Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spanish Ladies and Orangeness

And with this, I am on my mini-vacation! I'll do a wrap up at the end of it, but I'm off for a few days of R&R (of the rest and relaxation variety). 
My wonderful Spanish ladies dress reminds me of our last big vacation, to London and Paris in 2010 (go here to read about it). I bought it in Camden Market. My three weeks coming up in the fall? Well, it might just be time to go somewhere...we'll see.

I am a sucker for a good neckline on a jacket. I love this Smoking Lily jacket, last seen here nearly a year ago in June 2013 over a strapless dress. For a jacket I love, I should really wear it more!
Vizzini had been laying at my feet right up to a second earlier.
The dress is a treasure to me. Every time I wear it I feel fabulous, and today was no exception. I last wore it here in September 2013 with my yellow jacket (also due for a wear) over it.
The blue stuff at the bottom is actually another skirt, layered under the dress. Look at me, doing the "new" midi look, har har. I rarely wear it as a skirt (last time was here); because of its amazing floofiness qualities, I usually layer it, as I did when I wore it in December 2013 (here, 3rd outfit) to my company Christmas party.

The stuff:
I liked doing non-matchy shoes ('cause you know I can do at least 2 different pairs of blue shoes!), and loved wearing my orange wonder shoes again. I last wore them here with Morange in April.

Blue bling:
Although the earrings are more pinky-red. I wish I had bought that belt in every colour!

Jacket (Smoking Lily, consignment), dress (Lirub), shoes (Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog), belt (Danier Leather), earrings (local), ring (Wendy Brandes).

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Purple Lips and Red Kicks, with White Lace PVC

Oh, so close to my days off! And in even better news, my 3-week vacation in the fall got approved. Life is good.
Also good: this outfit. Right in my wheelhouse of contrast-y colours and nice little details. Notice the purple lippy too! That's "Heroine" by MAC, thank you, mother-in-law.

I need to break my "Secondhand First" vow and replace a bunch of my t-shirt fabric camisoles. They are worn a lot and most of them are getting ratty or fading, and you don't see that many of them in second-hand stores. I need another red one - I had to haul this silky (thrifted) one out of the laundry and re-wear it (last time seen here in May). Um, yeah, you found me out - I don't wash my "good" clothes very frequently - I wait till the laundry bag is full.
Anyway, the silky cami got me back by untucking from this skirt at every freakin' opportunity. I spent the entire day tucking it back in. Arg.

The purple cardi was last seen here in September 2013 during Monochromania! week (guess what colour?)
After its second wear (first time here in April), I must conclude that - although lovely - this skirt is a piece of crap. More of the "lace" ripped today, and the seam up the back split when I was getting down off a chair (yes, I climb chairs in my heels, it's all part of my job). I so wish it was leather instead of PVC. However, I will wear it until it falls apart! And it does strengthen my resolve to look for good quality pieces when I'm out thrifting.

The stuff:
Oh, did I say "good quality pieces"? I was talking about these shoes...and this belt...and this cuff...and these earrings...and that ring. All ethically-made either locally, in Canada or in a non-sweat-shop setting (the shoes are made in Germany).

Compared to yesterday's skyscraper heels, these felt like flats! I walked several blocks today, up and down flights of stairs, ran in them...and my feet are thanking me. I last wore them here in April with cerulean and black lace.

Leather and silver bling:
I got a huge amount of compliments on the earrings, and they were light as (leather) feathers.

Cardigan (Kenar, consignment), cami (Spense, thrifted), skirt (Lord & Taylor, gift from mother-in-law), shoes (Marc), belt (Plum), cuff (Rimanchik), earrings (thrifted), ring (Oscar & Libby's).

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Near Repeat - Orange and Turquoise (with Fab Shoes)

Another day down. Today, I just felt like my old comfy clothes.
Except for the shoes. Those aren't comfy at all!

This is such a close repeat to other outfits I've done. I wore nearly the same outfit (but with my black blazer), here in July 2012 and nearly the same here (different skirt) in July 2013, which is when I last wore this fabulous dragon silk shirt (dragons!).
Let's start with the skirt. I last wore it here with a whole lotta orange in April. I wish these pictures showed the laser-cut mini squares in the front panel of the skirt. Oh, and it's suede. Heck yes, suede for spring/summer, especially in this luscious creamsicle shade!
The white cardi was bought last year to replace my previous white cardi (they tend to get stained, wonder how that happens??). I last wore it here for Monochromania! week in September 2013.

The stuff:
I know! OMG, shoes. They are even better in person. I don't wear these much anymore because they are pretty high (a 5" heel including the platform), but they are sturdy and stay on my feet well due to all the strappage. I did hang onto stair railings very carefully today. I last wore these beauties here (same link as above), in July 2013. Ha, and that was a Tuesday - my WW group is going to have major deja vu over this repeater!

The stuff:
Gold cicadas and a bigass blue topaz. Oh, yeah.

Cardigan (Bellisima, consignment), top (Le Chateau, thrifted), skirt (Eddy & Co., thrifted), shoes (Poetic License), earrings (Erica Weiner), Fulvia Ring (Wendy Brandes).

Monday, May 26, 2014

Pink and Lame Lady

While I am a bit stiff from playing Ultimate, don't be fooled by the title. I'm not actually lame (either the sense of hobbled or in the sense of pathetic).
It's "lah-MAY", darling! I do love this shiny shiny SHINY coat, and as always I get tons of comments on it.

I last wore it here in April with more pink (there's a good tour of my closet there).
I'm not feeling this dress anymore. I never liked linen that much anyway. Into the donate pile she goes! I last wore it here in July 2013 with a plethora of colours. I only wore it once all last year, so that's just not enough to take up space in my closet.
Oh, gosh, so darned shiny! This coat - never getting rid of it. Love love love.

The stuff:
My new-to-me thrifted $8.50 leather Italian-made shoes. Score! They were delightfully comfy all day. Hurray!

Sputnik-y bling:
Aka Vizzini-bait.

Coat (Aldo, thrifted), dress (Ann Taylor, thrifted), shoes (Modern Vintage, thrifted), earrings (local).

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Ultimately Comfortable, Winesday Pomp, a Wee Shop and Mr. Lovey

Ah, another weekend nears its end - but I'm taking some time off starting next Friday, so this will be a short-ish week for me. But let's not waste time - I still have more Sunday to enjoy!

I wore this to the Ultimate field (I have my sportsbra on), and out to lunch afterwards.

I always forget about my "soft" tops as they don't live in my closet. This one is by Talbots and it was bought on consignment a couple of years ago. Shockingly, I haven't worn it since the November 2012 30 for 30 capsule (recap here), in this outfit here. Hmmm...guess what's going into the giveaway pile?
I love my parachute skirt! I've been wanting to wear it since I unpacked it in March. I last wore it here in September 2013 again to the Ulty field. I'm so predictable.
I like wearing a full skirt so that I can change into and out of my shorts. I prefer not to be in my workout clothes in public.

The stuff:
Heavenly comfortable shoes! I last wore them with long pewter leather here (2nd outfit) in September 2013.

The earrings aren't in the stuff shot, as they bothered me - one of the servers at the diner admired them, so I gave them to her.

Top (Tabots, consignment), skirt (Cute Options), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), cuff (Guess, thrifted), brown cuff (Hollyhawk, thrifted), belt (gift from Ruth).

After a solid nap, I got ready for Winesday.
The goal: be comfy and warm, and ready to walk to and from Yvonne's house.

Same outfit except for the sweater, which I last wore here in April with chartreuse and dragons.
"I'm swooshy!"
The runners are Air Walk, acquired at a swap about 3 years ago.

And yes, I tried the "pomp" on my hair.
It was fun, and my girlfriends loved it - I am excited to try it again with a little more product. It should be fun when it's a bit longer.

Sweater (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), shoes (Air Walk, swapped).

Today, I was a wee bit under the weather (shall we say), and wore my crappy around-the-house clothes to go get groceries and do a little poke through the WIN Warehouse store. I had some great luck!

I've been looking for a really pretty dress shoe for a while - these caught my eye.
I have owned Sam & Libby shoes before, including these 90s ones (now long gone) and have liked the quality. Eaton's department store (now also long gone) used to carry a lot of Sam & Libby.

These are black satin, with a small platform.
I love that strapping around the heel.

They were in very good condition:
And a good price at $16.50! They are a large size 8.5, since I'm usually a 9.5-10 in most shoes.

I also found these awesome neutral metallic studded flats.
So. Many. Studs!

I don't know this brand.
When I looked up their website (link for info only), I see that their flat sandals start at $195.00. Wow.

Check out the little square heel!
 So adorable!

I love how the leather is all wrapped and criss-crossed:
A peek-a-boo heel!

I guess I did pretty good for $8.50.
And real leather ("vero cuoio").

I've been looking around for nice evening/dressy bags lately.
This vivid red leather one is gorgeous.
Beautiful pebbled finish.

And a bargain!
 $6.50 by Cabrelli Canada, a company founded in 1940 and still going strong. I'd say this bag is 80s.

I continued my love for vintage slips with this gorgeous red one.
 It's got fine pleats in the boobs and on the hem.
No, your eyes do not deceive you: I bought two of them, one red and one orange. I'm kind of kicking myself for not getting the baby blue one, but they were $7.50 each.
According to this guide (link for info only) Kayser Luxite lingerie was around from 1956 to 1966, so there's where these slips were born. They are in pretty good condition for being around 50 years old!

I liked these pink and purple leather feather earrings too.
The uneven shapes are silver. These were $12.50.

I recognized these tights as being very high end, from the pattern.
These were probably around $25.00 new - but for me, only $1.00.

And now, kitty pictures! Vizzini was chillin' on his post yesterday afternoon. Although it was overcast for most of the weekend, it was sunny intermittently, and warm out on the deck.
"You're going out again, aren't you?"
 Usually, he climbs down when I get in closer, but he was pretty mellow.
"I'm thinking of what item of yours I will eat once you're gone."
He ate 6" off of a bra strap a couple of weeks ago. I was not impressed - my bras are not cheap.

He is fond of the scritches between the ears:
"Oh, yeah, right there..."
 His purr-motor was going.
"That's the spot."
What a lovey boy!

I hope you're all having an awesome weekend!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sheila's Shoe Shine #2

Shoe Shine is on! 
Join us every other Saturday until midnight Monday.

For Shoe Shine #2, I'm going back to the oldest pair of shoes I own, both in the sense of longest-owned and most-aged shoes: my Red Carpet vintage pumps.
I have worn these only once in an outfit (here, 3rd outfit, in July 2011).

I bought them when I was living with L (before we got married), probably around 1996, in a vintage store. I wouldn't have paid more than $30 for them, since I worked retail and was relatively poor.
Inside they say "A Red Carpet Invitation to a way of life" - isn't that awesome? They are hand-sculpted, too - a more finely made paid of shoes do not live in my closet.

I remember that I showed these to my old boss Evelyn who remembered Red Carpets being "the thing" in the late 1950s.
The sole wraps up the sides and heel as above. The heel itself is graded AAAAA (that's 5 As) for narrowness, I guess, and they are a very snug size 10 (rare).

I keep these because they are beautiful and works of art - and they are a little bit of history. I don't wear them often (as evidenced by the poorly wiped off dust, ha!), but they are a treasure to me.

So, please join me! Show us your shoes!

Shine on, you crazy diamonds! Glitzy, colourful, funky and gorgeous shoes of all kinds are welcome.

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.
  1. Anyone can join. Write a post featuring a fabulous pair of footwear!
  2. Include a link to Ephemera somewhere in your post (it's only polite). Leave a comment here if you like (note that comments continue to be moderated.
  3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on the InLinks "Add Your Link" button to open a new page.
  4. In the "Next Step," you crop the picture you want to display, and voila!
  5. Show your Shoe Shine spirit by grabbing and displaying the button in the sidebar!