Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jan 31st - Outfit #28 - The Last Outfit

Holy smokes, you guys! This is it! The last day of my year-long challenge!

That's a lot of pressure for an outfit to bear. 
I wanted to end this capsule year with an outfit that would sort of summarize the year (again, no pressure). What we have here:

  • mostly neutrals (black, olive) 
  • bright legs
  • fistfuls of rings 
  • colour
  • leather
  • short (pushing that envelope for a 45 y.o. blogger)

It's a little rock & roll, but still (I hope) on the classic/classy side of a business casual outfit, and I think it shows that I've got an artistic bent.

This is my trusty olive blazer, which I last wore here with a sparkly top, over my black leather dress (last worn here on my long weekend, last outfit). I got a few "is that a leather dress?" comments from people today, but it's not the first time I've worn it to work!
I have a long-sleeved thin layering tee (not part of the capsule) worn underneath to keep the top of the dress modest and keep me warm. I ended up roasting all day! I really wanted to wear this lovely huge silk scarf that the always-awesome Megan Mae sent me ages ago, but I just cooked in it. I didn't wear the scarf all day. However, I'm headed off to Book Club shortly, so I'll put it back on.

The boots are the much-favoured black Gabor ones, last seen here (2nd outfit) not two days ago - shocking! - with my ribbon skirt.

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), layering tee (Plum), dress (Danier Leather, thrifted), boots (Gabor), earrings (EricaWeiner).

Still doped to the gills on cold medication, but I felt a lot more chipper today. Thanks so much for the good vibes from all of you readers out there! You're the best.

And speaking of the we are! At the end of the challenge. I will try to get the January summary up as soon as I can, but we have a busy weekend ahead. I'll also be doing tons of summarizing and analyzing of the spreadsheet, so you can expect about a post a week on those - and of course, we'll be voting for the favourite Wild Card Outfit! Thank you for your patience as I get stuff written (I do have a very full life!), and thank all of you for following along on my journey this year. It's been really fun to share this with you.

A few people have asked me, "What's next?" Well, that's the big question, isn't it? I thought about this long and hard, and decided that I wanted to incorporate some of new-found self-knowledge about my style into my shopping. 'Cause I love to shop - and I'm not going to stop. Of course, I'll continue to shop second-hand first and locally and ethically-produced if new. But I need to see how well I learned my

One. Two. Three. 

Every time I get a new item, I will challenge myself to wear it three times in a week, to see how well it incorporates into my wardrobe. Each outfit will be up for voting  by YOU (yay!): do you like it or not? After 3 wears, if the outfits created with the new item garner more no votes than yeses, it's gone (I retain final say and veto power, naturally).

Sound like fun?

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jan 30th - Outfit #27 - Leaves and Replacement Fluevogs

Oh, I faked it today...sucked it up (buttercup) and pretended to be more well than I was. I need a couch. Now. 

Please forgive me for not commenting the last few days - life's been crazy and there are social things all weekend (Book Club, Art Gallery, Super Bowl party!), and it's the end of the challenge and that's going to take a looooong time to analyze, and woo, did I mention I need a couch? And some tea...this cold medication is really dehydrating.

The penultimate outfit:
Not really pulling out all the stops or anything; I feel that this capsule has run its course, and if I had to do too many more days, I would start repeating myself (oh, the horror).

So here we have the classic button-down blue shirt (a nice light shade of navy), last seen here with a little bit of the combat boot action, and the black maxi (last seen here in the road trip capsule).
I was not pleased with how the seams have puckered on the skirt since I washed it, and now that I have the Black Suede Maxi Skirt of Awesome (can't wait to wear it), this one is going into the giveaway pile. 

Notice anything about my olive Fluevogs here? Yes, all intact straps!
The Replacement Shoes arrived! Yay! I last wore the sad, Vizzini-destroyed shoes here, and now I get to play with them! Custom Fluevogs - wee!

The stuff:
I like leaf patterns, and played with the ones on this cool Smoking Lily obi by wearing this vintage two-tone leaf necklace that I bought for $5.00 at the Vintage Fair in the fall.

I also forgot about this new-to-me ring:
I believe the technical term is "honkin'", as in "that's a honkin' ring you've got there." I bought it on consignment while I was out Christmas shopping last month, for $36.00. A little pricey, but the stamp inside (JGI) led me to JGI Jewelry (not linking, it's just a wholesaler's website), where I learned that it's gold-plated and those are cubic zirconias. Yup, nothing but the best here.

Shirt (Banana Republic, consignment), skirt (Nygard, thrifted), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), obi (Smoking Lily), ring (JGI, consignment), necklace (vintage, thrifted). 

I was feeling very sorry for myself and p*ssed off at Vizzini when I ordered my replacement shoes online, and lo, the lovely Toronto Team acknowledged Vizzini's vile deed:
At least John Fluevog thinks I'm awesome.

Vizinni had no comment.
"I'm just minding my own beeswax, here."
 That's his Chairman of the Board pose.
"I'll eat your new shoes too."
I keep my closet closed now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jan 28th & 29th - Outfits #25 & 26 - Sick Daze

I'm sick. Had the fever, the chills, now the coughing and the hacking and the blah. As I said to people at work today, "I'm 99% sunshine, 1% cranky." Yeah, I went to work today. I shouldn't have, but I did - too much to do!

I managed to last 3 hours yesterday, and thought I'd be okay until suddenly it felt like a truck hit me.
But at least I looked good!

I had to wear the Smoking Lily cape as a skirt again (here it is last time), this time with the point at the back, so it's like a fish tail wiggling when I walk. So fun!

I like the way the purple suede vest (last seen here) plays off the pink and brown of the plaid, accentuated by the matching (matchy! whee!) tights. And of course, the cape/skirt is lined with dark purple satin!
The cream cowl-necked sweater does its job of being a Good Layering Piece - it was last worn here, as were the lavender booties.
I blew the colour out a bit on the indoor photos (curse you, winter!) to show the nice draping of the skirt/cape.

Vest (no label, vintage, consignment), sweater (Club Monaco, consignment), skirt/cape (Smoking Lily, consignment), booties (Feud).

After sleeping all day yesterday, I figuratively girded my loins, took some cold medication (ooh, the velvet tunnel) and went to work today. And went to my WW meeting tonight - it was predictably entertaining. I lost my train of thought several times - but my group knows me pretty well, and they get my whackadoodleness (that should totally be a word).
This is my red dress, which I haven't worn since our road trip (here), another excellent layering piece. It was also an extra layer of warmth under the skirt.

The ribbon skirt is such a marvel, isn't it? I have only worn it the one time previously this month (here, with lots of olive), but it's a keeper.
The black stomacher makes a nice transition piece for the waist, and the classic red belt over it. The black bead necklace is jet and belonged to my grandmother. Oh, and the boots were last seen here when I foolishly exposed my bare arms in winter.

Dress (Planet, consignment), skirt (MNG, consignment), boots (Gabor), stomacher (InWear), belt (Plum).

Holy smokes, you guys, can you believe I only have 2 more days left in this challenge? That's crazy! What the heck am I going to wear on Friday?

Special shout-outs to Marianne, who wrote about me here (thank you!) and to Patti, for missing "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style (but I'm sneaking in at the end, heh heh). You guys rock!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jan 25th & 26th - Outfits #23 & 24 - Fun Friday and Shopping Saturday

Happy weekend! Hope you are all having fun! 

For me, I am all tuckered out and I need a nap. But first, a post and some tea. 

Friday's outfit:
These red boots are finally softening up for regular wear! Hurrah! I last wore them here (last outfit, just before the travel pictures) a couple of weekends ago with my black leather dress.

This is my asymmetrical brown skirt again (last seen here last weekend in the 2nd & 3rd outfits). Viewing that post, and seeing Vizzini's destruction of my olive shoes...arg. He got into my closet again today and chewed off some of the remaining strap on the damaged shoe. Can't look away from him for a second! That strap still does up, but these are never going to fool anyone that they're in good shape. Little monster!

This is my second wear of this lace top.
I will admit to flapping my arms and saying, "I'm a beautiful butterfly!" to one of the directors yesterday. I'm sure he thought I was crazy. Heh. I last wore the blouse here with my blue knit skirt.

I liked all the neutrals punctuated by red - and red lipstick! - and of course, I'm never subtle with my colour, so I added more with my coat!
Don't be fooled. He is an evil kitty.
L and I went for dinner last night and then hung out and played board games. What a fun Friday night!

Coat (Danier Leather), top (handmade, vintage, thrifted), skirt (Le Fleur de Mon Secret, consignment), boots (Adrian Agnes, Fluevog).

This morning, I got up early and went to WW - I haven't been since before Christmas, so it was nice to see everyone.
Another wear of this navy ruffled dress (last worn here on Thursday all sleeveless and brrrrr-y!). I'm wearing my navy vintage slip under it again.

I liked the capelet (last seen here with a cream, blue and lavender mix) for keeping my arms warm while at the meeting and at lunch after, but I don't love it. It's not going to stay in my wardrobe after this month.
I haven't worn these shoes as much as I thought I would this month, probably because the lighter colour doesn't look right with darker tights, although the last time I wore them, back here again, they looked all right with lacy tights.

I also shopped and walked around in them all day and the balls of my feet are killing me now. Seriously, throbbing. They may have to go.

An outerwear shot:
I doubled-up the capelet as a scarf with my outerwear. I liked the mix of pink and orange (the umbrella) and purple (the bag and gloves) with the bright coat. I overheard someone say, "I love that coat" as I was leaving the diner. I love it too!

It was raining when I left this morning, but now it's a mix of sun and clouds. I hate carrying a brolly around all day. I converted this bag to cross-body after lunch, but it was still awkward (may have had something to do with the bottle of wine in it?). I wasn't really dressed for shopping.

Oh, speaking of shopping, I finally mailed off all the little goodies that I bought before Christmas. So, Megan, Megan, Lynne, Tamera and Lorena, your packages are all in the mail!

Coat (Bebe, thrifted), capelet (Floating Gold Iceberg), dress (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Aerosoles).

I went to the Women in Need (WIN) Thrift Boutique - I don't go there very often because I think they overprice most of the clothing, but I do have good luck there.


I found this really nice stretchy sweater layering top by Jones New York:
It's a really vibrant tomato/orange red, and was $9.50 (that's about $5 overpriced for thrift, in my book, but it's a good cause). This will work well as a cami-type of top. I'm trying to replace all my junky cheap camisoles with nicer versions in either knit or woven, structured types of tops.

I fell in love with the colour of this sweater:
It's a deep rust-brown colour. The cut is also very flattering on my figure, and I liked that the sleeves are 3/4 length. It's by Bandolino and was $13.50.

My addiction to leather and suede continues! I put back a pair of brown suede pants (they were $20) after much deliberation. I already have a rocking pair of brown leather pants.

However, I did find this amazing olive green suede skirt:
Of course, it's Danier Leather, it's made in Canada, and I'm pretty sure it was from the 80s. It's a size 10 and it's a super-high waist. I like high waists for the tummy-control. It was $28.50.

I know, I just bought a black flared nearly-maxi skirt just last weekend...but this one is a full-on maxi, and it's suede!
It's got a really tiny waist (get thee to the gym, Sheila!), but it has pockets! And it's really super twirly. I promise action shots when I finally wear it! It's also Danier Leather, also made in Canada and was $29.50.

My biggest score of the day was a gorgeous pair of bronze-y metallic pumps:
That's the perfect shape! The heels are also only about 2" max, and the colour is a perfect neutral.

And they're Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and get this - only $18.50! These have been worn maybe twice - they still had most of the original price tag half-peeled-off crap on the soles.
I recognize the "red dot" sizing as being from The Bay department store. These are nearly the same shape (but a lower heel) as my caramel Ralph Lauren pumps that I bought on deep discount at the Bay last year.

I plan to wear these until they fall apart.

I've been gradually collecting fur pins (I have this vintage one with pearls and this mink rose) on my journeys through thrift and consignment stores. Another one is added to my keep-out-of-Vizzini's-reach collection:
That's very close to actual size. This one is a stick pin - anyone else remember when stick pins were a fad? Around 1980-81? I recall being very excited when I got one for Christmas to wear on the lapel of my corduroy blazer.

Anyway...rambling... this one was the cheapest one I've ever found - it was only $1.00! Yay! Score!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jan 24th - Outfit #22 - Sleeveless in Winter

Oh, Friday, will you ever be here? I need my wine!

Today, I went sleeveless! Oh, how daring! How brave! How cold!
Yes, no sleeves, even though it is January! I have been feeling so good about going to the gym! I feel strong and I like seeing muscles starting to appear (no worries, I won't be one of those odd-looking uber-muscly ladies!). Anyway, my company had its branch quarterly meeting today and I always do the sign-in and draw tickets (because I know everyone), and I felt good showing a little upper arm.

Not bad for a 45-year-old broad!

Anyway, let's move on - what am I wearing? It's my Smoking Lily navy corduroy dress (last seen here with some major ruffles), with my forest green Danier Leather suede top over it. I last wore the top here, underneath my embroidered velvet blazer.
I wore a full vintage navy slip under this. You can see bits of it peeking out at the front - I like my slip to show a bit. I think it's pretty.

Bizarrely (or not) in both of those past wears of these items, I wore these same boots! Maybe it's just because these are the most comfy boots ever. They are probably a pair I would travel with - great style and awesome comfort. I last wore them on Monday with my turquoise fringe skirt.

I'm finally wearing this new-to-me belt that I bought for $5 at the vintage fair back in the fall.
I love the thick - but not too heavy - chunks of metal and the rounded/hammered links. And speaking of coincidences, the fabulous Ms. Helga von Trollop is wearing a necklace very similar to this today! If you don't know Helga, you should - you think I do colour? No, she is the Maven of Colour.

Showing off my Scottish ring, my Wendy Brandes ring and my vintage 80s snake ring, which I did not wear on my thumb (it's hard to take a picture of both hands!).

Top (Danier Leather, thrifted), dress (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Gabor), belt (thrifted).

I was treated to a display of cuteness this morning:
"You can't see me! I'm Camo Kitty!"
 Silly boy, there you are.
"Rub my tummy!"
It was worth being a couple of minutes late this morning just to give him a tummy-rub.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Jan 23rd - Outfit #21 - Olive and Sparkles

Whew, this is a long week! This is the first 5-day week I've work since the week of Dec 10th, and I'm really feeling it. Also, sore legs from the gym! 

Onto today's not-so-creative outfit.
I say not-so-creative because it's basically a repeat of this outfit (where I last wore this vintage top) with a different skirt (I need to wear that one again!). However, I changed up the accessories (I'm clever that way) and I think it looks substantially different, at least enough different that no one said, "Oh, you're wearing that again."

By the way, the answer to "Where's your space ship?" from yesterday's outfit is a finger gun and "Set phaser to stun!" Hee.

Outfit! Break it down!
The workhorse olive jacket was last worn here with my cape as a skirt; the skirt was last worn here with the cream cowl and capelet, and I last wore my cat-ravaged Fluevogs on the weekend (2nd outfit) with my moose shirt. I was lazy and wore the same tights as yesterday.

A close-up of my grandmother's vintage "lemon-lime" brooch and clip-on earrings:
You can also see the little crystals that are attached to the blouse with prongs. So much effort it must have been to put those on by hand!

I hope you're all having a good Wednesday - it's all downhill from here!

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), top (vintage, thrifted), skirt (Belamie), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), brooch/earrings (vintage, Grandma J's).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jan 22nd - Outfit #20 - Space Age

Hello, fellow space travelers! Today I was asked at least 3 times by people, "Where's your space ship?"
Funny, they didn't ask that last time I wore this nearly exact outfit! Same jacket, same skirt - different shoes, different tights, and different accessories.

That link is the last time I wore this jacket. For this outfit, I zipped it right up to the top and snapped the snap. If I had a Starfleet insignia, I would have worn it! I am actually wearing the moose top underneath this ensemble for warmth, but I'm not going to count it as a wear for this since it was never visible.

I last wore this skirt on Friday (here) with my purple combat boots.
I added my black heeled loafers, which I've only worn once this month, here in the first outfit. I'm not in love with them, so they're not going to stay in my closet after this month - a classic example of a shoe that was on sale that was sort of okay.

I matched the cuff material in the jacket to this fabulous Smoking Lily obi. I picked up the leaf pattern in it by wearing leaf earrings, and played with the bronze of the earrings in doing bronze textured tights.

I just realized that this outfit is a total anomaly for me: not a single piece of it is second-hand or thrifted. Shocking!

Off to my WW meeting!

Jacket (Smoking Lily), skirt (ISDA & Co.), shoes (Kate & Mel), obi (Smoking Lily), earrings (Plum).

Monday, January 21, 2013

Jan 21st - Outfit #19 - Much Fringe and the Cape Unfurled

Only one more week of capsules after this one! I want to get all my favourites worn again! Today, I went with two favourites.
This jacket is just so beautiful. Every time I wear it, I get compliments, and today was no exception. I last wore it here with an asymmetrical skirt. I layered a purple cami (not part of the capsule) underneath it to pull out more of the bright colours in the embroidery.

Speaking of bright colours, who doesn't love this glorious turquoise suede skirt? Answer: no one.
I last wore it here in a cowgirlish ensemble. It's quite noisy when I walk, like the sound of those rain sticks.

The belt is a vintage one I thrifted several months ago. I kept all the accessories to a dull roar so as not to overshadow all the colour and pattern. My simple black boots were just right, and they're getting a lot of wear this month (including last just this weekend, here, last outfit).

It was clear, sunny and cold today, so I decided to break in my new cape:
I kind of look like a big green Grimace (image links).
Pros of a cape:

  • Completely awesome.
  • Hide things under it.
  • Comfortable, like a warm tent.
  • Completely awesome.

Cons of wearing a cape:

  • Appear to be deformed due to bag over the shoulder.
  • Coffee becomes more spilly.
  • People stare at you.
  • Can't sit in cars (capes were totally not made for seatbelts).
  • Store clerks think you're shoplifting under there.
Summary: good for walking if you don't carry much. Don't wear it if you need to be functional. I did enjoy wearing it, but I did feel VERY visible in it. So this is my outfit for Patti's "Visible Monday" at Not Dead Yet Style - hie thee to her site! (Additional con: you want to speak in Shakespearean English, verily!).

Cape (Raymond of London, vintage, thrifted), jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), cami (InWear), skirt (Pioneer Wear, vintage, thrifted), boots (Gabor), belt (vintage, thrifted).

For those of you who wondered what punishment Vizzini got for destroying my Fluevogs, he got nothing. Cats don't get the "why" when you're mad; they don't understand that whole cause and effect, especially well after the fact (I'm pretty sure he chewed them up on Friday night). He was just being himself (bitey and eat-y) and it was my own damned fault for leaving the closet door open. And the shoes...they're just things (even though they are very pretty, very expensive things). Vizzini's our family, and I wouldn't trade him for all the Fluevogs in the world (but don't tempt me).

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jan 18 & 19th - Outfits #16-18 - A Very Bad Kitty and a Broken Ban

Hey! It's the weekend - and what a weekend it's been so far. L and I are watching the NFL playoffs, so I'm trying to squeeze in writing this post while watching those. 

But let's back it up a big. Here's Friday's outfit.
I liked the casual vibe of this outfit. My purple suede vest makes an appearance for work (last seen here on our road trip last weekend), layered over my blue button-down shirt (last worn here on day 1 of this month's capsule).

My stretchy long bubble skirt helped balance out the length of the vest:
It was super comfy all day for running around (I do a lot of running around at my job!), as were the purple combat boots (also last worn for travel the previous weekend).

I layered my bright floral tights for some colour on the bottom.
I met up with Elaine after work for a bit of a look-around at a thrift shop, and while I was showing her the tights, a passing lady said, "I love your tights!"

I wore my Grandma J's full set of copper jewelry (picture here) with this outfit.

I went a little overboard with the colour in my outerwear:
My vivid red leather coat, complete with purple gloves and dead Elmo toque (hee).

Vest (no label, vintage 70s, consignment), shirt (Banana Republic, consignment), skirt (ISDA & Co.), boots (Penny Loves Kenny), tights (Look of London), coat/hat/gloves (Danier Leather).

Yeah, you read that right, I went shopping after work. So much for my "no buy January" - however, I only spent a little and I agonized over the purchase for a good 20 minutes. But check it out!
Squee! Cutest strapless dress ever! Don't you love the Aztec-ish fabric? It's a gorgeous thick cotton, and the black banding on the hem and bust help keep all that colour reined in. It's a beautiful fit.

It also has a black polka-dotted net crinoline underneath:

I know it's from the 80s because of the size:
Not a size 14 nowadays, that's for sure!

It was sold at Neiman Marcus in the US, obviously.
The actual brand is A.J. Bari (about it here and the designer Kay Unger here).

The reason for my hesitation: the zipper is broken...and the dress is about an inch too big in the top on me. However, it was only $10.00! So for that, I'm going to do the unthinkable (for me) and actually take it to a tailor for a new zipper and have it taken in an inch or so. Totally worth it, don't you think?

Anyway, I was out late with Elaine, shopping and having dinner. L was out with some coworkers right after work, and so Vizzini got his dinner late. Uh oh.
"You deserve what you get when you keep me waiting."
You know, if you leave a cranky cat alone for a few hours before he gets fed, AND you leave your closet door open...whose fault is it when something bad happens?

Something VERY bad.
These are my new Wonders Ayers Fluevogs. The ones my girlfriends bought me for my birthday. And there is a strap missing, 6 inches chewed off. NOOOOOOOOOO!

I didn't discover this until Saturday morning when I went to get dressed. I was furious. I threw my shoes at the cat. I steamed for about 2 hours, then figured out what to do. I've ordered another pair (and I included my pitiful story in the comment box when I ordered) from Fluevog. I'm going to take my deformed shoe to a cobbler and have them remove the extra buckle and trim up the edges on the above shoe, and do a match removal on the intact shoe.

Because there are two sets of straps on the Wonders, you can actually connect the lower strap to the upper buckle and they are still wearable. I'm going to get some shoe dye and customize my Fluevogs! I'm actually kind of excited about it! I'm makin' lemonade out of these lemons.

And I'm never, ever, leaving my closet door open again. That was my own fault.

So I wore my shoes on Saturday...because I need this pair in my capsule! I have a lot of olive green and don't have another pair of shoes that I want to sub in for these.
It was a lovely sunny day and I was determined to put my best foot (the one with the uneaten shoe!) forward.

This is my Smoking Lily moose shirt (last barely seen here layered under my metallic moto jacket). I'm also wearing my funky brown skirt with the asymmetrical hem.
I really love how this flaps around when I walk. Such a cool shape. I last wore it here with embroidery and suede.

And the one strap is barely noticeable, especially over my green knee-high tights (vintage half-slip on under the skirt for warmth.
Looking majorly unimpressed there. I wore my black leather jacket for most of the day. Since I'd already broken my shopping ban, and I was still traumatized by The Shoe Incident I indulged in a little retail therapy after lunch (pictures below).

After shopping, I made ambrosia dessert, inspired by these awesome 70s vintage Weight Watchers recipe cards that L reminded me about this week. My Winesday women and I were killing ourselves over them - so funny! And ambrosia's such a classic 70s dessert. It was delicious!

Winesday was much-needed and I entertained my gals with my sad tale of shoe woe. I rejigged my outfit slightly since I walked to Winesday, adding one of my layering tees (not part of the capsule) and changing into my black boots for walking.
I last wore the boots here with a whole lot of ruffles.

Top (Majestic, swap from Caro), boots (Gabor).

Here's my shopping haul. It was nice to have the shopping gods balance out the loss of my shoes with some really good deals.

First up, I've been looking for the perfect vintage cape for a couple of years. I found it at the Hospice Thrift Boutique (linking because I love and it's a great cause. The volunteer ladies there are awesome). Oooh, vintage leather coming up for sale, and 50% off pink tags!
Wow. It's a thick emerald green (this year's colour!), nearly full length. It's got my required arm slits, and I can still wear a bag over my shoulder. With many capes that I've tried on and looked at, you have to carry a bag, old-style, in your hands. I need my hands free when I'm walking, so it's been tricky finding one that will work with my purses.

In addition to the lovely big collar, it has a hood!
Bonus! Since it often rains here, that will be very handy.

It's made in England by Raymond of London:
It's not lined, but it's beautifully sewn inside and out.

Best of all?
Score! Only $24.00 - such a steal!

The Hospice Boutique is having a blowout sale, clearing room for all the new donations. I found this gorgeous 100% wool vintage skirt on the sale rack:
 ...for $4.00! It's nearly a circle skirt - very much that Dior shape of the 40s-50s that the 80s looked to for inspiration. It has deep slash pockets too. Hurray for pockets!

It's snug in the waist, but it's definitely 80s with the sizing.
Made in Canada! Yay!

I also found another black skirt; in fact, another black leather skirt. This brings me to 3 - I may have a problem with black skirts, but I'm giving one to a girlfriend. Two isn't that bad, right? Heh.
This is a calf-length and it's a gorgeous pencil shape on. I like the uneven block pattern of it.

The brand is Halogen, which is apparently sold at Nordstrom in the US.
Modern sizing, but this is probably 6-7 years old - it's been broken in nicely by its previous owner. Nordstrom has a shorter leather/ponte skirt on sale on its website for $151 Canadian (regular $236), so I'd guess this skirt was over $200 new. I got it for half off the original thrift price for $20! Score!

At the same store, I also snagged this beautiful dove-grey pencil skirt off the clearance rack:
It will be awesome for spring/summer! 

It's by Bianca, and it's vintage - I'd guess 80s again. I wore a lot of pencil skirts in the 80s - they balanced out the massive shoulder pads!
It's pure wool, which I love in a lightweight weave like this. Wool breathes so nicely.

Did I score?
Of course! $2.00!

At another consignment store, Rich Rags, I found this lovely top.
I adore the corset-y styling - it has a hidden zipper up the side so you don't have to deal with all the little buttons. The lace is backed so that it's not see-through. It was $15.

This will be nice in spring/summer as well as in steampunk outfits as a layering piece. I am gradually working towards buying dressier camisole-type pieces, either in cottons/stiffer shirt fabrics or thin sweater-y fabrics, to replace some of my cheap camis. They just look classier to me than crappy t-shirt fabric camis (although those are still handy!).

At The Velvet Crease, I fell in love with this dusty pink velvet blazer:
The ruching is so insanely flattering on this! It's a gorgeous fit. It was sized 2, but it's that crazy odd sizing where that's actually equivalent to a Medium (1 = Small, etc.). It's by Nougat of London and it was $28.00.

The silver buttons are not original to the jacket:
I replaced the original buttons (which I thought were tacky) with these three - they are odds and ends of buttons from the extras that I've saved over the years from jackets and things.

Iridescent sequins. Yuck - too mermaid for my taste. I first tried to remove the sequins from the velvet buttons, but it looked a little ragged and the velvet was torn on one of the buttons so I just gave up and put new buttons on.

And that was my weekend! How was yours? Did your cat (or dog) eat anything you value?