Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Walkin' on Sunshine With Jerry

I brought my own sunshine today with this bright yellow and orange combo. We've had a lack of the real thing - I need sun! 
Usually when I reach for yellow, it's because I'm feeling low, but this time it was to get some cheeriness from the colour. 

  • Leather blazer - Danier Leather, vintage 80s, consignment; last worn here in September 2023
  • Shirt - Eddie Bauer, consignment; last worn here in a Velvet Pirate outfit in October 2023
  • Skirt - Max Mara, consignment; last seen here in April 2023 with a mod cocoon
  • Shoes - Groovy Aubrey, Fluevog; last worn here in December 2023 with blue sequins

I'm walkin' on sunshine...you're welcome for the earworm, hee hee. 
The blazer is leather, a vintage Danier beauty - although her previous owner excised the shoulder pads, which has ruined the line of it a bit. 

Jackets and blazers just don't hang the same when you take out part of their structure. 
But I am willing to overlook it for this beautiful bright yellow butter-soft leather.

The skirt is an openwork texture which has a wonderful feel to it.
And the white shirt...is just a white shirt. It's not the first and won't be the last.

Done up and accoutrements added. 
In January! I hope February is just as mild. 

I wasn't even cold. I got sweaty on my walk both ways.
Love the big pockets. Good for filling up with keys, phone, mp3 player and work pass/keys. 

  • Fur scarf - thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment

I forgot to take the Accoutrements pic! Heavens! 

The stuff:
Fantastic shoes. I can wear these all day. 

Golden bling: 
I borrowed L's new Jerry Garcia tie - he'd already worn it once - and really liked how it worked with the orange and yellow. 

  • Tie - Jerry Garcia, vintage, thrifted; purchased here for 50 cents
  • Bracelet - thrifted
  • Leather/chain wrist-wrap - local
  • Earrings - Biko, consignment
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence, Italy
  • Necklace - Givenchy, vintage 80s, vintage fair


  1. You are sunshine personified! I love that you're sharing that fabulous tie with L, it's only fair.
    We've got a couple of tailors shops in town, they charge £10 to refit shoulder pads. You're right, garments go out of whack when they get removed. xxx

  2. The skirt! The color! The texture! The hem! And of course, all the pops of orange. Can you tell what caught me eye? ;) You’re walking on sunshine, oh yah, and don’t it feel great!
    Cheers, Laurie

  3. You look so gorgeous Sheila! I'm sure that outfit really worked on getting some cheeriness, and since we're lacking some sun over here, this post really uplifted my mood and day too! I love this whole color combination, and how you styled L's tie, now you both can share it from time to time! :) The skirt is absolutely beautiful, loved it!

    Have a beautiful day and rest of the week!
    XO, Melissa

  4. Thanks for the earworm ... though I guess there are far worse ones than that one!
    Loving the citrussy, sunshiny colours of your outfit, and L.'s Jerry Garcia tie is absolutely perfect with it. Ooh, shoulder pads. I'm hearing you! Always being a bit contrary, I never liked them to begin with in the 80s. Dithering over a jacket in a shop, the assistant removed the offending pads for me but then of course it looked absolutely horrible without them. She wasn't too pleased when I said I didn't want it after all. Yes, I know, naughty and not very nice. xxx

  5. I adore that yellow jacket! It looks so fantastic with the other brights and the tie really made me smile too. I like how just wearing something colourful can really bring and extra bit of cheer to your day, and this outfit, like so many of your outfits makes me smile and once again be in awe at your wonderful styling abilities Sheila! :)


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