Sunday, April 10, 2022

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Frilly Brunch, Adieu to the Patch, Winesday Swap and Regret-Me-Nots

What a weekend it's been! It almost feels like the Before Times! 

As usual, we did brunch with Nick on Saturday morning, and then afterwards, L and I did a bit of shopping downtown. The Patch - my favourite place to find vintage clothes for the past 20 years - has gone into receivership, and bailiffs were liquidating the stock at 70% off, so I had to check that out. 

AND, I hosted Winesday, which was a massive clothing giveaway at my place. What fun! 

Settle in, my friends, as I have lots to show you, starting with my brunch outfit. 

I was up early on Saturday and home from my Mini-Mental Health Walk just as L was getting up. We met up with Nick at the Ruby and enjoyed a sunny window seat. 
However, it was super-windy and chilly out still, so layers were needed. 

  • Sweater - Wanko, thrifted; last worn here in February in a shopping outfit
  • Skirt - Mia Joy, consignment, Powell River; first seen here in February for another brunch and a walk with Betty
  • Shoes - Effortless Bebe, Fluevog; last worn here in July 2021 with purple and navy
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather; last seen here in March

I only took the jacket off while we were seated, so few people saw the whole outfit. 
I enjoyed the skirt , although it got staticky (I wore a full vintage slip under it, and I have nylons on), and the train got caught up in my legs a bit. 

I went with simple cream, but mixed my other colours. 
Lots of orange, but pink shoes. 

Draggy train. After the clothing swap, I actually put this skirt in the giveaway pile, in exchange for a better version that I'd tossed - we'll get to that (and a couple of other regret-me-nots) shortly. 
I stood in line to get into the Patch for about 20 minutes and had a few admirers of my look while I was trying not to get hailed on (ah, spring). 

Masked up - no masks or vaccine cards required now, but I still like wearing a mask in a crowded space. 
The Patch was jammed to the gills, and they were limiting the number of people who could go in. 

Voila! Yeah, no regrets on putting this skirt in the giveaway - the static, the dragging train, the white back-side of the fabric (which is a cheap nylon). All things I do not like. 

I wish I could find my orange leather gloves. I have the feeling they are in the pockets of one of my winter coats, which are stuffed in big bags in the library. 

  • Scarf - Marc Rozier, thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff: 
I'm very fond of these shoes - I can't believe I last wore them in July! They are starting to get a bit battered (I'm rough on my shoes). 

Orange bling: 
Get used to seeing these - I wear all my orange bits frequently. 

  • Eelskin belt - Yves Saint Laurent, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Wooden earrings - vintage expo
  • Orange cuff/ring - Italian, vintage mall
  • Copper/enamel cuff - Matisse by Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage exp
  • Steel/lucite ring - Calvin Klein, thrifted

I did a really quick dash through the Patch, hoping that what I grabbed would fit. At 70% off, I still ended up spending $78.00. Unfortunately, I was only 1 for 4 - only one of the four items I bought worked out for me. 

I could not resist this ginormous teal gown. 
It's micropleated, with sheer sleeves, and tonal fabric belt, rose and ties at the waist. 

Very pretty. 
Great colours. 

I recognized the label, Miss Elliette of California. This similar red dress here was also purchased at the Patch - same brand. 
It would have been fun to have had two "sister" dresses by this rare-ish label. 

But it was not meant to be. 
As well as being VERY long, the dress was too big, although Vizzini really wanted me to keep it, just for the ties. 

I found this top by feel - it's 100% silk. 
I love the single shoulder, and the pretty butterfly design.

It's by Lilly Pulitzer, so a good quality brand. 
I hoped for the best - size 4 is usually a bit snug on me, though, and that was true this time as well. It's too small. 

I like the line Cabi - it tends to be solid quality - and this pretty design appealed to me. 
However, it was also too big. Those three items went straight into the swap pile. The above Cabi top was happily grabbed by one of my friends, but the one-shoulder top and the teal gown didn't have any takers - although I made Nancy try on the gown just for fun!

However, one item fit, and it was worth the $78.00 (which for cost-per-wear purposes, I'm going to just divide them evenly and call it $19.50 per item). 
Most of the Patch's vintage beaded dresses are falling apart - seams raveling, beads falling off, rips at the bottom of the zipper. 

But this one was in 90% good condition - it's a little newer, probably early 00s. I love the teal blue sequins mixed with the gun-metal grey beadwork. 
I carefully restored most of the sequins to laying properly, and trimmed up the loose threads. 

The back.
This is a sexy short dress, but it's a great fit and looks awesome on me (L was a big fan when I modelled it for him). I also put it on for a while during Winesday for my gals to admire.

One section where the beads have fallen off, but it's in the back near the hem. 
Barely noticeable! 

It's by French Connection and was all hand-beaded in India. 
Not bad for a 10-minute shop! 

After a restorative nap, I sorted through all of my giveaway stuff and made piles for my gals to root through. 

There were 10 of total, and it felt like old times as my gals rooted through everything, and I made everyone try things on.
From left - Ali, Jean and Yvonne. Note all the jewelry laid out on the bar. 

Once the wine starts flowing, the silliness starts! 
Caro, having a laugh in my white ruffled pants black fringed top. Ha! Shimmy, baby! 

I offered to steam any of the badly wrinkled garments, like this green jacket for Yvonne. 
Before - a sad case of the wrinkles! 

After - it's so sleep and smooth! 
Yvonne took three giant bags home - most of my friends got at least 2-4 bags of clothing. 

As promised, here's Nancy in the teal gown. 
The colour was great on her, but the fit was not good. Off to donation go all the leftovers! 

Some of my friends brought things they had for swap too - I snagged this pair of brand new Betsey Johnson rose earrings. 
I am a rose kind of gal. 

I also took a few things back into my closet - although I did try to give all these away to my friends.
This is a double-slit maxi with built-in shorts, by Renuar. It's great for the summer - I wore it once here, in April 2021. I originally paid $4.00 for it. 

And this a fabulous Kate Spade wrap wool houndstooth skirt. 
It didn't look right on anyone else/work with their taste, so I took it back. I do like it, and only wore it once, here in April 2021. It was free on a Patch BOGO deal. 

This is the skirt I exchanged back into my closet for the brunch skirt above - this is a wrap mullet-style skirt by Scotch & Soda, worn only once, here in July 2020.
I paid $48.00 for it. I think it deserves another shot. 

I also grabbed this soft knit Echo scarf that someone brought, and reconsidered these Dr. Scholls platform sandals, which are far more comfy than they look. 
I last wore them here in July 2019, and they've been languishing in the giveaway bag since. My feet have recovered substantially over the past 2 years from all the abuse I used to put them through, and these feel like I can wear them again. I wore them 15 times since I bought them in 2016 for $26.98, so I feel I got my money's worth, but a chunky black sandal is useful, so I'll give them another shot. 

And now, I'm going to enjoy what's left of this weekend - and I hope you do too! Thanks so much for stopping by. 


  1. What a fun way to get together with friends, maximize everyone's wardrobe, and just ooh and ahh together. More incentive for me to lose weight so I can pull my goals togethers for a wine and swap.

  2. I love the Betsey Johnson earrings! I have always been obsessed with metal roses! Every time I see a picture of some, the desire to own them gets stronger again! Someone bring them back on trend so I can snag some cheap!

  3. What a blast we had She. Thank you so much for the memory. Love that teal colour on Nancy. LOVE the FC sparkle dress. Looking forward to partying beside it! xoxocaro

  4. Clothes swaps with friends are soooo nice. And Ali looks terrific in that Cabi top.
    Amazing what a little ironing can do haha.

  5. Friends, clothing, food and wine, what a fun way to spend time together! I organized a closet swap twice, once each at two different schools where I taught, and I recall the excitement of possibly finding new pieces to wear.

    The jacket, steamed, of course!, looks like it was made for Yvonne! I hope Ali took the Cabi top home! As for the maxi with built-in shorts, Had I been there, I would have snagged them and am glad you are giving them another opportunity. They seem both highly functional and with a cool fashion vibe.

    What did Vizzini do while everyone was over?

  6. If you were a little bigger or I was a little smaller, I'd have hopped on a plane and bribed my way into that give-away party. :)

  7. Your Saturday brunch outfit is gorgeous, although I am definitely hearing you on the hazardous quality of that skirt's trailing hemline. Combined with its other issues, I'm not surprised it went on the giveaway pile.
    I do love a clothes swap, and should organize one myself as it's been far too long! Always the perfect opportunity to reconsider things and take back those forget-me-nots! xxx

  8. How fun, I absolutely loved the brunch outfit. That large orange jewelry.

  9. I wished I could do that with my friends, they all have bigger sizes. But it sounds like a lot of fun. The Kate Spade skirt is very cute!

  10. What fun! That teal colour really suits Nancy, Yvonne looks fabulous in the khaki waterfall jacket and the poppy print cami fits Ali really well.
    I remember seeing a rail of those French Connection dresses in Fashion Street in Mumbai, they must have failed the production standard, but gleamed beautifully in the sunshine!
    Loving the colour combo of your outfit but the former Heath & Safety Officer within me shudders when I see your skirt, all I can think is "trip hazzard*! xxx

  11. I love your brunch outfit - that skirt is so pretty but I agree if it annoys you and drags on the ground better to let it go. I really like the sequin dress you got too! looks like such a fun night with your friends trying on all the clothes - and it's good you could rescue some pieces from the pile!

  12. I wish I could go to a clothing giveaway at your house - it looks like so much fun! I have been wearing a mask indoors just the same as before the mask mandate was lifted as case numbers are going up here. So many people are not masking though but I knew as soon as it wasn't mandatory that would happen.

  13. It's such a shame when a favourite shop closes down. The sequin dress is great, though, and Winesday sounds like excellent fun. (French Connection was fairly pricy in the late 90s/early noughties, if I recall right.)

  14. You are the epitome of a kind, generous soul, dear Sheila. What an awesome way for you and your friends to bolster one another's wardrobes. I ADORE those gorgeous rose earrings that you picked up (total rose lover here as well). They look like they'll be a cinch to weave into tons of different outfits - especially since, if you're like me, you tend to see red as verging on being a neutral.

    Thank you for inviting us to the clothing swap party as well. Those photos document was a blast it was and made me feel happy just seeing all of you enjoying yourselves so much.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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