Sunday, July 25, 2021

Winesday Pool Party!

Welcome back, my friends! No "Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up" as I've split my crazily-busy weekend into two parts this weekend: if you missed our Friday Day of Indolence, here you go. 

Winesday returned on Saturday night! We haven't had a proper "all the gals" Winesday since our Mrs. Roeper Pool Party last July at Marian's (scroll down here), just a few park gatherings here and there, and not with all of our friends. 

Although we didn't put a theme on the pool party this year, I of course went over the top!
Every occasion is a good occasion for dressing up! Like I'm going to hold off wearing this amazing dress! 

  • Marble Gown- no label, vintage 70s, thrifted; purchased here for $22.95
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last worn here (2nd outfit) in Sailor Pants Five Ways in June
  • Monster Vest II (below) - Kensie, consignment; last seen here in December 2020 over stripes

In Glamourous Movie Star mode.
This dress was a joy to wear - I felt amazing in it. It's very swooshy and rustles a bit. I admit I swanned about. 
This baby blue colour is not one that I would ever have guessed suits me, but isn't it fabulous? 
As you can see, the elasticated waistband is way too high for my body shape. 
I'm wearing the belt at my natural waist, which is much better. 

I wore them for warmth later in the evening. 

I took Monster Vest with me as well. We were lucky in getting a hot day and a warm evening, and didn't experience the usual cold ocean breezes so far from the water. 
I liked how this worked with the grey in the marbled pattern. I haven't worn Monster Vest much on the blog with outfits, but I did wear it around the house in the winter as a quick source of heat. 

L photobombed me - Vizzini is not the only camera ham I live with! 
He was off to enjoy the first MANday (Musical Appreciation Night) with the guys - I've yet to hear about it, as L got home way later than me, and left to get his second jab today while I was still in bed, sleeping off my aches from Ulti and feeling new ones from swimming/treading water. 

The stuff: 
I knew I'd need to climb a steep walk way to get to Marian's pool, and would also need to navigate it again in the dark at the end of the evening. Nearly flat shoes and very careful steps were essential. 

Bold bling: 
When I bought the dress, this is exactly what I envisioned wearing with it. I'm happy that it all worked! 

  • Belt - Fendi, thrifted; last worn here
  • Copper earrings - vintage expo
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I didn't take a ton of pictures at Winesday - I wanted to enjoy seeing everyone and be in the moment, but I did a few while we still had light. 

Cat, Yvonne and I shared a cab out to Marian's (she lives way out of town and at a higher elevation). Our cab driver was fantastic, so we booked him to come and pick us up later. 
We were amazed to see how the house has progressed in a year. I love the barn shape of the front, which matches the roofline of their actual barn (which is her husband's "man cave"). The pool party is up at the back where that white fencing is on the left. It's a bit of a hike! 

From the pool area, looking down on the house. Such a nice detail that the side piece of the house also has that barn roof shape. 
The barn is across that path to the right. Look at all the giant lavender bushes! They were everywhere, buzzing with fat honeybees. 

We didn't do a tour of the house because the inside is not finished, but check out the front door! 
WHAT!!! That is the coolest thing ever! And yes, that little door behind the grate opens up! 

We were the first to arrive - that's Yvonne, Cat (in a dress she made, so pretty!) and Marian. The pool-house on the right has a washroom/changing area inside. 
Late at night after the sun went down, the pool lights glowed purple and blue, candles flickered on the tables, and two lights on the pool-house reflected on the water. We bobbed in the water for hours, with our plastic floating wine glasses, cans of bubbly water on the lip. I worked out a bit of my stiffness from Ulti that morning, but my body hasn't swum in a year, so now I'm even more sore! 

This table was groaning with food - cheese, chorizo, dips, chocolate (I think I ate an entire box of Toffifee). 
It was so good to just chill and chat. 

Marian brought Linda and Joanne up (we needed help navigating the gate). 
That's Joanne in the middle, and Linda on the right. 

Joanne brought CAKE. She's a professional chef and works at a patisserie in Victoria. 
This was vanilla with passionfruit curd, and was so good I could have eaten this entire cake myself. Thank you, Jo! 

"Take my picture by the pool!" Oh, fashion bloggers - it's always about a picture! 
Linda loved how my gown's pattern echoed the light in the pool.
It's like I planned it (I didn't). I just wanted to wear a gown that filled me with glee. 

Hooray, more of our dear women have arrived! 
I spy Tracy, Petra, Sarah and Alison! Petra is new to Winesday and she was a great fit, so smart and funny and badass. Also, she had me at striped pirate trousers. Be still, my heart! 

Speaking of badasses, my idol Vero is here! 
Hi, honey! So great to see you! 

Marian's daughter Tiki (prounounced "ticky" - it's a nickname) had to come and see my purple hair. 
She approved! Love the pink horse two-piece romper - very stylin'. 

We hung out and watched the stars come out over our heads, and it was over far too quickly. It was so good to reconnect with some of our women that I haven't seen as frequently over the past 16 months. Winesday is the best. Mental calm is restored.

However, I've been getting the cold shoulder today. 
"I'm withholding tummy rubs from you, Woman."

Uh-oh! I'd better sit on the couch and let him get some cuddle time in! He's missed us over the past few days as our social calendar has begun to fill.

Thank you all so much for stopping by! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

Saturday, July 24, 2021

The Day of Indolence Returns!

Hello, my friends! I'm back a bit earlier than usual times are here again, and I didn't want to swamp you with fifty bazillion pictures. As it is, this is a big post, so grab a glass/mug and settle in, as I bring you along on our Day of Indolence! 

This weekend also brought the return of Ulti (aka Ultimate Frisbee), which we've played for over 20 years now - our inner athletes had missed this, but our stalwart players were game to play again. AND, this Saturday is the return of our Summer Winesday Pool Party. So you see why I can't just pile all that into one post! 

Traditionally, the Day of Indolence is a weekday (usually a Friday) that we all take off work to pub-hop and eat and drink and hang out with our friends for L's birthday. Sometimes we have a little shopping in there, but it's mostly just about appreciating being with our wonderful friends. 

Yes, yes, we did a D(el)ay of Indolence back here in June, when it was actually still L's birthday week, but now that we're allowed to have big groups, and things have opened up further, we picked a good Friday to celebrate properly with our Family That We Choose. Not everyone was available, but we still had an awesome time. 
Pic from Yvonne

Yeah, baby, there we are! We'll get to more of our indolent day as soon as we review my two-in-one outfit details. 

What does one wear for a long day of walking, drinking, eating, schmoozing and generally being indolent? 
Well, it's complicated! I chose this silk tunic/dress and wore it two different ways. I started the morning like this, and as you can see, that's my exposed thigh there near my hand. 

  • Dress - Sympli, thrifted; purchased here for $34.95
  • Shoes - Groovy Huysmans, Fluevog; last worn here in April with a gone red dress

The weather was supposed to be clear and hot, but we live on the ocean, so you need to always be ready for cold breezes. 
Oh, I'm so saucy! I've had these tights for probably close to a decade - they are an exceptional brand called Trasparenze and are made in Italy. They are pricey (in the $30+ range), but have lasted me forever, with not a single hole or snag. 

The dress itself is thin silk with a touch of stretch, and provided excellent sunblock. I have a black cami underneath too. 
The deep slits were actually fine for walking and sitting - I didn't expose anything even when the wind gusted. 

Later on in the day, I took off the tights and changed into my silver skinny jeans. 
It was windy and cold at Spinnakers, our final pub, and I was really happy I'd had the foresight to plan for extra warmth. The skinnies folded up very small and were stashed in my bag during the day. 

  • Silver skinny jeans - H&M, thrifted; last worn here in December 2020 for some Christmas shopping

I'll probably also try this dress with some wide-legged pants at some point. 
I felt rather witchy in these outfits. 
I also carried a silk pashmina with me for warmth and sun coverage. 
And wore my sunnies nearly all day. 

  • Pashmina  - gift from Mom, Italy

My leather knapsack was my bag for the day. 
By evening, it was full of chocolate and a few other things I picked up along the way. 

The stuff: 
Walking shoes were definitely needed! We went to four different pubs/restaurants over more than 9 hours! 

Copper bling: 
I chose the copper to pick up the brown in the tights and pashmina, and added a bit of silver to go with the skinny jeans. 

  • Necklace - Renoir by Matisse, vintage 60s, vintage expo
  • Cuff - Karen's
  • Lucite cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Copper earrings/ring - Glee
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair

Vizzini was happily snoozing in the morning before we left. 
"Yeah, I'll be here if you need me."

He likely slept in the sun all day long. 
"Wait, you're going out?"

Okay, here we go - lots and lots of pictures! L and I walked to town.
We spotted these two vintage red fire engines gassing up at the local station. Wow, gas is expensive - that's per liter. 

This yellow Porsche caught my eye.
Very spiffy. I see L and I in the reflection. 

We started our morning with a 10:30am reservation for breakfast at the Ruby. 
Thanks so much to our amazing server (we had stellar servers all day) for taking this picture! From left: Ross, Nick, L, Cat, me, Yvonne and Randall. 

This is what I had. 
I could eat that again right now! That's the Mexican Eggs, which I can never finish (so many beans), plus lots of yummy coffee. 

From the Ruby, a few of us strolled down to the local Fluevog store to see if there was anything that caught our eyes in the big sale. 
L bought me a little something, and I picked up the newest Fluevog Post - now I'm drooling over all the new styles coming for fall! John's feeling very groovy and into the 70s vibe! 

L generously bought me this incredible belt. I have been lusting after it for many years, and it's finally been marked down. 
Yes, that's a $299.00 belt, now marked down to $149.99 (there's one left if you want to be twins!).
It's called the Rohesia belt. "Stand firm with the belt of truth." Yvonne also bought a pair of red booties, L bought a new pair of green/floral shoes, and Cat bought a pair of socks and a belt clip. Good times! 

Ross and Randall were awaiting us at the Garrick's Head Pub, where they'd snagged our old usual window seat. 
Nick and L. Rock on, gents! 

Me and Cat. 
L, me, Cat and Ross. 
Thanks so much to Yvonne for all of her pics! All the good ones are from her.

Randall and Ross. 
Happy Birthday on Sunday, Ross-man! 

After a couple of drinks, Ross, Yvonne, Cat and I did a side-trip to Chinatown to pick up fans. 
Yvonne, Ross, Cat and me. We're still wearing masks indoors, and if stores want them, I'm in. 

  • Mask - by Mom

We went to Quonley's, the best store for whatever you might need. 
We each picked up a silk and bamboo fan, for $5.95 each.

Chinatown on Fisgard Street. 
The Chinatown Trading Post - a very long-time tradition in Victoria - is closing in a week, sadly. 
I used to buy sandalwood soap, silk purses and little flat black shoes here when I was a teenager in the 80s. Actually, now that I think of it, I also bought dishes, notebooks, jewelry boxes, Christmas ornaments...they had everything! You could wander through the maze of a store and come out at Fan Tan Alley. 

I haven't eaten at the Fantan Cafe in ages, but their black bean and broccoli used to be my favourite. 
We often go through Fan Tan Alley on the Day of Indolence, but skipped it this time 'round.

We sauntered down to Canoe Club on the waterfront for another couple of drinks. 
It was smokin' hot by early afternoon, and we all made immediate use of our fans. Plus, lots of Moscow Mules and water! From left: my big grin, Randall's arm, Nick, Yvonne, L, Chris, and Cat. 

Cat and I being coy. 
That sun was so hot! I had to reapply my sunblock. 

Randall, Nick and Yvonne. 
Ross and Chris. 
Chris showed off his tattoo. 
That's a picture of the actual titanium device he has in his heart (he had surgery a few years ago). 

Yvonne and L.
It was lovely to be amongst people again. All of the places we went to were hoppin' busy. 

Ross, Chris and Cat. 
I heard a loud beeping, notifying us that the Johnson Street Bridge was going up. 
It's so different than the old bridge, but I still get a thrill when it goes raises and lowers. 

From Canoe, we walked over the bridge. 
There's our little gang. 

Looking back - Canoe Club is between those two clumps of trees. 
I love all the boats on the harbour. 

Looking back to the Inner Harbour - that's the Empress Hotel in the centre. 
Victoria is famous for those hanging flower baskets on the fancy lamp posts. 

Slightly to the right of the above pic, the building with the green domes is the BC Legislature, aka the Parliament Buildings. 
I also see the Royal BC Museum, the Bateman Gallery and the Clipper and Coho ferry docks. 

We tried to get a table at Lure Patio but had no luck, so we continued along the harbour walkway towards Spinnakers Pub. 
There were many Canada geese around - lots of goose poop.

From Spinnakers, looking back to the path and the marina. The marina also couldn't seat us. It's like it's summer or something! 
The mountains in the far distance are the USA, Washington State (hi to Laurie, who's visiting her family in Olympia!). 

Another round at Spinnakers! Or perhaps three...
Folks are starting to get tipsy! Yvonne, Randall and L. 

Ross and Chris have a cheers. 
Alison showed up after work, but I missed taking her picture, sorry, honey! 

I had a mushroom flatbread and sparkling grapefruit seltzer. 
I could eat another one of those flatbreads right now (I love mushrooms). 

We were startled to realize it was after 7pm - uh-oh, there are felines who need to be fed! Chris and Ali cabbed home, and the rest of us started walking. 
Looking back at Spinnakers and I see a clot of our peeps - Randall, Yvonne, Nick and Ross. I think the couple in front are the ones who took our pictures further along. 

What's behind me? 
Water and more path. The light as it was going down - it was just magical. 

Pictures! We need more pictures! 
It's too dark looking this way! 

This is better. That's Spinnakers in the background.
Nick and Ross - there were a lot of other folks taking advantage of the beautiful evening. This is a very popular walkway.

Yvonne took some pics along here. 
L, Cat and me.

If you yell, "Pose!" at me, this is what you get. 
Ross has a growler of beer from Spinnakers - they also sell handmade chocolates, so I picked some up for L and I, plus a bunch for Winesday (that's coming up later this weekend!). 

Hello, my friends! 
Ah, I'm warming up again in the sun - we had a really chilly cross-breeze in the pub, and I'd been huddling under a blanket. 

Look at those people! 
I'm not sure what Cat and L are pointing at?

We bumbled around merrily, enjoying just being together. 
Trying not to block the path for other people. 
The alcohol-fueled enthusiasm is palpable! 

A very nice couple offered to take our picture. 
Yvonne's got her big Fluevog bag, I see, and L is doing...lunges?

Oh, I see, we are all trying to be cool. Riiiight...
From left: Ross, me, Nick, L, Cat, Yvonne and Randall. 

The joy in being together. 
Big hugs to all of my dear friends. 

We heard music - there was some sort of festivities going on on the other side of the harbour. 
Those are house-boats. Wouldn't it be cool to live on a house-boat? 

We're back at the bridge, and the setting sun's light is striking the old buildings. 
The section/buildings near that tug-boat are some of the last undeveloped waterfront property in Victoria. I'm sure there will be some giant condos there soon enough. Sigh. 

Looking up Johnson Street, you can see how long our shadows are. 
It's a long walk uphill to get home.

We passed under a murder of crows squawking in this tree. 
I am fluent in crow - "Move along!" they cawed. 

Speaking of murder...
"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I'm wasting away!"

After feeding our furious feline, L and I chilled out, played some boardgames, and then crashed on the couch for the evening. We slept in a bit Saturday morning, and then we got ready for the Return of Ultimate Frisbee! We haven't played in two years, and oooh boy, it was both exhilarating to be playing the game with our cohorts, but after two hours of staggering around in the hot sun, I'm going to be sore tomorrow (and Monday). 

And now, I'm going to nap/collapse until it's time for Winesday - based on last year's Pool Party (link here, scroll down to the bottom - enjoy the videos!), I know it's going to be a rollicking good time! I'll be back with pictures on Sunday. I hope your weekend is every bit as fun as ours has been!