Thursday, May 30, 2024

Mom-Day Adventure at Elk Lake, in Nautical Adidas, Plus a Wee Shop

It's not a vacation until I've spent time with Mom! We last visited Elk Lake Park on this side way back here in October 2022! 
We had a gorgeously sunny day, although the temps are still around 16 degrees. "Let's get this bush in," said Mom. 

I've been trying things on and putting together party outfits (hint hint) and decided that this amazing cruise ship/yacht skirt was not dressy enough. 
But I still wanted to wear it once - it's fun! - and I rolled with the nautical theme. 

  • Jacket - Adidas, consignment; last worn here in September 2023 on a Mom-Day at Dallas Road with a chevron skirt
  • Top - Marimekko, consignment; last seen here in August 2023 with some trendy items
  • Skirt - Mekito, vintage 00s, thrifted; purchased here for $7.00
  • Boots - Original Sabado, Fluevog; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March with my picador skirt

The jacket makes the outfit for me - it keeps it looking fresh and modern and funky.
People liked the colours and all the patterns. 

I love this cropped Adidas jacket. 
It would be nice if it had pockets! Come on, now. 

The pattern of the skirt sort of looks like flying fish from a distance. 
But they're ocean liners or yachts. 

With big pockets! 
I stashed my glasses in them while I shopped on the way home. 

The skirt is too big, but it also doesn't have any stretch, so I didn't mind the bagginess. 
But it's not really me, so off to Limbo it goes! 

This is how most people saw me. 
A slightly loopy guy at the bus stop went into raptures over my outfit. 

I wore the scarf done up (showing the vintage Halston logo) at my neck while we strolled under the trees.

Although small, that purse holds a lot. 

  • Purse - Roots 73, thrifted
  • Scarf - Halston, vintage 70s, thrifted

The stuff: 
I needed boots for the uneven ground which could have been muddy with our recent stormy weather - there were muddy spots here and there, so I was glad I'd planned for it. I continue to love these amazing blue boots. 

Blue and white bling: 
The white plastic and metal belt is Mom's from the 1960s. I "liberated" it from her in 1984-5 when I was in high school. 

  • Belt - vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Bi-colour cuff - consignment
  • Hinged eelskin cuff - vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/enamel ring - antique shop, Sidney
  • Silver/kyanite ring - consignment
  • Earrings - West Germany, vintage 80s, vintage fair

We arrived to find the park mostly deserted - it will be packed as soon as the weather turns hot. This is a popular swimming spot.
We took the path to the right and followed alongside the lake counterclockwise. 

Oh, we are not starting off well! 
I hate slugs! I have trauma from Brownie camp c. 1975 when I stepped on one barefoot in the middle of the night. 

Fortunately, that was the only slug we spotted, to my great relief. 
Instead we had this hideous view. 

Winding dirt paths, majestic trees...
...a picturesque bench. 

Ha, of course, I jest. 
It's so beautiful and peaceful. No bicycles on this path, just a few walkers, dogs, and runners. 

The trail circumnavigates Elk Lake, which connects to Beaver Lake, away in the middle distance here. 
It's over 7km around - Mom and I walked it together many times 20+ years ago. 

Dappled sunlight.
No wind, just the raucous calls of invisible birds everywhere. 

So tall! 
We had a few moments when the sun burst through. 

We stopped and let it hit our faces.
I remembered these two "sexy" trees from our last visit. 

They've become more intertwined in the last year and a half. 
Look away! Nothing to see here! Let's give them some privacy.

I loved this field of horsetails. 
The trees look like they are slowly walking through. 

A caterpillar. 

Glowing green maple leaves. 
Oh, Canada. 

We finally reached the point where we couldn't hear the nearby highway. 

A glimpse of the lake. 
When I was a kid, you could see the water almost all the way around from the path - it's all grown in so much. 

I love this bowing tree. 
It looks like it's trying to reach the lake. 

"Mom - ducks!" 

Oh, there are no ducklings. 

But at least we saw some birds. 
Wildlife was mostly absent from view. 

Time to turn around and head back. 
My tummy's growling! 

I spotted a robin through some trees. 
It's giving me the eye. 

It was "snowing" fluff from the poplars.
These horsetails have caught a bunch of it in their spines. 

More marching trees. 
We need to come here more often. 

Although I do still remember the first time we came here, in May 2022 (here) during the pandemic, that we were plagued by bugs. 
Blech, we had insects in our hair and on our faces. 

There's the bench again. 
Ah, I really needed this wonderful walk in nature. 

Thank you, Mom! 
Looking lovely in her cotton top and her birthday gift from friend Carol. I love you! 

I bussed back to town and popped into the WIN Boutique on Quadra (same as last week). Weirdly, I found three (3) different black and white accessories for myself. 
This black and white bucket hat looked great on me. 

It's made of paper! 
And only $5.95. I'm completely thrilled with that. 

The next black and white item - these adorable kitten heel sling-backs. The brand is Peter Kaiser and it says, "Since 1838" inside. 
They have a snakeskin texture with an overlayed black and white cross-hatched design. 

They are leather inside and out. 
I am not a size 7 1/2. 

I am a 9.5 or a Euro 40.
These are made in Germany. 

Worn maybe once - they have a slight scuff on the back of the heel. 
Peter Kaiser slingbacks sell for $250.00-265.00 new - I was very happy with $28.95! 

My third black and white accessory item was this silk scarf. 
So cool! It matches the pink Fluevogs I illustrated (these ones here).

I waffled over this, as I thought $14.95 was a bit high, but I remind myself it's a good cause, and I'll easily wear this a bunch of times. 
The Met gift shop sells similar size/shape scarves for $79-69. I found this same scarf on an eBay listing and snagged the original tag pictures: 
Made in Japan catches my eye - this has more age on it than I thought. 1980s? 

I also have a wool scarf from the Met's 1970s Tutankhamun exhibit (this one), found in Seattle.
And I have this bigger one (here) that I thrifted for $3.95.

I go through every section of the store - you never know what you might find. 
This is a small card carrying wallet, I think. I recognized the Pierre Cardin logo on the left. The silvery tag was tucked inside. 

There was also that green sponge inside to keep it from being squashed flat. 
The Pierre Cardin signature logo on a sticker, and also printed on the fabric lining. The orange and black materials are leather. 

More logos on the front under the snap, and inside of the card, which says, "Made under license of Pierre Cardin, PRINCE, Tokyo."
I found nothing like this online - I think it's from the 70s, based on the swirl logo and the loopy signature on the lining. Prince was probably a boutique that once existed in Tokyo (Cardin licensed his name to at one point over 800 companies), and that this has been sitting in a drawer for decades, never used. Compare logos online here at the Vintage Fashion Guild (link 'cause I love, of course). 

The clerk at the WIN Boutique double-checked that I wanted this small thing at $14.95, but I think it's beautiful. 

I found a few books for me, and possibly a few for an upcoming birthday gift. 
I must know Frenchwomen's secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style and Substance, and I'm a fan of the Harry Dresden novels (I've been reading them out of order as I've found them). 

I had high hopes for this beautiful dress, and actually thought it might be too small. 
"Also a fan."

Unfortunately, it's a couple of sizes too big on me, so I'll offer it up to my friends if they are interested. 
A gorgeous mix of colours - the bust region is all pleated and shaped through the fabric. The skirt is pleated at the waist and fabulously floaty. 

It's fully lined in this rich purple, right to the hem. I was happy to see it was 100% silk - the lining too! 
I was glad to see the CA number, as someone cut the tags out. 

It's by Nygard, and can't say I blame you, former owner. What a terrible human he is (I will not link). 
However, a silk dress for $24.95 is an absolute steal, so I am sure it will make it to a good home. 

As I arrived home from my shop, I startled a doe and her fawn in our driveway.
I know enough about wildlife to keep well away from a mum and her baby! 

Speaking of wildlife, I found some pictures on the camera from this morning while I was sleeping in.
"I am full of fury at this shopping bag!"

Look at that little goober rolling around! Ha! 

He gave it a vigourous rubbing. 
"This bag is my enemy!"

Vizzini, you are such a goofy cat. 

I laughed out loud, Gentle Reader, and I hope you did too. 
"Oh, hi."

Thank you for this gift, L! 

Off to enjoy more vacay! Stay frosty, my friends.