Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Shiny Brocade and Black Leather

Of course, I have been dying to wear this jacket since I got it.
But a long-sleeved, long jacket in summer? Can it be done? Well, yeah. I rolled up the sleeves and wore it open. No prob! I work in an air-conditioned office, plus it's not as hot out this past week.

I thrifted it for $34.50 this past weekend (here). I might have said, "CAW!" a few times to people today.
I did get a ton of compliments on it today, people noting the shininess, the colours (red, pink and gold), and comparing it to Indian sari fabrics (I wish!).

I also got a lot of double-takes. "Are you wearing a leather dress?"

You bet I am! Nothing like a "Short Skirt, Long Jacket" (thank you, Cake: YouTube - enjoy), in my opinion. I last wore this black leather dress in the 2013 January capsule (recap here), where I featured it 3 times. I did wear a red cami underneath it to keep myself covered up. That's a lot of leg.
Seriously spectacular fabric! Loved it! Back in 1999-2000 when I worked at Fairweather, I bought a similar jacket in gold, teal and navy blue: same length, same cut, not as shiny but really close style. So I would date this jacket to about the same era. I bet Aldo did a test run in a few stores to see if clothing would do well - since they don't carry clothing now, I'm guessing no.

The stuff:
I chose these wedges because of the flowers on the toes - I liked how they went with the floral brocade of the jacket. I last wore them here in June with my origami dress (2nd outfit). I should wear that dress again soon.

The bling:
I kept it simple due to the jacket. I wore the heart on my lapel.

Jacket (Aldo, thrifted), dress (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment), pin (Smoking Lily), ring (some junk shop in the 90s), earrings (Foxy).

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blue Bookends

I promised my WW group last week that I would wear my new blue shoes tonight. So here we go.
A whole lot of 80s going on!

This is the 3rd wearing of this vintage 80s top, and every time I've done a slim-cut skirt on the bottom - the last time was here in June with many animal prints. I think a slim bottom helps balance the non-structured top (seriously, it's a big square).
This gorgeous wool - yes, I said wool - skirt is another vintage 80s one. I've had it since I bought it second-hand in 2009, and last wore it in the March 2012 capsule (recap here) where I wore it 3 times. Yikes, that's a long stretch between wearings.
I love the double-slit action - great for walking!

The stuff:
Blue shoe goodness! I last wore these less than a week ago, here, with my Spanish ladies dress.

Big bling:
I love this aluminum belt - it's perfect for sitting right at the waist.

Blouse (I. Magnin, thrifted, vintage 80s), skirt (Gianfranco Ferre via Giorgio Beverly Hills, thrifted, vintage 80s), shoes (Garden of Enjoyment Rita, Fluevog), belt (thrifted), earrings (Joyce's, vintage 80s), lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).

Monday, July 29, 2013

Lemon-Lime Lady

Ah, Monday, my old foe - but today has been a pretty good day, so I shan't complain further. I was really happy with today's outfit. Let's see if the masses agree.
First up: my new-to-me thrifted blouse. Not so much hanger appeal for it, but doesn't it look pretty on? Not bad for $5.00! I just got it here this past weekend.
I liked the pin at the neckline
I knew as soon as I got it home that it would be a perfect match for my chartreuse Noa Noa skirt. I last wore this skirt here back in May while emulating a kitchen from the 70s.
I loved all the shades of greeny-yellowy-lime in the little floral pattern on the blouse, and how well the colour and texture with the skirt worked with it. I had to go with some of my treasured vintage family jewels for accents.

The stuff:
It only took me 5+ years of blogging to figure out the value of neutral shoes - I last wore these supremely comfy shoes here in June with leather and plaid. Yeah, out of over 85 pairs of shoes, I do not have a chartreuse pair. This is an oversight, obviously.

The glittery bling:
Aside from the ring, which is costume and recent, everything's from the 50s/60s and belonged to my Mom or my grandmother.

Blouse (Coldwater Creek, thrifted), skirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Jump for the People, consignment), brooch/earrings (Grandma J's, vintage 60s), ring (consignment), gold/pearl bracelet (Trifari, vintage 50s, Grandma J's), green stones bracelet (vintage 60s, Mom's).

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Floofy Friday, and Strapless Saturday, with Some Shopping

Hey, blogland, how's it going? I can't believe it's Sunday already. *sigh*

Here's what I wore on Friday:
I haven't worn this dress in forever, since I wore it twice in the April 2012 capsule (recap here). It was "on the fence" at the end of that capsule (it's a little small, plus the style with the puffy little sleeve has dated a bit).

I've been thinking about my capsules and the things that were "on the fence." At the end of my spring/summer wardrobe season (end of September), I'm going to go through all those fence items and see what I've actually worn and what's gone away. I'll also be looking carefully at what's been worn in my season (April to September) and culling a selection out of my closet. Life's too short for clothes that don't get worn!
My favourite way to wear this dress has always been to layer things under it, and Friday was no different. This white no-name eyelet skirt was perfect (last seen here in June with more white and angel wings). I also wore my Le Chateau little lacy top under it (last seen here in June with my Herb Tarlek blazer).
The sandals are my very old Jones New York ones, last seen 5 times in the July 2012 capsule (recap here). They were quite comfy for an all-day wear - L and I met a friend for drinks after work, then went out for dinner - but I feel like I should wear them more.

I had all the stuff laid out, then forgot to take a picture of it! The Smoking lily obi and my Shi Studio necklace/earrings set featured prominently.

Dress (Ricki's), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), obi (Smoking Lily), necklace/earrings (Shi Studio), rings (assorted).

L and I did our usual Saturday brunch at the diner. I wanted to wear this glorious yellow strapless dress.
I last wore it 4 times in the August 2012 capsule (recap here).

This is my entry for this week's "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - are you in? Be there or be square!
I was fully sunblocked up, plus wore this white drapey cardi for extra coverage. I last wore it earlier this month with my "woo!" shoes, here.
Boobtastic without coverage! I had fun with my hair - I actually had a nap later in the afternoon, and did a faux-hawk with it that night while our friends were over for board games.
Ink! I wore my gold Coach platforms around all day - they are not the best shoes for walking around and shopping, but I made it. I will baby my feet today/tomorrow to apologize for all the walking. I last wore these fab shoes here in June with a bunch of neutrals.

Cardigan (Bellisima, consignment), dress (Jacob, consignment), shoes (Coach), bag (Aldo), scarf (thrifted).

I had a nice time thrifting, though. I went to the St. Vincent de Paul where I found some excellent deals. this blouse is by Coldwater Creek, and was $4.00.
It's fully-lined, has a zip up the side and I know it will be a great piece with some of my pretty pencil skirts.

I fell in love with this piece, but it needs some work, so I'm taking it in to the tailor tomorrow.
It's by April Cornell, and was $7.00. The zipper is busted and the elastic at the waist is blown, but it's so gorgeous - it has a silk hem with beading and I think it will be so pretty. It will probably cost me around $20.00 to get it fixed, but I think it's worth it.

I also spotted these fun sequined Keds:
Only $8.00 and super-comfy! I walked to and from the grocery store today with not a single rub or blister.

From there, I went to the WIN store, where I spotted this beauty on a mannequin:
Caw! Shiny! I see that this fall is all about over-the-top unique items, so I can't wait to start wearing this! The base colours are red and pink, with gold lame thread all over.

Beautifully lined in pink with an inner pocket! Sweet.
It's by Aldo, and was $34.50, but wait? Aldo sells clothes? Since when? Anyway, this is a gorgeous brocade, and I can't wait to wear it!

I also scored in the accessories, with this beautiful blood red patent leather belt by Club Monaco.
As L said, "Another bigass belt for your collection." Um, yup. I do like a bigass belt. This was $10.50 plus 25% off - belts at Club Monaco generally start around $80, so I got a great deal!

I spotted this buckle on a cheesey and cheap blue vinyl belt. When I took it to the counter, I said I would take just the buckle and give them back the belt to re-sell.
I was pretty excited - this is by Shi Studio and their belt buckles of this shape are $75.00 each.

Yeah, $7.50, plus 25% off. Score!

Hope your weekend is full of scores, sunshine and fun!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Twofer: Spanish Ladies and Blue Shoes and Black, Birds and Duck

Hey! Life is busy! Last night was my company's quarterly meeting followed by rooftop volleyball, drinks and burgers. I got home late and a little tipsy from the cider, and crashed. It's been a long time since I got 10 hours of sleep.

So without further ado, and because L and I just got home form the gym and I'm starving, here we go!
The most wonderful Spanish ladies dress, going into its 4th year in my closet, and last seen here in May (also with blue accents), was just right for lounging about in the sun. It's a lovely fit, and was handmade in England!.I bought it in Camden Town in 2010.
I did a blue cami and a blue belt to go with the new blue shoes. No, I didn't play volleyball - I don't like walking in sand unless I'm at a beach.
I wore the shoes all day, and even walked about 8 blocks total in them. Not a rub, not a blister, and they were wonderfully comfortable. My only complaint is that I have Morton's toe - my second toe is longer than my big toe - and the shape of this shoe is obviously built for you "normal"-toed people. It felt like my toes were sticking out a bit too much. Totally a minor quibble and something I can live with, though.

The stuff:
I am quite peeved that Fluevog just marked this shoe down another $40! Arg! That would have covered my shipping and tax, John. *glare* But I forgive you - they are wonderful shoes. More pictures of them here from the other day when I got them in the mail.

Big bling:
Kept it fairly simple with clean lines and shapes.

Dress (Lirub), shoes (Garden of Enjoyment Rita, Fluevog), belt (Danier Leather), cuff (thrifted), earrings (swap), lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).

From masses of colour, I went!
I didn't really have an outfit planned for today. Well, I did, but then I decided that I didn't want the skirt from the outfit I had picked out, so then I grabbed this new-to-me dress (purchased here last weekend), pulled the obi for colour, and then put the shoes with it.
The fabric was lovely - it's a cotton/lycra blend, so nice and soft, not too thick or rigid (it's about a Swoosh Factor 6 on the skirt). I did wear a black half-slip under it so that it wouldn't ride up or gape.
I do love pockets on dresses.

I picked out my accessories this morning. Since I had the purple/blue colour scheme decided as an accent, I grabbed turquoise as well (there's turquoise in the obi), then noticed that I had a mini theme and ran with that.
Check out my cufflinks
I don't usually wear this much black, and it did feel a little weird. Nice, but weird. I think this is one of those very useful dresses for when I want people to look at my accessories.

See if you can guess the theme:
That's probably my favourite Smoking Lily obi - I just love the colours. Those shoes were last worn earlier in July with my plaid taffeta skirt, here.

Did you get it? My theme is for the birds.
Black birds (on Scrabble tiles), ravens, and ducks.

Yes, ducks.
Those are a pair of L's cufflinks. I don't think he's ever worn them; I think his mom picked them up in a thrift store. They're probably from the 60s or 70s. I love that I can do cufflinks for this dress - L has about 2 dozen pairs. I'm looking forward to doing another colour mix with it.

Dress (Talbot's, consignment), shoes (Pearl Hart Bellevilles, Fluevogs), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), cuff (Shi Studio), cufflinks (vintage), earrings (Raven's Rest Studio), lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes).

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Leopard

This week, I planned all my outfits out on Saturday. My planning consists of looking around my closet, thinking, "I haven't worn this in a while," then pulling out a top, the shoes, the skirt and one accessory to give me a springboard for the full outfit. 
With this outfit, I grabbed the leopard skirt - it's one of my favourite skirts and I think it's a classic for any woman's wardrobe. And yet, gee, I haven't worn it since way back in February, here for Pink Shirt Day.
I like pairing unusual colours with leopard, and I don't think I've ever matched it with this mustard yellow. I usually wear this top as a layering piece under a jacket, but it's been lovely and hot the last week, and I'm taking advantage of it. I last wore it here in April (way, way down at the bottom of that long post), under my orange leather jacket.
I had forgotten that the waistband of this skirt is too big, so I futzed with getting the obi layered over it all day. Annoying.

The stuff:
I know! I didn't wear the new blue shoes! But I will tomorrow, I promise.

These are my lovely brown  leather Mary-Janes that I last wore here with my Edwardian ensemble in May.

Bling things:
Vintage 60s choker, homegrown vintage earrings from the 90s, a modern ring and a junky ring that I'm going to get rid of.

Blouse (INC, thrifted), skirt (Club Monaco), obi (local), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), choker (vintage 60s, Mom's), earrings (vintage 90s, LA Express), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), ring (Fossil).

Monday, July 22, 2013

Buh-Bye Pink Satin and Hello, Blue Fluevogs

Oh, Monday, there you are again. 

I am in a closet-cleaning frame of mind these days. Time to shuffle out some "not quite" items. First up on the chopping block: this pink and orange satin jacket.
I got tons of compliments on this jacket today, but sadly, it is not staying in my closet. It is one of those orphan items that doesn't go with anything!

I have worn it a couple of times, both in the August 2012 capsule (recap here, and actual outfit here, with a yellow dress under it). It was an "on the fence" item then, and I've had since April (when I pulled out all my spring/summer stuff again) to wear it and I just...haven't. When I tried to put together a fun outfit with it, I fell back on the easy-peasy-est of outfits: black.
I didn't mind this outfit overall. I adore these satin trousers, which I last wore in March under a silk floral dress to travel to Vancouver (here).
 Ugh, worst butt-shot ever. Look away!

The stuff:
It almost feels like cheating to do black accessories. My black leather obi and my black kitten heels (last seen here (barely) for my father-in-law's funeral in June).

Big bling:
I went with all crystal accents. The leather and crystal necklace is local.

Jacket (La Fee, consignment), trousers (handmade, thrifted), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), necklace (Bauxo), Death Star ring (Oscar & Libby's), crystal ring (Melanie Lynne), earrings (don't remember).

A very exciting box arrived at work for me today!
"Is it food?"
Fluevog blue box! I don't usually keep my shoeboxes, but I'm sure I can find use for this one.

Look what was in it!
These are called the Garden of Enjoyment Rita (link - they are on sale! and they come in snakeskin! Linking 'cause I love).

I am in LOVE.
The leather is so utterly soft - they don't dig or rub anywhere. And the rivets! Rivets! On shoes!

John's signature plus custom Fluevog buckles.
The heel itself and the shiny patent pearlized leather (along the last and the pointed toe part) are actually a very dark blue - I was surprised, but so nice not to have boring old black.
The straps are fully adjustable - I have a very narrow foot, and I did them up snug right on the top of my foot to keep them secure. Yeah, I wore them around the office for a little bit and showed them off!

The sizing was bang on. I have bought anywhere from a size 8.5 (my Velazquez Baroque boots) to a size 10 (my Coffee shoes and boots, and my Adrian Agnes boots), although I'm usually a 9 or 9.5. I figured that with the adjustable straps that I'd be fine in a 9 - and I was right!

Ooh, I'm so excited to wear these...