Sunday, April 18, 2021

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Swanning in Black and White (and Yellow) and Secret Shorts; Afternoon at the Field; Return of the Flop-Cat

Hello, my friends! We're having a wonderful bout of summer temps, up to 22 degrees (high 70s), and it has been amazing. I didn't realize how much I missed the sun until it really shone!

On Saturday, L and a few of our pals planned to go to the local school field to toss around the disc for a bit and socialize distantly. I decided to join them with my book - and I was easily persuaded to do some Frisbee tossing myself. 

I took the opportunity to wear a couple of new-to-me items that might not otherwise get worn until actual summer. 
Excuse me while I hold up this wall. 

Both this blouse and this skirt were purchased during fall/winter months, so I've been impatiently waiting to wear them. 
I felt very Vix-ish in this. 

  • Hemp shirt - Sure 1032, thrifted; purchased here for $19.99
  • Skirt - Renuar, thrifted; purchased here for $4.00
  • Sandals - Wonders, consignment; last seen here in July with Space Pants

The blouse is quite awesome - being hemp, it is stronger than cotton, and it's UV resistant so it's a natural sunblock. I am covered in actual sunblock too. 
The top is a rather boho style with its full cut (many, many pleats and gathers), so I have to rein it in with a belt or tuck it in or I'll look like I'm smuggling marshmallows. 
The black and white maxi skirt is an abstract pattern but looks like aerial views of office buildings in these pictures. Or maybe Legos? Or waffles? It's a Rorschach skirt! 
All ready for a stroll to the field. 

But wait, there's Extra Bonus Skirt Content! 
Not only does it have double front slits for easy walking and a Swoosh Factor of 10...

But it has built-in shorts! 
I'm such a saucy wench, flashing my legs! 

Masked up for any "other people are near me" situations. 
I spy a kitty poking his head out of the bathroom. 

I plopped my felt hat on to protect my hair. 
I freshly re-purpled my hair in the morning (I recommend Pulp Riot for a wash of non-permanent colour) and the sun tends to leach the colour out. 

Here's the blouse without a belt. 
See? I could fit at least eight bags of marshmallows in there! 

It's a very wide cut that dips up at the sides. 
I enjoyed swanning about in this, being silly. 
And with the belt. Better. 

Outerwear stuff: 
There was a dead moth on the hat when I dug it out, and a tiny pinprick of a hole. Dang it, Vizzini, do better at killing them! I did recently invest in some moth traps for our clothing areas, which has helped immensely, but I guess a few survived. 

  • Hat - consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
First seasonal wearing of these wonderful Wonders sandals. I have to walk slowly in them (that elastic across the foot can be treacherous), but they are very comfortable. 

Gold bling: 
All vintage here. Three of these belonged to Mom, and I've had all of them since the 80s when I "liberated" them from Mom's jewelry boxes. I used to wear all of these pieces to high school in 1984-85.

  • Belt - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Necklace - gift from Mom & Dad, c. 1984
  • Bracelet - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Earrings - vintage 70s, Mom's

A close-up of all my coins. I got the coin necklace for Christmas in 1984, I think. 
It's quite rattle-y. I like that. You can hear me coming! 

As I wore sandals and bare legs for the first time in months, I thought I should do my toenails, which I keep bare all fall/winter. 
"What are you doing, Woman?"

I used to get weird emails in my early blogging days about my veiny feet. My feet are actually in good shape due to not wearing my "real" shoes for as long or as frequently in the past year. 

This gold nail polish is a quick-dry one by Rimmel and is more than 20 years old. Scroll down a bit here (in Feb 2017) to see pics of me glammed up (in an orange wig!) for an event in 1999-2000 - which was the reason for the nail polish purchase! 
It's still good, and not too goopy. I put my drinking glass in the shot just for fun - I collect this type of amber glass. It's by the Indiana Glass Company, and this is called "King's Crown" or sometimes "King's Thumbprint". I have quite a bit of it, and I use it all - this glass goes in the dishwasher! 

Check it out, Vizzini's doing the Stair Pose. See his arm on his hip?
"I invented this, Woman."

Lies! I was doing it before you were born, bud. 

While I was hanging out at home, L popped out to run some errands. I thought he looked great, so I took his pic.
A fantastic vintage cotton shirt (thrifted), a Wailin' Jenny's tour shirt, skinny jeans with an Athena belt buckle, old Fluevogs and his porkpie hat. I bet he looked impressive driving around town in Vlad with the top down.

While he was out, I remembered my solar-powered lights from last year, so unpacked them and put them on the deck to charge up. 
I have a set of "Hear/See/Speak No Evil" gargoyles out here - this is the "speak" one. The boxy lantern light has a flickering candle bulb, the glass ball glows, and the small directional light beams up the corner of the deck. 

I hung a lantern near Vizzini's post. 
"If it's not edible, I don't care."

True! One sniff and he was good. 

After he got home, L changed into some sportier gear and we strolled down to the junior high field. 
The daisies are covering the grass along the sidewalk. 

Cut across the basketball court. 
Look at all that blue sky! There were sunbathers, dog owners and all kinds of small groups out there. 

Casey was waiting for us at one of the benches. 
Looking dapper for a Frisbee session, Case! 

Nick arrived shortly after. 
Both he and Casey have had their first jabs now! Exciting! 

The three dudes started flicking the disc, and I settled down under a giant tree to read my book. 
What a view! Those are condos and apartment buildings on the other side of the field. I have a main road including a fire station (with noisy firetrucks) at my back. 

That's the junior high, although it's now called Central Middle School. My mom and her brother and sister went to school at Central, as did my dad. 
That's where we met up with Cat and Ross for her 50th birthday limo tour. The Castle is hiding behind the school, out of view. 

Greg arrived half an hour later. 
So good to see him - it's been well over 6 months for me. We sat and chatted for a bit before he joined the guys. 

I read, and laid on my back with the sun latticing through the tree branches.
Watched two bald eagles circling far above me. 

There they are. 
They soared in giant arcs then disappeared. 

The view directly above me. 
There was no breeze. I closed my eyes a few times and just let it soak in.

This is a magnificent giant tree. 
There are a few huge trees dotted around the field - great for shade. 

I zoomed in on L catching a disc. 
Good catch, love! 

A couple of dogs playing fetch inspired me. 
This little doggo was so pleased with himself! 

Time for me to go join the guys for a bit. 
I changed into my Converse and socks, and left my hat on my poncho/blanket. 

  • Poncho - Ralph Lauren, consignment
  • Converse - not tracked (I wear them to walk to and from work in warm weather)

It's been so long since we played Ultimate Frisbee - we missed our whole season last year. 
We were all feeling exhausted afterwards from being out in the sun, and all that activity. 

Back to my spot, once I started sweating. I also didn't want to aggravate my bad shoulder with too much exertion. 
Another big tree, plus a magnolia tree in bloom near the school (and people sitting under them). A bunch of kids playing basketball. 

Time to wrap up. 
We spent two hours at the field and were bushed. But I felt so refreshed - being out in the sun was so good for my emotional, mental and physical well-being. 

I think I need a nap, though! 
"I concur. It's hot."

He complains when it's too cold, and turns into Flop-Cat as soon as it gets warm. 

After our nap, I made dinner and then changed into another "swanning about" look for our Happy Hour Zoom call with our dear friends. 
Getting in a first wearing of my new sandals, and also doing a "regret-me-not" with this yellow dress that I pulled out of the giveaway pile. 

  • Silk topper - NancyMac, consignment; last worn here in May 2020 with yellow shoes
  • Dress - Sam Edelman, consignment; first worn here in April 2020 with daisies and dots
  • Shoes - Lucky Brand; purchased here for $25.51

I liked wearing the dress again, and I'm not really sure why I was so ruthless in jettisoning it from my closet last year. 
The silk topper is so pretty - it's basically just big connected sleeves.  

It's weightless and soft. 
With a yellow stripe down the back which is not quite the same yellow. 

Here's the dress on its own. 
What do you think? Keeper? L really liked it. 

It's a little on the sheer side, as you can see my bra through it even though the dress is lined. 
There's nothing really wrong with it - I love a good yellow dress. 

Another pair of secret shorts! 
These are beige ones in a soft cotton with a touch of Spandex and lace trim on the legs. I loathe my thighs sticking in hot weather, so these shorts go into high rotation in bare-leg season. I thrifted them new with tags for $1.95 a couple of years ago. They aren't shapewear (which I don't wear), just a nice comfy extra to keep me happy. Highly recommended!

The stuff: 
I'm glad I wore these sandals around the house before bringing them out to play in the real world. The stitching at the back of the right ankle had little scratchy bits (the melted tips of the threads) that hurt. I spent much of the Zoom call surreptitiously massaging and stretching the leather by hand, and picking at the scratchy threads until it was soft and comfortable. Now, they're ready for an outfit "in the wild." I do a "shoe massage" with most of my new leather shoes, just to soften them up.

  • Earrings - thrifted, Sidney

We played boardgames after our Zoom call, late into the evening. 
"I'll be here if you need me."

Look at that cuteness! 
"Get my good side, Woman."

Aw, such a sweet boy. 

One more dramatic shot. 
I'm a beautiful butterfly! 

Vizzini settled himself on a pillow like a little pasha, to watch us play games. 
"I'm hoping the Man drops some chips on the floor."

And finally, some more shots of Vizzini out on the deck, from Friday night. 
"What are you bothering me about now, Woman?"

We have been having some beautiful sunsets this week! 

I can't resist petting him. Smell my finger! 
"You do not smell of food. Begone!"

His fur was lovely and warm. 
"I just want to lay here in peace."

Later in the evening, we caught him "gargoyling" on the bar. 
"Hurry up, it's kitty treat time!"

I hope your weekend has been full of sunshine, friends (if you're able) and good times. I'm off to enjoy the rest of this hot Sunday with my guys. 

Thanks so much for visiting my corner of the blogosphere! 


  1. The yellow gorgeous! You look fabulous in it. I also really like your Vix-ish outfit with the maxi skirt and black top. Gorgeous look for sure. L. looks great in his styling as well, those pointy shoes of his are very classy and match his shirt nicely.

    1. Thank you, Ivana! I liked both outfits but the Vix-ish one is my fave here. L is such a stylin' guy. I think those pointy 'Vogs are around 10+ years old. now.

  2. Sounds like you have a lovely day and looked fabulous as well.


  3. Love your Vix-style outfit! It suits you! Glad you enjoyed some glorious sunshine. X🌞

  4. Fun outfit. And it's a good sign when "saucy" and "swanning" appear in your posts. :)

    1. Yes, those words used to be a regular occurrence, didn't they? Thanks, Ally!

  5. I'm glad you kept that yellow dress - it looks so good with that topper too! So nice for a zoom call, and of course I love your maxi skirt! The shorts under are a great idea for one with such high slits! I have a navy one I thrifted I should probably think about wearing shorts under, haha!

    Sounds like an amazing day - so nice you could spend time together outside, although I did feel bad seeing the weather, it was 24 degrees today and the boys and I layered up with pants and I regretted not adding a jacket a couple times - it was cold for us, after it being so consistently over 30 for the past few months, haha!

    1. I'm still a little iffy on it, Mica, but I'll hang onto it until I find a better yellow dress. The first maxi came with the built-in shorts! Isn't that awesome? All maxis should have them!

      It was a wonderful day - but I realize that our 24 doesn't feel hot to you down-under!

  6. The dress is a keeper IMHO. Maybe a flesh colored bra? Walking the dog yesterday on a sunny 60 day, the park had frisbee throwers, basketball players, and loads of kids on the playground. I loved it.

    1. It's a nice dress, Sam, but I don't feel like it's the epitome of a yellow dress quite yet. I'll keep looking for an upgrade, and will keep the dress...for now!

      Oh, isn't that awesome? I'm glad you had some nice weather, Sam!

  7. I love the first maxi skirt, such a great cut, something I would love. The yellow dress is a keeper for sure. Amazing, nail polish that has lasted 20 years! Everything older is better quality - even nail polish -haha! Oh, and Us :) Vizzini's stair pose is hysterical, and he is looking quite regal in some of the other pics. Still chilly here, forecast of 20 for Friday, yay! Lise

    1. Thanks so much, Lise! I like the black and white pattern and the shorts of that one. I like (but don't love) the yellow dress.

      I know, isn't that wild? I can't believe it still works! Yes, we are better with age too, haha!

      Isn't Vizzini the funniest cat? Ooh, 20 sounds just right.

  8. Isn't it wonderful to finally have some sunshine? We did too although no way did we reach your 22°C heights! I'm actually drooling over your Vix-ish outfits. The peasant style blouse is delightful with its marshmallow-smuggling sleeves, and how wonderful are those built-in shorts in your maxi skirts. I see office buildings :-) I'm also spying bare legs! How stunning is your Mum's jewellery, by the way. Weird emails about veiny feet? How strangely intriguing! Love the amber drinking glass, and the fact that your nail polish is "vintage". I'm only using quick-dry polish, as I'm absolutely rubbish at applying it ;-)
    Imaging seeing bald eagles in the wild, how impressive!
    Can't believe you put that lovely yellow dress in the giveaway pile, and I'm glad you decided to give it another chance. So, yes, keeper! It looks amazing with the silk topper, too.
    Love that cheeky photo of you flashing your secret Spandex shorts :-)
    And aww, look at Vizzini lounging on the deck and "gargoyling" on the bar! It's hard to resist petting them, isn't it? We were itching to do so with Bess, so we're glad she's finally up for it! xxx

    1. It's just amazing, Ann - it feels like years since we've had sun and warmth! Thank you so much - I enjoyed the outfit and I love that black blouse. Yes, bare legs! It felt so weird, ha ha! I love this "set" of gold-tone jewelry - it reminds me both of Mom and of me wearing it all in my teens.

      I only use quick-dry too - I am way too lazy to deal with polish otherwise.

      It's always a treat to see the bald eagles here.

      I'm glad I pulled it out, but as noted above, I'm still going to look for the Perfect Yellow Dress.

      Haha, I was feeling very cheeky this weekend! :) Vizzini is such a funny boy. I grab at him all the time - he's gotten used to it. I'm so happy for you both that Bess likes being petted!

  9. What a fabulous weekend! I would love to hang out with friends on a sunny day. Why don't you paint your nails during winter? And L does look cool. Strange to see him in those shorts, all color! Love that skirt, and the groovy finger!

    1. Next time you're here, we'll do it, Nancy! ;-P

      I don't like the hassle of doing them when I'm not even showing my toes, plus I like letting the nails breathe over the winter.

      L wears a lot of colour, but you don't see him in his suits or his other colourful outfits. Thanks, Nancy!

  10. Sunshine! SUNSHINE! Ahhhh :-)

    I love your new long skirt with the many slits! Because I am so friggin' literal, just clarifying that those shorts are yours and did not come attached to the skirt. Correct? In any case, your solution for blowing skirts and comfy thighs on hot days is brilliant and one I will copy! Like you, I loath hot sticky thighs in summer yet would much rather wear skirts than shorts. So, thank you for the tip.

    Back to your opening outfit, I like the whole ensemble complete with jewelry. Everything works well together and looks swell on you.

    Fred's calling "dinner" (we eat early!) so will end here but just want to say LOL maybe the Eagles were circling with the thought of having frisbee for dinner. ;-)

    So glad your weekend was pure delight, cheers,

    1. SUNSHINE, Laurie! It feels so good.

      Thank you - YES, the shorts are attached to the skirt, built-in. Isn't that awesome? The beige shorts are a separate thing altogether. Please do copy me - it's so much better to wear shorts and not have touching thighs!

      Thank you so much! Those eagles were WAAAAY up there - I had to max zoom to take their pictures.

      Thanks, Laurie, enjoy your dinner!

  11. Love your Vix-ish outfit, the magnificent sleeves and fab jewellery, and these sandals!. I think that belting the blouse makes a difference. Brilliant!
    And so lovely that you enjoyed a meeting with friends in the sunshine, playing and reading and chatting!. Lots of fun!
    Looking fabulous in your yellow dress, I love its lace-y texture. And it rocks with the kimono!, lovely colours and floatiness!.
    I'm a huge fan of 'secret shorts', I usually wear pettipants under my dresses and skirts, they work a miracle!, no rubbing, and no accidental flashing!.

    1. Thank you so much - I prefer the blouse belted too. It was lovely to get outside and just chill out. Thanks - it's a cool dress, although it doesn't hugely inspire me. I adore the silk kimono, though!

      Oh gosh, aren't they the best, Monica? I love them!

  12. Hooray for sunshine!! I loved joining you and the gang for Ultimate Frisbee.
    My jaw dropped when I saw your first outfit and then I read that you felt Vixish in it! It's totally my kinda thing and you look glorious in it! Thanks for the shout out.
    I'm liking the 1960s vibe of the yellow dress and the Nancy Mac kimono-y thingy is perfect with it.
    Vizzini looks exceptionally handsome in your photos, the heat suits him.
    I painted my toenails for the first time since September on Saturday, I keep wiggling my toes and smiling! xxx

    1. Hooray indeed, Vix! Glad you enjoyed it. Aw, that's so sweet - it totally reminded me of you!

      I am still not in love with the yellow dress, but I do love the silk kimono-thing.

      Vizzini is a big fan of the hot sun. Ooh, it's so nice to have my toes done. Amazing what gives us a lift.

  13. I'm glad you kept the yellow dress - it's a no-nonsense yellow,and the lace-like texture adds visual interest. A long skirt with slits AND built in shorts - excellent!

    It was about 10 - 12 degrees celsius here on the weekend, and today it is snowing, so I'm envious of your warm sunny weekend. Nice you were able to get out and play frisbee.

    1. Well, for now, shall we say, Shelley? I'm still not 100% on the dress. I LOVE the skirt with the built-in shorts - amazing! All skirts should have them.

      What goofy weather! Snow?? I'm so glad we were able to get out in the sun.

  14. How lovely to have such high temperatures and sunshine. We only have had one day that came close to such temperatures, but only in the garden and out of the wind.
    I am like you: I feel so much better after such a day of sunshine.
    You taught me a new word: surreptitiously. Thanks.
    And thanks for the tip about softening the leather of new shoes. Especially summer shoes. I am going to do that too. Both your sandals are great and I would have bought them myself.
    Your black and white outfit is wonderful (did you play frisbee in it??) and you should keep the yellow dress. The little transparency is absolutely no problem.
    What I noticed about the men is that they all wear a hat or a cap. Very unusual for me to see especially when you are playing sports. Ron loves hats and he has several of them. Oh, and he never sports, which is a real shame.

    1. It has been a lovely week, Greetje, and how quickly we got used to it. Now it's a little chillier and brrr, it feels cold. Happy you got a new word!

      I always manhandle my shoes to help soften them in the stiff parts. Thank you!

      Yes, I tossed the disc around in the black and white outfit, even ran a bit until I got sweaty. I am still not 100% sold on the yellow dress, even though everyone seems to want me to keep it, lol.

      Yes, can't let that bald spot get burnt in the sun! Ha ha! Most of our friends like to wear hats, just for the fashion.

  15. So much sunny - and stylish - goodness to soak up here. What a joy that summer is inching its way onto the scene already on the Island. Little-by-little, spring is waking up again here in Armstrong. We had fresh snowfall most recently on April 10th, but by and large, this month has been decently sunny and the grass is beginning to pop back up in our yard again this week. Yay!!!

    Oodles of hugs & the happiest of weekend wishes coming your way!
    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Big hugs to you, Autumn! Thank you so much - it was a joy to experience hot sun again. It does feel like spring/summer is coming. I am glad it's getting nicer where you are, although, yikes, you had snow?


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