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This is a collection of all the artsy things I've been working on lately, with oldest at the bottom, newest at the top.

I prefer working on real leather, and use art markers purchased locally. I use clip-art and other free ideas around the web as references/inspiration, including henna-inspired processes and old school tattoo designs, adding my own spin.

March 2022 - The Badass Bag

This project was a little over a month, start to finish. 
Materials: vinyl/PVC/fake leather bag with fabric lining, purchased here for $9.95 at the WIN thrift store. Permanent black Staedtler markers, Tombow alcohol-based pens. 

The front of the bag is an illusion, disguising the extra bit underneath. I'm not just a "Total Badass Lady"...
I'm a "Total Badass BOSS Lady"! 

Even though you can't see it, I also decorated the back.
"Carry Love In Your Heart."

I also did the sides. 
Yup, those are sides. 
You can view the final pictures here, and there are links to previous progress updates.

February 2022 - The Peacock Jacket

This jacket took me two months to complete, working off and on. 
Materials: Leather jacket. This is a 90s/early 00s piece that I thrifted for $9.95 and had worn a few times, but wasn't completely inspired by. 

Permanent black Staedtler marker, Tombow alcolol-based paint-pens and Pilot Super-Colour gold liquid ink (alcohol-based).
It was the perfect canvas for playing with and trying out a new design.

Worn here, including final progress pictures and links back to previous updates. 

November 2021 - The Tammy Jacket

I illustrated this in about a week in November, as a present for Tammy's 60th birthday.

"Friends in Fair-Weather and Foul."
Material - PVC/faux leather, with fabric under arms and down side. 

Permanent black Staedtler marker, plus Tombow alcohol-based paint-pens. 
Worn by me once here
Full detail and process pictures here
Tammy wearing it for the first time. 

November 2021 - Gold Wing Dress

This dress took about three weeks to finish, from October to mid-November.
Material - fleece-lined stretch PVC/faux leather. 

Pilot liquid gold ink pen.
Sadly, the gold ink flakes into dust when the material stretches. 
Modeled once, not worn (yet). Final reveal here, with links to previous details and process pictures. 

October 2021 - Snake Jacket 

Started in August 2021, finished in October. 
Materials: leather jacket (thrifted), plus new glass buttons. 

Permanent black Staedtler marker, plus Tombow alcohol-based paint-pens. 
Final reveal here, with links to previous process/details

Worn on the reveal day. 
And at least once since! 

August 2021 - Floralized Fluevog Listen Up O'Haras

I did these over a couple of weeks in August. 
Materials: Micron black permanent marker, Staedtler coloured markers, clear sealing spray

The shoes are too high for me to wear, so I had them signed by John Fluevog at a store event, then forgot about them. 
Now that they are illustrated, I stuffed them with black socks. 
And display them. 
First pictures here (including the link to when I had them signed by John Fluevog), and final reveal here

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  1. Sheila, this work is outstanding! Love those shoes and the way you've displayed them too.


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