Monday, November 30, 2009

Grey, Green and a Crow

I planned this week's outfits around a) new stuff that I got while shopping with Cat last Friday and b) the tattoo. I'm limited to a convertible strapless bra for a few days, as a regular bra strap goes over the salamander and I don't want it to rub.

I hid the halter strap with the scarf at the neck in today's outfit.
Hee, Inigo looks startled. This is a grey wool pinstriped strapless bubble dress (whew, that's a lot of adjectives!) under the cardigan, with dark grey patterned tights and my new boots.

Check out the stuff:
The boots were $40! I love the shape and the look. Not quite granny boots, but not quite rocker boots either.

I love the brogue detailing on the toes:
Inigo approves:
Lovey eyes!

I bought a piece of art today:
It's a painting on a reclaimed piece of wood, done by local artists. I've been admiring it for months in a shop window on the way to and from work for several months. Today I thought, "If it's in my price range, I'm buying it." It was and I did.

Cardigan (Kersh, consignment), dress (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (Le Chateau, consignment), tights (Emilio Cavallini), boots (La Tianna, consignment), ring (Soul Flower).

Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Tattoo!

When I was a kid, tattoos were for bikers and unsavoury types...definitely not for women, especially women of a "certain age"! My ex got two tattoos while we were together - and I wanted one, but was cautious. I'd seen too many people get "flash" (the designs off the tattoo shop walls) or designs that were ill-advised or ill-placed. I recall when I was a teenager, a girl I knew got a blue whale tattooed on her thigh. Seriously, an 8-inch tattoo of a whale - on your thigh?? Unwise.

I've thought about getting a tattoo for almost 25 years and have never done it. I've always known what design I wanted (a salamander in the shape of an S) and where I wanted it (right shoulder blade)...but never actually did it.

So why now?

I have often considered getting one to mark an event (doing the marathon, my dad's death, turning 40), but it just wasn't quite the right time. L and I were going to get tattoos for one of our anniversaries, and we just didn't get around to it. But I knew when I got him the gift certificate for his tattoo for his birthday, that he would reciprocate and get one for me.

It wasn't really a momentous event or a time in my life that is loaded with meaning. It was just...time. I'm 42, I'm at a good place in my life, and I'm happy.

What better time is there?

Anyway, enough jibber-jabber, here it is:

It's about 5 1/2 inches from tip to tail (the tail is an equal size curve as the top - in that picture, the roundness of my shoulder blade makes the S-curve of the tail look smaller).

I wanted a salamander because it's an animal whose image keeps popping up in my life: in poetry, in pictures. Also, it appeals to the two sides of my nature: the touchy-feely semi-spiritual side and the logical science-y side. Salamanders have been written about and depicted since the 16th century as mythical creatures born of flames or having an affinity for fire (nice obvious metaphor for surviving through difficulties). But they also secret a mucus from their skin that would have protected them when their homes - damp logs - were thrown on the hearth. Imagine the wonder to see a creature skittering out from the fireplace without being burned! Magic!

I wanted a really different look to my tattoo, not your standard black outline with colour. As I've done art all my life, I wanted a look reminiscent of a sketch, like one of Leonardo da Vinci's drawings. I think Leroy did an amazing job in capturing everything I wanted.

Oh, and will I get another one? Hell, yeah! I can't wait!

Do you have a tattoo? Tell me about it! Better yet, post a picture on your blog and I'll link to it here.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Ultra-Casual - Football Watchin'

Ah...I'm so enjoying my weekend thus far! Hope all you Americans had a lovely Thanksgiving. This is what I wore all day Thursday for our marathon of football watching:
When I bought this t-shirt, it was snug (I was mid-way through my weight loss - had lost about 25 lbs), but now it's huge on me. Those are the jeans I got at the swap a few months ago. They are super-comfy. And of course, I have my thick wool socks on (good for sliding on the floors! Both L and I "surf" down the long hallway).

Of note, that greyish picture in the background is a drawing I did in high school.

As the t-shirt is not warm enough, I layered it with my Julius Peppers jersey (which is also miles too big on me):
Gettin' caffeinated up! I love these ugly mugs - they hold a full 500 ml/half a litre!

Nice hair and lack of make-up! I did tidy myself up a bit to go to the local diner for lunch.

That vase on the floor near me is hand-painted, a wedding gift from our former neighbour, Jessica. It's a creepy little weed fairy. I love it.

I got my tattoo yesterday, but it's still a bit too pink - I will take a picture tomorrow and post it.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And I'm Off! It's My Weekend!

Although we are Canadian, L and I are rabid NFL fans - and since tomorrow is US Thanksgiving (Happy Turkey Day!) and it is a day of football - following our annual tradition, we are both taking the Thursday and Friday off. I'll be watching football most of the day tomorrow (no turkey, though). I might post what I wear to watch football for a laugh - my hang-around-the-house attire is...erm...pretty casual.

On Friday, my dear friend Cat and I are going consignment/thrift store shopping all day, and then I am getting a tattoo! This is my birthday gift from L. It will be my very first one (I suspect, not my last). I'll post a picture of it and tell you all about it over the weekend.

Anyway, I am SO happy to be off! I thought I'd go with my lovely birthday skirt to celebrate:
Sorry it's hard to see, but I am wearing bright purple tights. My hair also remained flat for about...oh, 10 minutes after I stepped outside (it's been pouring buckets for a few weeks here on the West coast - hello, rainy season).

I wore the boyfriend jacket most of the day:
Streeeetch! I felt very hip and chic, which was a good way to feel. Ann at work said I looked like a flower. Aw.

The stuff:
My rockin' shoes, and some black accessories. I love that yellow and purple glass necklace.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), cardigan (Jacob), cami (InWear), skirt (Le Chateau, birthday gift), tights (Hue), shoes (JLo), belt (Plum), bracelet (Le Chateau), necklace (

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Emulating Julia

I always check out the blogs of people who comment - and such lovely people you are, don't think I haven't noticed - and I "found" Julia at Song of the Exile . Wow, such a lovely woman and such amazing and daring and creative style - and the photography rules. Check her out.

Anyway, I was out shopping on Sunday and I saw this skirt:
L hated the top half of this outfit; said I looked too grannyish. This cardigan, while a useful colour and majorly soft, may have to be replaced with one that fits better and doesn't shed whenever I look at it. Seriously, I had fluffs of pink fuzz floating in front of my computer screen all day.

Where was I? Oh, the skirt. Check out the back/side:
I love when a pattern goes all the way around!

But what does this have to do with Julia, you may ask. Well. She has this same skirt. I know, hers is styled way better, and it was 1/10th the price of mine.

But I'm in another country, on the opposite coast of the continent...and there was the skirt. In my size! The world is not so big, after all.

The stuff:
I picked out the colours in the skirt for accessories, including the skinny turquoise belt, my Audrey Scrabble tile necklace, and one my Shi Studio pendants. And of course pearls. Gotta have pearls!
Cardigan (Esprit, consignment), blouse (Espress, consignment), skirt (French Connection, consignment), shoes (Le Chateau), pearls (Eaton's, 1980s), earrings (Aldo Accessories), tile pendant (handmade, vacation), black/grey pendant (Shi Studios), belt (Bianca Nygard).

Monday, November 23, 2009

I Don't Like Mondays - Cranky in Cashmere

I stopped by my favourite consignment shop yesterday and snagged this cashmere sweater for $30 - not too bad. I certainly don't pay full price for cashmere - I've seen sweaters for over $200 and frankly, this is just as nice. I checked out the company and this was probably over $100 new.

Anyway, it's Monday, I'm cranky.
But Inigo always makes me smile. He really wanted a cuddle.

What a pretty boy!
I wasn't overall that happy with this outfit (for one thing, my bra showed through the orange sweater) - I felt it needed something more, but I'm not sure what. Doesn't help that I have a lap full of wrinkles. *sigh*

The stuff:
I tried to make it a sunny day with the yellow shoes.

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), sweater (J. McLaughlin, consignment), skirt (unknown, thrifted), shoes (David Dixon, consignment), earrings (gift from Bonnie), cuff (The Bay).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekend Casual - Out for Lunch and Gordon Lightfoot Party

I don't usually post my weekend outfits because I'm either very casual or else I just don't go out at all (aside from a walk or something).

Yesterday, L was dressed up a bit more for lunch and some shopping after, so I had to elevate my casual a bit:
This is an angora/cashmere blend cropped brown cardi, a sleeveless silk top and my faux suede skirt. I really liked how the layers worked in giving a long slim line.

Of course, the outerwear also had to work with the outfit - this would look goofy with the wrong jacket.
I also added brown gloves with the same faux fur on the cuffs for the evening. We ended up walking to and from Ross and Cat's - it was cold and windy but I was snuggly in all my layers (I also had tights on and socks to keep my feet warm).

The part was a "just because" event, because who doesn't love Gordon Lightfoot??

Jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), cardigan (Jacob), blouse (Zara, consignment), skirt (Marc D'Alcy), boots (Miz Mooz).

Friday, November 20, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Jean Dress or Big Bird Boots?

And Boots Vs. Dress Week concludes with what else but the denim dress (it being Casual Friday at work and all)?

Hello, all!
And of course, I had to do the yellow boots with it! I couldn't do a boot week without the yellow boots!
Funky tights, eh? More grooviness. I almost layered hot pink tights under these but thought I was already pushing this for work. Heh.

The stuff:
Yellow rules....but what wins this round?

Will it be Boots or Dress?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
More cat pictures! free polls
Dress (Ricki's), turtleneck (Plum), boots (Aldo, consignment), tights (Ellen Tracy), bangle (thrifted), belt (consignment).

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Party Dress or Black Cutouts?

In the first corner, we have our burgundy party dress, as seen here and here. It's worn with a black and white pinstriped shirt, belted with the fab Shi Studio belt.
And in the second corner, we have the boots: leather with intricate cutouts, bought on consignment.
The stuff:
Rar! It's the teeth necklace!

Hee, look who was licking his lips in the corner:
Who will get the KO?

Will it be Boots or Dress?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
Damn, that's a cute cat! free polls
Dress (Maggie London), shirt (Esprit, consignment), belt (Shi Studios), grey fishnets (Ellen Tracy), boots (Zara, consignment).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Mad Plaid or Chocolate Cowgirls

Ding! It's Round 3: Will it be the dress or the boots? The tension is killing me!

It is very windy. Forgive the hair.
Ever since I last wore this ruffly skirt under a dress, I've been wanting to do it again. This is the only other dress I have that opens up down the front. I love this plaid dress and it's been limited to warm weather due to "tight creep" (damn you, unlined dresses!).

No more! I was snuggly warm all day.
These are the boots I last wore walking around Seattle all day. I love the comfort and the shape of them. Helps that they have buckles - I do love buckles.

The stuff:
Finally! A shot of this fab Shi Studios belt that I got a while back. I pulled out the red and turquoise from it (not matching to the dress like I normally would) for the necklace.

A close-up:
It's a vintage photo that's been screened onto fabric then pressed under glass to make the buckle. I love the two men vying for the fair maid's attention.

Your call...
The dress or the boots?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
I like cowboys
Shut up about the push-ups already. free polls
Push-up update:
Aside from the goofy look on my face, my arms look pretty good. I've got some definition in my shoulders and I can see muscle in my chest now. Woo! I'm going to kick butt at the Feats of Strength at Festivus!

Dress (Vero Moda), cami (Plum), skirt (no tag, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (Shi Studio), necklace (Plum).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Blue Mood or Blood Red?

Onto our next match-up! Today's outfit features my other sweater dress, and my blood red patent boots, which are recently resurrected from the "I don't know if these are appropriate for work" pile and are now part of the "Of course I can wear these to work" collection.
I layered my grey striped shirt underneath this dress (strangely, I have never done this before! Oh, the doors blogging opens!), added a pair of L's cufflinks.
I had colour issues with my camera, so have played with the colour balance until the blue and red came out right. I'm not really that pink in the face, though.

These are my new tights that I got last week:
They are by Emilio Cavallini - wow, they have some cool tights.

The stuff:
My boots now need to be re-heeled. After wearing them to work on Hallowe'en, I got stuck on the bus coming home due to protesters trying to disrupt the Olympic torch relay. After sitting on the bus for 1/2 and hour, the passengers were allowed to get off the bus...but the protesters were still blocking the route, so I had to walk home in these. Eeeeee...most grumpy-making.

A close-up of the cufflinks and my vintage 50s necklace:
Well, what's it going to be?
The dress or the boots?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
I like the Olympics. free polls
Dress (Vero Moda), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (Plum), boots (Aldo), tights (Emilio Cavallini), cufflinks (70s, vintage), necklace (50s, vintage).

Monday, November 16, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Parisienne or Buckled Brutes?

In the hallowed tradition of previous Dress Weeks (click here and here to marvel), namely Dress Week, Return of Dress Week, It Came From Dress Week, Son of Dress Week, and I Was a Teenage Dress Week, we continue with:

Boots Vs. Dress Week
The boots will kick this week off in style: these Bronx beauties were a mere $60 on sale about 5 years ago, and are one of the few pairs of shoes I have from before I lost weight. They are hazardous to walk in, but good for looking scary!
"You'll put your eye out!"

The dress is a nice soft sweater dress - got it a few years ago when I had to replace my whole wardrobe. I always want red dresses. They're my weakness.
Oui, oui, c'est tres magnifique!

The sweater was layered over top with my new-to-me belt (I had to do some belt-hole punching with my trusty steak knife today to make it fit).

The stuff:
Groovy belt buckle (caw! sparkly!), Shi Studios wrist cuff and stud cuff.

One must be the victor!

Will it be Boots or Dress?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
I like monster movies free polls
Dress (Kersh), sweater (Mexx, thrifted), boots (Bronx), belt (Le Chateau, consignment), cuff (Shi Studio), stud cuff (vintage).

Friday, November 13, 2009

Casual Friday - Purple Graphic

Friday's here! Woo! And don't I look pleased?
Okay, not so much, but it's very early in the morning in that picture (nearly 8 am! shocking!).

Maybe I look displeased because I know that when I go shopping after work at Winners with my $60 gift card from the Winesday Women and can buy whatever I want (!!) I actually find NOTHING at all. Well, some tights, but they are not that exciting, nor are they forbidden to me like new shoes or a dress would have been.

Anyway, the long-sleeved purple top was acquired in my recent consignment store shop. Nice and soft, and good for layering. I thought it went well with my Plum anniversary graphic tee.

My outdoor wear was kind of fun:
Grey fuzzy beret, fingerless gloves (aside: I had purple wooly fingerless gloves in 1984. Oh yeah, I was rockin'!), corporate swag leather jacket (it has our coporate logo embossed on one sleeve, very small - you wouldn't know it was there).

No stuff picture - it wasn't that exciting. Have a great weekend!

Long-sleeved tee (Gilmour, consignment), graphic tee (Plum), skirt (Bebe Sport, swap), shoes (Be Wild, consignment), chainmail necklace (handmade), white gold hoop earrings (gift from L).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Funeral for a Friend

After having yesterday off, today felt like Monday. It didn't help that we watched "Saving Private Ryan" last night (it always makes me weep buckets - I cry at pretty much everything), and then had our friend Al's memorial to go to. We weren't really close to him and his family, but we still go way back and some of our close friends were good friends with him. Dead at 43, of a brain aneursym. God. Makes you appreciate life.

So, what I wore to a funeral:
The classic black dress, houndstooth jacket, non-standard striped tights and green shoes. I took the bus today, so here's my outerwear shot:
My cloche hat, scarf and leather gloves.

A close-up of the tights:
Groovy texture! They are by Filodoro (made in Italy) and I got them 50% the original price of $20.

The stuff:
I really love those shoes. That's a bracelet that my brother and I gave Mom for Christmas back in the 70s - I remember buying it at Birks with Dad. *smile*

Update: I'm still doing my counter push-ups!
My biceps/triceps look pretty much the same, but now I'm seeing some definition in the shoulders. And I'm looking at you, arm akimbo! Not looking too flabby now! Ha!

Wine and burritos await me. Have a good night, and tell your friends you love them.

Dress (Esprit), jacket (Smart Set), tights (Filodoro), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), bracelet (Birks, Mom's, vintage 70s).

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's All a Big Blur

I meant to do a push-ups update, but forgot to take my pictures. You must take my word for it that my pipes are large. I feel strong! I can open jars!

Here's a picture of me looking like a bouncer:
"You're not going to come in here wearing THAT, are you?"

Heh heh.

I was mostly displeased with this outfit, especially the top half. This jacket, while a great colour and made of the Best Fabric Ever (velvet, duh), just doesn't fit very well. It's also a bit long for my torso. Add to the list of things I must replace.

I do love the skirt though: Twirl, twirl! I look like an impressionist painting. Or not.

The stuff: The glory that are my Fluevog boots! The great bigass yellow bangle! The awesome necklace from Cat! And of course, the painty skirt.

Gotta off tomorrow - thank you, BC, for making Remembrance Day a stat holiday! And of course, a deep and heartfelt thank you for all of the Canadian war veterans. Peace.

Jacket (RW & Co), cami (InWear), skirt (Nine West), boots (Fluevog), bangle (thrifted), necklace (gift from Cat), earrings (gift from L).