rare as hen's teeth! xxx

  7. That was a busy weekend! Loved the outfits. I'm so sorry about the skirt by Arola; I think it's gorgeous! Your hack of wearing the vest OVER the coat was genius; I was wondering how you'd layer a coat over that! And talking of coats I loved the one you found by OBey. It's true that women's coats rarely have an inside pocket but just recently I replaced an older worn animal print coat by La Redoute for a similar but newer thrifted one by M&S. To my surprise I found an inside pocket! Your finds were fabulous; I adored the silver and white vintage dress in particular.

  8. The denim and wool dress is a stunner. Can’t wait to see you style it. What a fun weekend and a great shopping haul. You have a great eye fir the best! Love your blog, as always…….


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