Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb 29th - Outfit #26 - Last Day Crazy, Cats and a Very Awesome Ring

I am so - may I date myself with an 80s expression? - STOKED to start a new month with a new capsule wardrobe! Woo! 

I'll be doing an analysis of my February wardrobe (I kept a spreadsheet), but I'm pretty busy this week (I am currently on a webinar training session as I type this...shhhh), so I'll be doing that on the weekend. You'll be able to vote on your favourite outfit of the month! 

But let's not get ahead of ourselves - here is the last outfit of February:
Yeah, I pulled out all the crazy for this, hee hee. I've had it in the back of my mind all month how fun it would be to wear these tights with these fringed suede booties (only worn once, here). I don't know if this totally works, but I enjoyed wearing it!

This is the Burberry shirt (last worn here), with the leather vest (last seen here) worn open.
And that's my lovely grey velvet skirt, last seen here. I'm also wearing a black cami under the shirt, and my chainmail necklace.

I know, I can't stop looking at the tights either!
While I love the concept of these boots (fringe!), they kill my feet. Ah well, two wears when I paid $12.50 for them is fine by me.

Shirt (Burberry London, thrifted), vest (Cabi, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), tights (Traparenze), boots (Predictions, thrifted), cami (Esprit), necklace (locally made).

Last night, the cats were just so cute, I had to take some pictures.
Vizzini surveys from the top of the scratching post while Inigo sits in a box lid.
Vizzini sleeps up there a lot.

Inigo has such a pretty face.
He has good taste in boxes too; that's a Fluevog lid.
He was purring away at me while I got in close.

Vizzini's always suspicious of the camera.
I got in closer and he gave me his "I want to rip your face off" look.
"I swallow your soul!"
 Then he climbed down.
I can't resist disturbing them when they're so cute.


So! This year is a big one for me: L and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary in March, and I am going to be turning 45 in October (that sound you hear is my mom choking, "I can't believe I'm the mother of a 45 year old!"). L and I will also finish paying off our mortgage in September! Yeah!

I like to treat myself to things to commemorate events, to remind me of where I've been and how far I've come. The last 5 years have seen a lot of change for me: a new job, my 50 pound weight loss, losing Othello, getting Vizzini, this blog. This blog really represents so much of who I have become, and so it was only appropriate that I buy myself a gift from someone I met from blogging.
That's right, Ms. Wendy Brandes herself!

Wendy, it has been a pleasure getting to know you over these past four years - I feel like we could sit down and have a few drinks and be old friends by the end of the night (and next time I'm in NYC, we will have to do that!). It is with great pride that I wear this beautiful lapis lazuli and silver ring that you designed - it's even made in New York City, a city that I love.

As you can see from the above picture, she sent it in this lovely grey velvet box, with a handwritten postcard. Someday (when I win the lottery), that Marie Antoinette ring will be mine!
The ring fit perfectly on my finger and I wore it all day at work, garnering many compliments. The colour of the stone is deep and rich blue.

My ring is the exact one shown on Wendy's site - I can tell by the position of the gold flecks of pyrite that run through the lapis.
The brushed silver (stamped .925 inside, along with the Wendy Brandes mark) is the perfect complement and really makes the stone's colour pop.

I will be wearing this often. I don't believe in saving items you love "for special" - you should wear them, wear the hell out of them! I've had my gold, emerald and diamond ring repaired, re-polished and re-shaped a couple of times in the 5 years I've had it. It's part of me, part of my life. And so is this new ring.

Thank you, Wendy! I treasure this.

[Note: As always, I "link because I love" - Wendy had a sale, I paid for my ring like a regular customer. She did treat me on the postage which was $12.95. No special kick-backs.]

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feb 28th - Outfit #25 - Red and Amber

One more day! I'm pretty excited.

I planned today's outfit around the shoes, which, sadly, have only been worn once this month, here.
I'm not going to write them off (no way!), but I shouldn't have put two pairs of caramel-coloured shoes in this capsule. (Hint, I'll be wearing the other pair tomorrow for the Last Day).

One last time, here is the red jacket, the caramel skirt and the taupe sweater/tank:
That's my mom's 60s gold chain belt too.

A close-up of the necklace and earrings:
I don't know if I've ever worn these on the blog; I bought the set (the necklace and a bracelet, not shown) from an antique store around 10 years ago to celebrate getting a job (it was a crappy job, turned out). I think I paid $60 for them - I was told the beads were Bakelite. I don't think the metal is gold as it's a bit tarnished, but it's well-crafted and I like it. I actually took two end pieces off the necklace and put them on hooks to make the earrings.

Jacket (French Connection, thrifted), tank (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (Precis Petites, thrifted), shoes (Lauren by Ralph Lauren), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's), necklace (vintage ??).

Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb 27th - Outfit #24 - Baggy Monday

Although today's outfit was very comfortable to wear, it's probably my least favourite of all of February. 
The colours all work fine, but the shape of it overall is just too baggy. With this skirt (last seen here) I need a more tailored top than this one (last seen here). Also, the long-sleeved tee (not a capsule item - I don't wear it unless it's layered under something else) is maybe a bit too casual.

Ah well, it was Monday.
This is the last wear of all of these pieces! I'm not going to miss wearing them (at least not for a few months), but I will miss these shoes (last worn here). They have been really fun, plus they're comfortable.

The stuff:
Big stuff.

Don't forget to check out Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style!

Blouse (The Limited, thrifted), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (I [heart] Billy), ring (Aldo Accessories), bracelet (Le Chateau), earrings (The Cobbler).

While I was planning out my March wardrobe, L was working on one of our dioramas. Someone popped up to help.
Vizzini's eyes match L's sweater so well.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Feb 25th & 26th - Outfits #22 & 23 - A Busy Weekend (and Cat Pictures)

Woo! After today, I have only 3 days left of February's wardrobe! I have to admit, I am excited to move on to another set of clothing. 

On Saturday, I got dressed for my WW meeting, with plans to meet up with Lorinda for another shopping trip afterwards.
I love all the bright bluey-purple against the neutral browns/caramels. My blue tee makes its final appearance  of the month (last seen here), as does the caramel skirt (here) and the Fluevog booties (here).

I accented the pieces with brown tights and a stretchy belt, and my leather wrist cuff.
I'm also wearing my mom's vintage amber/sandalwood choker and my homegrown soon-to-be-vintage brass earrings from the 90s.

Wore my purple wooly coat and faux fur accessories to stay warm.
It's also not too much bulk for a shopping trip, either.

Tee (H&M, thrifted), skirt (Precis Petite, thrifted), boots (Bellevues Libby Smith, Fluevog), belt (Plum), cuff (SkinzNHydz), choker (Mom's, vintage 60s), coat (Tahari), scarf/gloves (Parkhurst).

Lorinda and I have good shopping karma together. There aren't very many people I can shop with, as I'm very focussed. Yesterday, we hit this big Women In Need warehouse store - it carries lots of clothing, as well as furniture and home accessories. I always have good luck here.
 We both did really well - lots of great bargains! Lorinda got two pairs of booties for only $9 each!

One of the reasons I love this store, is that it has skylights. Natural light is awesome.
It's also very well-organized and the merchandise is nicely displayed.

Their fitting rooms are just curtained areas.
 Those are our carts - I load up everything that catches my eye then I try it all on.

Today, I walked to town to get groceries, then stopped at a couple of consignment stores after.
Sadly, as you can see, my turquoise streak has faded right out of my hair. It's sort of a light green. I'm sure that by the time my next hair appointment rolls around, it will just be a blonde swath.

This is my red sweater (last seen here), my awesome leather vest (here) and my tan pinstriped skirt (here).
My brown boots were awesome as always (last seen here).

I added red fingerless gloves and my white leather jacket for walking around.
There was a brief snow flurry (!), which made me wish I'd worn a scarf, but it got sunny again.

Sweater (Reitman's, thrifted), vest (Cabi, thrifted), skirt (Sandwich, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), choker (Mom's, vintage 60s), jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), gloves (Parkhurst).

The cats have been very cute all weekend. This is Vizzini down the back of the couch:
"I'm really not going to leap up and attack you - really!"
 Inigo stuffed himself into a Fluevog box (L ordered this pair online - sweet, eh?).
Vizzini watches in the background.
 While we played boardgames last night, Vizzini kept an eye on everything from the top of the scratching post.
He just makes me laugh when he poses like that.

Inigo settled down beside me and gave me lovey-eyes.
His purr is so loud.

Inigo is a very floppy cat. He sat like this for a while.
Pink tum!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Feb 24th - Outfit #21 - Capsule Day 5 - Denim and Leather Go Well Together

Last day of the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge! Thank you so much to Jane for "hosting" as always! 

Today's outfit features the last of the 10 clothing/shoe items in my capsule: my cropped jeans:
I like the leopard flats with this, although the whole foot thing was a challenge. Today was cold and horrendously rainy and my poor bare feet were alternately wet and freezing.

My coworker got a kick out of the fact that I only painted the toenails of the nails you can see. "My whole image of you is blown," she laughed.

Every time I wear this shirt, it gets more comfortable. It's going to be like buttah.
I last wore the shirt here, the jeans here and the shoes yesterday. Oh, and I'm wearing the brown belt, previously shown here.

Shirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), shoes (The Bay), belt (Plum).

Here's your chance to pick your favourite outfit of the week: vote! You can click on the captions for Monday to Thursday to take you to the original posts.
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What was your favourite? free polls 

As I'm getting near the end of the first month, I am getting really excited to change to a new wardrobe, even though this means that I won't be wearing some of these clothes again until my year is up. I suppose I could always break out a piece for a Wild Card outfit!

Have a great weekend! Oscar red carpet - woo!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feb 23rd - Outfit #20 - Capsule Day 4 - Purple and Brown

One more day of the capsule wardrobe challenge to go! Not that I'm not enjoying it...but I am starting to get really tired of wearing the same clothes...over...and over...and over...
I went for comfort today. A nice loose sweater (last seen here), the forgiving skirt (here), the flat leopard shoes (here).

Sadly, the streak in my hair is starting to turn pale green. Man, my hairdresser was right when she said that blues and greens fade fast. I suppose it will be light blonde by the time she colours it again (in the 3rd week of March!). That would be kind of cool too, though.

The leopard scarf makes its only appearance so far.
I like doing my tights the same colour as my skirt.

I played a bit with extra colour in my ultra-colourful bracelet.
Isn't it pretty? L has good taste.

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), skirt (Plum), shoes (The Bay), scarf (Fairweather), bracelet (gift from L).

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Feb 22nd - Outfit #19 - Capsule Day 3 - Blue, Green and Black

A "new" item in the capsule challenge appears: the leather shirt!
I wore it open like a jacket (last seen here). The black skirt (worn yesterday) and the turquoise sweater (last seen here), plus the Fly London shoes, all came together in a nice mix of blue and green - the tights really helped. Unfortunately, I blew a hole in them as soon as I arrived at work. Oh well, they were saggy anyway.

I finally - after 19 outfits in February so far! - had someone at work comment that I'd worn this skirt before. Yup, four times this month so far!
My coffee supplier delivery guy said it looked like I could smuggle things in the pouf. Ha!

The belt makes for accessory number 4 - one slot left for something else. I liked the blue stripes in it.
I kept up the nature motif of the moths with my Grandma's vintage leaf and twig necklace.

Leather shirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), sweater (Kersh), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (Fly London), belt (Smoking Lily, consignment), necklace (Lisner, vintage 50s, Grandma J).

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Feb 21st - Outfit #18 - Capsule Day 2 - Preppy Twist

Gotta rush as I have to leave soon for my WW meeting!

Today's outfit:
This went better than expected - I like the rust-coloured tights with all the black and white and dark brown.

This is the white shirt (last seen here), the black asymmetrical skirt (last seen here) and my brown wool sweater (here, same as the white shirt). The leopard flats make an appearance (last worn here).

I'm quite the prepster, eh?
The trick to tying a sweater around your neck is to fold the neck over flat so that it lays flat. If it's a cardigan, make sure it's buttoned up.

The brown belt is the 3rd accessory item to be added.
I wanted a wide belt.

This black leather cuff is new-to-me:
I got it when I met up with Lorinda - it was $2.00 and it's really nice quality. Very soft and supple.

I went with my other leather wrist pieces on the other arm:
I felt like a steampunk Wonder Woman!

Sweater (Banana Republic, thrifted), shirt (Burberry London, thrifted), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (The Bay), black cuff (thrifted), steampunk cuff (SkinzNHydz), wrist-wrap (Club Monaco), belt (Plum), key earrings (Oscar & Libby's).