Sunday, March 20, 2022

Weekend Wrap-Up: Deja Blue Boot Brunch, and a Wee Thrift Shop With Caro

Hello, my friends, I'm back - I hope the weekend is treating you right! 

L and I returned to our Saturday routine, and met up with Nick for brunch at the Ruby. 
I couldn't resist wearing my new blue boots again - deja blue! 

  • Coat - Desigual by Christian Lacroix, consignment; last worn here in November 2021 for a weekend shop
  • Sweater - RW & Co, consignment; last seen here in December 2021 with my Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Skirt - Mexx, consignment; last worn here in November 2021 with this same coat
  • Boots - Official Sabado, Fluevog; first seen here on Friday with Dalmatian spots

I was up early to do my Mini Mental Health Walk.
It was sunny but with a very cold wind, so I dressed accordingly for morning/early afternoon.

Warm for standing in line outside. 
I got loads of "I love your look!" comments - thank you, kind strangers. 

Without the coat, but I only took it off for brunch. 
I like red and orange together - they're so cheery. 

Rest assured, I never drag my coat. 
I had to quickly sew one of the buttons on though. 

Masked up - after brunch, I met up with Caro for a wee shop at the big Women In Need (WIN) store. 
I wore my mask most of the time, but took it off periodically while it was just the two of us, giggling away at some fashion monstrosity. 

These are Blue Boots of Badassitude! 

The stuff: 
I am keeping these stuffed with tissue when I'm not wearing them, to ensure that the leather doesn't crease around the ankles. After all the walking/standing/shopping today, I think I will pick up a sport insole for them, just for a bit of extra comfort. 

  • Silver/enamel ring - antique store, Sidney
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - thrifted

We finished brunch early, so I strolled over to the Beacon Ave Thrift Store on the same street at the WIN store, and had a bit of a rummage. 
I fell in love with this belt - it matches a pair of my Fluevogs almost exactly - but as it was only $2.00 and I didn't have any change on me, I quickly found something else to buy so that I could use my debit card. 

I spotted this asymmetrical blouse. 
It's by Halston! Not vintage Halston, but the modern label. 

Still, I see this stuff in consignment stores for 10 times this price!
Only $9.00. However, it didn't fit, so it's into the giveaway bag to go to a new home. I consider the cost a donation to a worthy charity. 

From there, I spent some time doing the accessories section at WIN before Caro arrived. 
I found two new-in-the-packaging pairs of Spanx workout socks for $4.95 a pair (regular retail $12.00 a pair), a pair of nylons for $1.95 (regular retail $9.00), and a pair of socks for L that say "The Coolest Guy on the Conference Call" for $4.95 (regular retail $18.95). You can really save on new hosiery in the thrift store, and it's not even worn!

In addition to the socks, I also bought these trousers for L. 
They are by Club Monaco, the Davis Slim Fit, in a dark navy blue.

That punch in the tag means it was half price. 
So, $9.95 for a pair of Club Monaco pants? They retail for $198.00!! And they fit L perfectly.

I did well in the purse section, although I really don't need any more...
I couldn't resist - they're so pretty! 

The chainmail bag is likely from the early 00s - the beaded handle is a dead giveaway.
It's by Nicci and was $4.95. 

This flat bag has a cord string, and only the front is beaded. 
But such pretty beading it is! It has no label, but was also $4.95. It's a party bag, for sure. 

I did well in the belts too. 
I'm going to draw on the pink belt - it perfectly matches my soon-to-be Pink Lady jacket. 

It's from the 80s, and is leather. 
Not bad for only $4.95. 

I gasped at this belt - it's a snake! 
And it's all metal on leather! 

This belt was stamped "Rodier" and was made in Italy. It's also likely from the 80s. 
It was $4.95, which felt like a steal.

I fell for this silk scarf. 
Floral AND leopard? 

Be still my heart! 
It was $16.95, and is by Careta. Note the hand-rolled edges (something I always look for). 

I spotted this very sparkly long necklace on a display. 
Long necklaces are trendy right now, as are unusual pearls. 

Bam, two trends in one! 
This is probably from the late 90s/early 00s - it was $7.95. The crystals are actually glass (crystal?) and the "string" is metal. 

I found a nice teal camisole to add to my collection. 
It's from Reitmans, a Canadian mall chain. 
$3.95 is a good price - these retail for around $15.00.

I'd already done the vintage section by the time Caro arrived, but we went through it again, and she pulled out this swimsuit. 
A classic cut and print. 

Love the little cleavage detail. 
It's by Christina, and was made in Canada. Swimsuit sizing is still "old school" - this is a size 12, so equivalent to a clothing size 8. 
For $9.95, I went for it. Swimsuits are expensive! This is actually not vintage, either - the Bay department store sells this line. It would have retailed for around $55.00 new. And it fit perfectly! 

I had looked at this ruffled brown and black plaid shirt during my last shop at WIN.
This time, it was punched half price, so for $9.95 I risked it (there are no changerooms at WIN anymore). 
It's by Gerry Weber. Wow, blouses by them are over $100 US! Unfortunately, this was too big on me, so into the giveaway it went. Another donation to a good cause.

I had to buy this skirt. 
It's a lovely coral red colour, fully lined. 

Look at that pretty edging on the lining. 
It's by Marc Cain, which I know from my consignment shopping is a very pricy brand.

I have a jacket that I paid $45.00 for second-hand (this one here). 
I like that the size is "N 3" - well, that's very helpful, isn't it? "Do you have size N? What about N 3?"

It's 90% wool, 10% cashmere. 
You don't see skirts made of wool and cashmere very often. 

Why I had to buy it. 
$7.95?? Are you kidding me? It's current and retails for over $125.00! How on earth did they price it so low? Not that I'm complaining.

But here is the crowing glory. I found a vintage dress. 
A beautiful creamy background, with big flowers (some of them have butterflies in the centre) in shades of brown and olive. 

A keyhole neckline. 
I wonder if there is a little missing piece to connect those grommets? I might make something out of some spare ribbon and snap-fastener for it. 

Each sleeve has three oval openings starting at the shoulder, and those grommets are connected with small strips of the same fabric (all hand-sewn). 
The sleeves bell towards the cuff. Drama!

There is a walking slit on either side. 
It's fully lined in what feels like a nylon or acetate. Cat-approved. 

The outer fabric is silky with a slubbed finish, and I suspect it is raw silk or a silk-cotton blend.
I found a label sewn right above one of the slits (an unusual spot). There is no content tag. 

Same label at the neckline. Elle L'Exclusif of Milano Paris New York. I discovered that this company issued catalogues with fabric swatches inside - you picked the fabric, chose your design and they mailed it all to you, and you created the garment yourself! Check out this auction listing for a 1973/4 catalogue here (link 'cause I love, of course). 
I guess they included labels too! This dress has an incredible amount of hand-sewing - kudos to its creator. $24.95 felt like a great deal for this. I'm sure it's from the 70s, with that psychedelic fabric. 

I was so happy - it fits me perfectly! Caro and I used a tape-measure for a lot of the garments (she bought two pairs of jeans for under $17) to make sure they would fit. 
I feel like a million bucks in this. 

I swanned about for L (and Vizzini).
"You bought nothing for me?"

I am excited to wear this! Bring on the events! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! I so appreciate every one of you.


  1. What a fab time spent with friends and secondhand shopping. It still feels like such a treat after those lockdown years, doesn't it?
    Those boots are amazing, I don't think I'd ever take them off!
    That gorgeous kaftan would go straight in my travel bag, it's the perfect beach cover-up and glam enough for a late lunch in a taverna. What a find! I love the snake belt and bugle beaded bag and L's checked trousers - or "Strides" as the Mods call smart trousers.
    Charity shops need to start stocking cat treats to make up for the amount of time we abandon our boys hunting for secondhand treasure! xxx

    1. It was so awesome, Vix! We had a great time hanging out together.

      I don't want to take the boots off - they are just fabulous to wear.

      Isn't that the coolest kaftan? I was also thrilled with the snake belt. Strides, I will remember that!

      Lol, for sure! Vizzini is always nosing through my purchases.

  2. I love how you owre those boots with the red and orange and that coat goes so perfectly - no wonder you got so many compliments! :)

    really impressed with your finds too - the Roxy belt made me smile. I used to have a couple very mini mini skirts with Roxy emblazoned on the butt during my uni days! I couldn't wear something so short now, haha! I did live on the Gold Coast though so that brand was everywhere.

    1. Didn't that outfit turn out well? I love orange and blue together.

      Thanks! I know, I'm sure the belt is at least 20 years old. Lol, I can imagine you in the minis!

  3. I didn't have luck browsing with my daughter- she though had purged three kitchen size trash bags from her dresser and closet. I like seeing the blue boots in action. Wear #1? You wear the vintage dress well!

    1. Aw, sorry to hear that, Sam, but for me, it's always more about the time spent with the person when I shop.

      Thank you!

  4. Sheila, I suspect 1) you are fun to shop with- your knowledge of good brands, and eye for quality is spot on. There are so many treasures above, it's hard to remember them all. 2) you'd be dangerous to shop with! I love that last dress most of all- what a floral stunner!

    1. I am a blast to shop with! Thanks so much! Yes, I'm dangerous too - I encourage my co-shoppers to try new things, and I find all the good stuff. :)

      I agree, that dress is amazing. Such a great find.

  5. What totally fabulous boots they are! And of course the Desigual coat was equally fab. It's lovely to get back to doing 'normal' things and your charity shopping expedition was very successful. I loved the plaid blouse - what a shame it was too big. The snake belt was wonderful and you did well to find 2 more brilliant belts. L's trousers were a real bargain and as for the maxi dress; it's absolutely beautiful and looks fantastic on you. I'm so glad Vizzini approved....

    1. I love them together - and it was lovely to spend time shopping with Caro. Yeah, disappointed in the blouse, but I know it'll go to a good home. Belts are often the source of some good finds at the thrift store. The best was that maxi dress though, I agree! Thanks so much, Vronni!

  6. I too love your look! The orange, red and blue is such a cheerful combo, and I can't get over how well your Desigual coat and deja blue Fluevogs go together! I love how your hair looks too. And giggling at fashion monstrosities with a friend is a favourite pastime of mine.
    You did well and WIN too: I'm loving the purses, the trousers you found for L., the swimsuit and the ruffled plaid shirt. I often find Gerry Weber in the charity shops here. But my favourite of all, of course, is the stunning vintage dress! xxx

    1. It's one of my favourite combos, for sure, Ann. I did twists in my hair (anchored with pins) while I did my make-up, so my hair was all over the place, ha ha! I love pulling out the silly stuff when shopping.

      I did really well, but yes, the gem is that dress!

  7. First of all, I love your outfit. The red and orange look great together. Fabulous top and skirt combo. The blue boots are a great match with the blue tights and the blue Desigual coat is the icing on the cake. Such a fab outfit!
    I love the maxi dress you bought, it looks great worn with those pltform sandals.
    You found great things while second hand shopping. I wouldn't be able to resist those purses either. They're super pretty!

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana!

      I'm excited to wear that dress - I know it'll be worn with those sandals! I had so much fun finding treasures!

  8. Wow what a haul. Love the caftan it looks great on you. Those are some Boss lady boots my friend.

    1. Boss lady boots - love it! Thanks, Kim! I'm excited to wear the dress.

  9. Totally in love with Blue Boots of Badassitude! mwhahaha.
    Love how you styled them with the fab coat and red and orange together too!, You Rock It, dear Sheila, and has put a smile on my face, no wonder that you received compliments!
    Always admiring your purchases, particularly that vintage dress is magnificent! wowwww!

    1. Aren't they fabulous, Monica? I love them. Thank you so much!!

      I adore that dress - it's amazing!

  10. That vintage maxi is beautiful. I'm sure you'll figure out something for the neckline (maybe shove a sweater clip through the grommets?

    1. Thanks, Goody! I don't own a sweater clip, but that's a good idea. I wonder if I have a single copper earring I could use?

  11. Everything about your opening outfit says 'comfortable pizzazz!" The Desigual jacket, the awesome Fluevogs, those tights!, and the orange and red ensemble - I'd absolutely wear this outfit. :-)

    Each of your hauls have something spiffy to add to your wardrobe though must admit I was skeptical about the brown~cream dress till you modeled it. Then I immediately got it! It looks comfortable and like a perfect fit, and reminds me of the caftans in my Aunt's wardrobe.

    I always look forward to your Big Ass Weekend Wrap Up - gives me time to vicariously enjoy and appreciate whatever it is you are up to, even if it is quiet time at home but especially when you have an outing.

    1. I loved this outfit - it felt very me, Laurie.

      That's cool - it can be really hard to tell what something will look like until you try it on. I generally find that the more boring something is on the hanger, the better it will look on the body, especially if it's got some tailoring to it. I do love a caftan - I can wear this to the next Mrs. Roper Pool Party!

      Yay for Bigass Weekends! Glad you are enjoying the massive posts. :)

  12. When I saw the photos of the l'Exclusif dress, I thought it wouldn't look good. And then I saw you wear it! Beautiful. You see, I am a terrible shopper. I can never tell what it will look like on me when I see something on a hanger.

    1. I have a pretty good eye for what will look good on - lots of practice! Thanks, Greetje!

  13. I love the blue jacket and the snake belt! How fascinating learning about the company that sends you the fabric and pattern to sew yourself!

    1. Thanks, Laura! I know, isn't that the coolest thing? I had no idea!

  14. I would have been one of those folks that came over to tell you how much they loved your outfit. Those boots are DIVINE, and the orange/red/blue is a stellar combination.

    I've been looking for a nice red skirt for a while now, something like the one you found at WIN. The dress, OMG, the dress! Finding that would have been a squeal-worthy moment for me. I love the sleeve design and the fabric, which is definitely high quality. SCORE!

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Shelley! I love these boots SO MUCH.

      I am a sucker for a red skirt. :)

      I know, right? The DRESS! I nearly did squeal!

  15. Can't have the blues with those boots! The whole outfit is spectacular.

    I have a necklace a lot like the long chain/pearl/crystal one you found (tho mine is purple) and I'm sure a friend gave it to me in the early noughties. So they were definitely around then.

    1. Nope, they make me feel on top of the world!

      Oh, cool - I like this one, but I'm having issues styling it.

  16. "Deja blue" is adorable + very clever!

    Stellar finds across the board! My personal fave is that incredible snake belt (though it only just barely topped that gorgeous floral print bathing suit). I madly adore snakes and wearable items depicting/shaped like them.

    I think it is so wonderfully kind and generous that you donate newly purchased items that don't fit you - and have no doubt that the thrifting/consignment store powers that be will long continue to put many awesome new finds in your path to help reward you with some very well deserved good karma.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life


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