Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finally! The Week is Over! A Recap

Wow, it feels like I've been gone forever! Sorry to have been so sporadic, but what a week I've had.

My major challenge (aside from over-scheduling myself socially) has been the tattoo. I can't wear a bra strap over it due to the healing process (it's nearly finished peeling, hurray!), so I've been wearing either an ill-fitting strapless bra or a regular bra with one strap just tightened up and tucked in. The result is that all of my tops this week have been of the "lock and load" variety.

First up, Monday! I really like how this looked. I like the mix of the grey in the skirt (last seen here, almost exactly a year ago!) with the bronze sandals (my awesome Fluevogs, last seen here) and the brown vest (last seen casually here) with the pop of the purple button-down (can't find the last time I wore it - H&M is hard to search on!).

I couldn't wear any necklaces this week as my tattoo goes up the back of my neck, so most of my earrings are very simple.

We met up with Cat and Ross right after work for dinner and then we went to see Lucinda Williams in concert! Reva, you were so right - what an amazing voice she has! Highly recommended.

Blouse (H&M, thrifted), vest (Cabi, thrifted), skirt (Le Chateau), shoes (Listen Up Harlow, Fluevog).

Tuesday was my WW day:I was pretty tired from getting home late from the concert (around midnight) - can you tell? Ha! I hate how flat my boobs look. I cannot wait to wear my bras properly again!

I kept my oufit very simple with the snug vest to once again keep everything from sliding south. I last wore this here, my lovely green ruffly blouse here (I had it in the giveaway pile for a while, which is why it's been so long), and the vest here. These are a better look at the shoes.

After my evening WW meeting, I hung out Tues night with the guys for D&D and took pictures of Inigo and Vizzini. Vizzini discovered the leopard scratching post and the hidey-hole:
Hee! Look at his little head.

Inigo watched warily from his box:
He sits in there (with his nest of crunchy tissue) so that Vizzini can't attack his tail, which is all tucked in. We call the box Inigo's tank.

Later on, Inigo reclaimed the house while Vizzini slept:
I admire the ability of kittens to just completely crash.

On Wednesday, another button-down blouse and yet another vest made an appearance:
Vests are truly awesome for holding everything in. Why do they ever go out of style?

This is my silky brown blouse (last seen here), my black velvet vest (here) and my awesome leopard skirt (here). Of course, those are my Tsubos (last seen here).

I actually remembered to take a picture of my pin and earrings:

Blouse (Esprit), vest (Surrey Classics, consignment), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (Tsubo Acrea), pin (gift from Mom), earrings (Plum).

I had to rush home and grab dinner before we dashed off to yet another concert - this time, Steve Earle and the Dukes. Awesome, totally amazing. I've seen him before, but on his "Townes" tour where it was just him on stage. This was much more rockin'. Highly recommended.

I did manage to give Inigo a snuggle before we left:
As the Lucinda concert was swelteringly warm and Steve Earle was at the same theatre, I went totally for comfort (and walking shoes). Another late night!

The kitties reached a stand-off:

Inigo's all, "Stop attacking my tail!" Vizzini can't resist it.

Tee (Plum), striped top (Majestic, swap from Caro), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction).

Which brings us to today, which was the last day of work before the Canada Day long weekend - woo hoo!
I got a few compliments on this outfit, and it felt really good on. I would have liked to have worn a cami, but again, that dang tattoo.

This is the second wear of my newish blouse (last seen here), but I haven't worn this skirt in ages (here, last August). It's one of those nice summery cotton ones, but it has cotton lining, so it sticks like mad to tights in fall/winter/spring. I will have to make more of an effort to layer it with some of my floofy skirts underneath so that I can wear it more.

The outside shot returns!
It was a little windy which is why my hair looks weird. We have not had much summer weather yet. *sigh*

And a shoe shot:
I haven't worn these in ages (last time here, back in October) - in fact, this is only the third time I've worn them! Wonder of wonders, I actually remembered that I tend to step out of them when I walk, resulting in a lot of toe-clenching in an effor to keep them on my foot. I tucked my Dr. Scholl's inserts into my bag and stuck them inside when I got to work. Perfect! Now I can wear them more.

Blouse (Tabi, consignment), skirt (Banana Republic, consignment), shoes (Friis and Company). I'm off. And I plan to visit blogs this weekend. I also took Monday off, so I have four whole days with nothing much planned. Ah...I can't wait! In fact, I'm going to go have some wine right now. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians, and Happy 4th of July to my American friends!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mondo Weekend Edition: The Boob Purse, A Cat and a Tat

The last few days have been jam-packed. First of all, it was Friday, so I had to haul out some casual clothes:
Nice and simple; my Casual Friday uniform of long-sleeved tee with a funky tee (sparkles!) and some sort of denim (my awesome swapped skirt from Caro, last seen here). I wore my comfy sandals too - gotta have comfy sandals! I last wore the tee here, and the sandals here.
The purse is a new-to-me item - it was $7.00 in a thrift store. I snatched it up when I checked the inner tag and saw it was leather! The lining is also beautiful. I checked online and saw that Hype purses are in the $100-200 range, so score! I'm so not a purse person - I've never heard of the brand, but it looked like quality, and I needed a summery-coloured purse.

However, see how I'm cupping the purse in the above picture? It totally looks like a pair of saggy boobs! One of my girlfriends said it also looked a bit like E.T. Ha!

Long-sleeved tee (Plum), sparkly tee (Lisa International), skirt (Bebe Sport, swap from Caro), belt (Brave Belts), sandals (Indigo by Clarke's).

For the last couple of weeks, we've been corresponding with a local animal rescue organization to adopt a kitten. We had to fill out a huge application, be visited an approved as adoptees, but then on Friday after work, we went to see a little boy kitten who was up for adoption.

Can I resist a kitten?
Um, no. This is Vizzini. Vizzini, meet the blogosphere.

His name is from "The Princess Bride", one of the favourite movies of L and I. Here's a picture of (from the top) Fezzig, Inigo Montoya and Vizzini. Inigo Montoya is of course whom Inigo is named after. Vizzini is a vocal and adventurous sort (both the character and the cat). I hope this kitty has a resistance to iocane powder, though, heh heh.
He was very excited to explore our house, including climbing inside a wine rack as Inigo looked on dubiously.

He attacked Inigo's tail:
I'd forgotten how tiny kittens are!

He quickly became exhausted from his adventuring and crashed on my robe, where Inigo got a good sniff of him:
After an evening of socializing Vizzini with Inigo, I got up early on Saturday morning, and put on my baggiest dress:
I last wore this dress here, and I've been saving it for this very purpose: my next tattoo!

For comparison, here's my bare back (although since I have a tattoo on one side already, it's not really bare):

Three hours later, I was sore and swathed in plastic:

Of course, I headed off to Winesday with my fabulous women on Saturday night! I couldn't wait to show it off.

Here's a proper shot of it:
I love crows, and this was inspired by this painting that I bought a couple of years ago:
It's done by a local artist. Thanks, Leroy, for your fantastic work on my tattoo! I love it!

Dress (Lady Dutch, consignment), shoes (Wild Diva, swap from Caro).

Today, we just hung out with our boys:
They're still a little cautious around each other, but I think they will become firm friends.

Inigo likes to keep an eye on Vizzini from a safe distance (my lap):
Vizzini explores the deck.

Two kitties wait for dinner time:
Vizzini is mostly black, with a little white goatee, white whiskers, white tips on his front feet, a couple of white spots on his chest and tummy, and white boots on his back feet.

Isn't he adorable?Welcome to our family, Vizzini!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Navy and Paisley

Ah, Thursday. This means it's nearly Friday!

I own very little navy blue - I'm more drawn to loud colours. However, when I touched and tried on this gorgeous thin wool cardi in the thrift shop, I was sold:
As was the sweater! To me! Ha! I'm a card. It was all of $13.50 for wool (did I mention it's a very fine wool?) - the little ruffle around the neckline is silk, as are the buttons. It's by Mango Suit, and it feels like quality.

This skirt (last seen here) is not actually navy, but I'm pretending it is. Considering I thrifted this skirt for $7 back in January and I'm on my third wear, I'm feeling pretty good about that purchase. Cost per wear: just over $2.33.

On the stairs:
Someone at work was wowed by my shoes today ("Those are so bright!"). Hmmm...I guess they missed me in the yellow dress!

I tried a shot standing at the bottom of the stairs:
Eh, the light isn't as good.

The stuff:
Oh, sweet Tsubos - they get more comfortable the more I wear them (last time here).

A close-up of the groovy necklace:
I miss Plum and all their fabulous jewelry.

Cardigan (Mango Suit, thrifted), skirt (Dex, thrifted), shoes (Tsubo), necklace (Plum).

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crazy Week...and Cutting Back

Things have been - and continue to be - a little nutty for me...and so I'm going to cut back on the number of posts I put up per week. From 5-6, I might only be doing 4 or so. Who knows? It might be more (or less). Anyway, please know how grateful I am to those of you who read and view and comment. I know I haven't been around much and it's not due to lack of wanting to; I just haven't had the time.

That said, here are yesterday's and today's outfits!

My WW-friendly outfit: My fuscia blouse (last seen here, as part of my Hallowe'en costume) and my trusty sweater vest (last seen here), along with a skirt that I picked up on the weekend. Isn't it fab?

Check it out: The hem swoops down at the back - this has amazing movement when you walk.

It's by my favourite local company, Smoking Lily:
Those pinks stripes of fabric are all the inside seams: the hem and the inside waistband. Awesome!

And, of course, it was a bargain!
I love thrift shopping! $9 is such a score, considering their skirts start at around $150 (all handmade).

The stuff:
My sandals are all getting a good wearing - this is the first appearance of these since last August (here).

The sparkly bits:

Blouse (Esprit, consignment), vest (Esprit), skirt (Smoking Lily, thrifted), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), necklace (consignment), earrings (Jacob).

Today, I really needed my armour, so I wore a lot of colour, featuring this amazing dress that I found in another thrift store:
It's by Planet (a very expensive UK line that's sold at the Bay in Canada), and I remember seeing this in the local store about a year or two ago. It's silk and would have sold originally for aroung $300.

Mine? $20.50. Score! And I think it's only been worn maybe once. I bet someone bought it for a summer wedding (it has that look, doesn't it?) and then never wore it again. That pinky-purple colour with the yellow/lime dots is a tough combo to wear with accessories.

Here it is without my yellow cardi:
It has a beautiful seam just under the bust and it hangs perfectly. It's all bias-cut and wonderfully flowy. It'll be a great summer dress.

The outside shot:
I went with gold shoes to keep it neutral. It also looked great with the purple flat sandals I had on when I was shopping.

The stuff:
A better look at the pattern there, and the lovely purple lining and satin trim around the neck and arms.

A close-up:
That's actually a better look at the colour of it too.

Dress (Planet, thrifted), shoes (Aldo, consignment), cardigan (no label, consignment), ring (Guess), earrings (thrifted).

Monday, June 20, 2011

Worky-Work, Busy Bee

Monday again! This calls for a Serious Work Outfit:
Nothing new to see here, all repeats. The cardi was last seen here, the vintage blouse was last seen here, the lace skirt was last worn here.

The outside shot:
I love these shoes - they're so...prim and proper. So unlike me! I last wore them here.

The stuff:
Such awesome shoes.

The mink brooch:
I bought it a few years ago in a thrift shop with my mother-in-law.

Cardigan (Kersh), blouse (vintage, handmade, thrifted), skirt (Planet), shoes (Steve Madden, thrifted), belt (Plum), brooch (vintage, thrifted), pearl earrings (Aldo Accessories).

I also did another outfit this past weekend:
It's not much of an outfit; just my black sack dress (last seen here) and some sandals, and a few charms on a chain. I went thrifting with Lesley from work (yo!), and wanted to be nice and comfortable.

I did get my gold medal finally!
That's from the race I did in May (talked about it here). Yay!

Dress (Max Studio), sandals (La Canadienne, consignment).