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Fashion Stuff:
Some of my favourite links to large posts that I've done on Ephemera over the years. I've pretty much stopped updating this, as I've been blogging since 2008. You're welcome to browse my archives or use the "search" tool to find something in particular. If you have a question, please leave a comment or drop me a line (my email's in my profile).

Never Seen - My Closet Archives

Two Years of Blogging - A Retrospective

My 2009 Fashion Resolution - Recap!

My Closet (2008)

My Closet (2011)

My Jewelry Collection

What I Wore to Alice Cooper

Wedding Pictures

How To Dress Up Your Man

Consigning, and Other Ways I Profit From My Old Stuff

My Bare Face

My Favourite Hallowe'en Costume

How I Build an Outfit - Sheila Style!

How I Shop at Winners

February 2011 Wardrobe Challenge (#4)

Leopard Week 2011 

Heh, She Said Pants Week (May/June 2011)

Birthday Reader Challenge (October 2011)

This or That Challenge (October 2011)

Neutrals Week (December 2011)

Layer Up Week (January 2012)

February 2012 Wardrobe Challenge (#5)

The 2012 "30 For 30 for 12" Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

Starting in February 2012, I built a unique 30 item capsule of shoes and clothes from my (admittedly) huge wardrobe every month for a year. Go here for my original post and my "rules."

I wrapped up the challenge at the end of January 2013. Each month was recapped with analysis and voting for favourite outfits:

Feb 2012
Mar 2012
Apr 2012
May 2012
Jun 2012
Jul 2012
Aug 2012
Sep 2012
Oct 2012
Nov 2012
Dec 2012
Jan 2013 

Wild Card Voting (results revealed here, after the jump)

Dress Weeks: 
I have a lot of dresses, and I love to wear them! Dress Weeks are a fun way for me to showcase some of my favourites and to wear them in new and creative ways. And yes, all the titles are based on old horror movies.

Dress Week! (May 2008)

Return of Dress Week! (September 2008)

It Came From Dress Week! (January 2009)

Son of Dress Week! (May 2009)

I Was a Teenaged Dress Week! (September 2009)

Boots Vs. Dress Week! (November 2009)

Attack of the 50 Foot Dress Week! (April 2010)

Bride of Dress Week (August 2010)

Revenge of Dress Week! (May 2011)

Invasion of Dress Week! (December 2011)

Dress Week of Horrors! (September 2012)

Stuff About Me:
Want to know things about me? Here you go.

10 Things About Me

Seven Things About Me

Grad/Prom Pictures

My Tattoo

Seven Random Things About Me

Ten Little-Known Things About Me

My Style Through the Years (Old Pictures)

A Tribute to My Brother, Dave

Othello the Cat, 1996-2010

London and Paris, May 2010

Eight Questions, Eight Answers

My Christmas Tree and A Very Peculiar Village (2010)

On My Travels - places I've been or seen

I've Been Featured! How Cool!
Sheila and Ephemera in the media and other awesome mentions by fabulous people.

Inside Out Style by Imogen Lamport: "Stylish Thoughts - Ephemera" (an interview)

Huffington Post: "'Tis the Season for Peplums" by Wendy Brandes (I'm in the slideshow)

Huffington Post: "Love Me, Love My Houndstooth" by Wendy Brandes (I'm in the slideshow)

Huffington Post: "This Red-Hot Spring Trend Has Legs" by Wendy Brandes (I'm in the slideshow)

Huffington Post: "Real Women Wear Leopard Print" by Wendy Brandes (I'm featured as the lead picture and mentioned in the article!)

Tierre Joline's blog entry: "Ephemera" on December 15th, 2011.

Stylist (Huffington Post): "Fashion Bloggers Flaunt Blue-Collar Pride" by Wendy Brandes (I'm in the slideshow)

Huffington Post: "Rated X-Ray: Sheer Fashion Gets Around" by Wendy Brandes (I'm in the slideshow)

"They Walk Among Us: Sheila" by Kristen of "Low Fat Dressing" (an interview)

"I'm Looking Forward to 40; Here are Some Blogs That Make Me Feel That Way" by Marianne at XO Jane

"True Fashionista: Sheila" by Alison on Wardrobe Oxygen

Book Blurbs
In 2010, I wrote a small review for every book I read. Since about 2017-ish, I have listed all the books I read in the previous year in one of my first January posts of the following year. 

Every year, I (used to) give out Major Awards to my favourite people in the blogosphere. Check 'em out!

It's a Major Award! (fave links of 2008)

It's a Major Award! (fave links of 2009)

It's a Major Award! (fave links of 2010)

It's a Major Award! (fave links of 2011)


  1. Hello Sheila!
    It was a pleasure meeting you at the VSEIII this weekend~

  2. Sheila-

    I just wanted to say that you rock.

    That is all.

  3. hi just found your blog like your photo's and how your your hair has changed colours and style over the years how often do you go and get it done ? thanks

    1. Thanks for reading! I get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks, and I colour it (myself) every 4-6 weeks.

  4. I love your blog, and I was wondering whether you might be on Twitter and/or have a YouTube channel as well?

    my blog
    my YouTube
    my Twitter


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