Monday, February 21, 2022

Bigass Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Shopping in My Own Sunshine; Hangout With the Family We Choose

Welcome back, my friends! My spirits have been buoyed this long weekend, from spending money to spending time with friends. I have a ton of goodies to share with you, and I'm eager to get back to working on my Badass Bag on my extra day off this long Family Day weekend, so grab a cup of something warm against this chilly Feb day and settle in with me, won't you? 

Kicking us off with Saturday morning's brunch outfit. L and I hung out playing board games on Friday night but it was an early morning for us, as L had to go into work and (gasp) WORK for several hours. 
Since I had no plans for the day, I spent my afternoon checking out some thrift stores. I dressed for shopping and to be visible and out there.

  • Sweater - Wanko, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in January for a hangout in the park
  • Skirt - Monster Foil, Kenzo, thrifted; last worn and Flashbacked here in March 2021 for a Zoom call with Mom
  • Boots - Mamzelle, thrifted; last seen here in December 2021 with jungle velvet
  • Leather jacket - Danier; last worn here (2nd outfit) in October 2021

Now that I'm "famous" from the Chatelaine article (here, in case you missed it; all links 'cause I love), you never know when someone might recognize me - I have to make sure I step up my game when I'm out and about in town. No leggings and baggy sweaters for me. 

I deployed Clothing As Armour and Colour Therapy, both to help me deal with interacting with people (emotional energy) and because it's being a typical February and is cold and windy and rainy (it even snowed briefly this weekend). 
We met up with Nick at the Ruby for our usual Saturday brunch. I'm wearing one of the last few of my not-yet-worn this season skirts: this fabulous Monster Foil skirt by Kenzo. It's a real designer piece (check out the Flashback here) that retailed for $950.00 (I paid $19.99).

I've worn it 8 times now, and this is the second time with this yellow leather jacket that I've had since 2010. 
I wore a pair of sporty long shorts under the skirt for when I bent over or the wind got saucy. 

I liked the look of the brown boots with the outfit. 
So I added more brown in my accoutrements. 

Masked up - I'm a star! 
I like how this jacket unzips from the bottom - it helps it fit over the ginormous pouf of the skirt. 

Pockets! I put my gloves in them while I shopped. 
I had several people comment on my outfit, and the bright yellow of my jacket. "I'm wearing my own sunshine," is my standard response. 

My silk vintage Pierre Cardin scarf kept my neck snuggly warm. 

  • Scarf - Pierre Cardin, vintage 70s, consignment
  • Hat - DeLux, Saanich Fair, c. 2009
  • Gloves - Ralph Lauren, consignment
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
I posed the stuff, but forgot to take the picture. Ah well. These boots performed admirably (I had white sports socks on with them) for a 4.5 hour shopping expedition. 

  • Belt - Leather World
  • Buckle - Zara (cut off a fabric belt), thrifted
  • Brass necklace - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Earrings - LA Express, c. 1994

When I arrived home, I dumped my leather pack, and both shopping bags in the middle of the floor, where Vizzini proceeded to make sweet love to my "Cool Cats Read" tote. 
"Be mine forever."

It's probably time to wash it - I carry groceries home in it, and it must smell of something tasty. 

My first stop on my shopping expedition was Flavour Upstairs. Pickings were slim, but I did find this gorgeous thick silk maxi skirt. 
It's a vibrant red, elastic waist. 

One pocket. 
It's better than no pockets! 

This is that slippery-feeling silk that was big in the mid-90s - washable silk was everywhere. 

It's by Corsini Collection, which gets exactly zero hits on the interwebz for clothing.  
Either way, $22.99 was fine by me. I'll wear this in the summer with my patterned tops and jackets - it's good physical sunblock. 

I had a very quick browse in the Beacon Avenue Thrift Store on Pandora Ave, where I found two things during my 15-minute speed review of the racks. 
I found this in the massive box of ties, all priced at $2.00. 

There's a name in the print. "Emilio."
Look at that neon yellow lining! It's 100% silk and make in Italy. 

That says "Emilio Pucci."
Holy sh*t, I found a Pucci tie! They are famous for their iconic swirly prints, made famous in the 60s (Vogue summary here). 

Emilio Pucci, Firenze (that's Florence, Italy). 
Men's ties in general can retail for $200+ new; but even second-hand, Pucci ties sell for $75-150. However, I did not pay $2.00 for this tie - they were all on sale for 50 CENTS. Jaw drop! 

I actually said, "Yoink," when I spotted this poncho tucked into the coat rail. MINE. 
A true 70s poncho shape, this brings back memories of the granny square ponchos Mom crocheted for me back in 1972-4. I had a pink and white one, and a blue and yellow one. I'm pretty sure she made matching tams with a pom pom topper for each of them (note the early importance of matching accessories!). 

What a gorgeous woven pattern. 
The shiny gold domes are covering the snaps that do the poncho up. 

The pattern is reversed on the back. 
It is definitely 100% wool, and most definitely a Welsh textile. It is the identical pattern to the orange/green fabric and garment in this blog post (here) about Welsh wool textiles.

The tags - except for "Dry clean only" - have been cut off. 
I really did pay only $15.00 for this beauty! I can't wait to wear her! 

From there, I spent over two hours in the WIN (Women in Need) Warehouse store. As always, I start with the accessories. 
All of WIN's jewelry is now $7.95 across the board. 

I could not resist this bigass piece of armour. 
It's missing the bottom charm but I bet you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it. I'll keep an eye out for something to hang there. 

It's not real stone - this is just costume jewelry, although it's probably around 5-10 years old. 
I really like the bits of red and turquoise - this will go with a bunch of things. 

I found a fabulous stretch elastic belt, made of metal scales, after digging through about 8 bins of belts. 
There was a silver one too, but it wasn't as nice. 

I like the brass colour - this will be useful. 
And for $5.95, I'm totally happy with it. 

These shoes were in one of the displays (always check the displays!), where the colour popped right out at me. 
Ooh, I do adore a pointy toe! 

Look at that amazing shape! 
These remind me of these shoes here that I own...

There's something written inside. 
It says "Hold freedom up before my eyes so I may see it", and there's a fleur-de-lis and a crown that says...

That's the old signature, so these are pre-2006 - my Listen Up Harlows (these here) have the same signature and that's when I got them. All my Fluevogs after that had the new "John Fluevog" signature. 

I found this post here by Materfamilias from August 2007 where she features these shoes - in that post, she notes that these are 3-4 years old, bought on sale in the Vancouver Granville St. store. 
That completely tracks with this post (here) off Fluevog's site from a "Way Back Wednesday", featuring an add for the full Freedom family - there they are on the right, priced at $179.00.

But of course the pink grosgrain elephant in the room is those rose toe clips. 
Imagine my surprise when I got home and I was able to remove them! They are not original to the shoes, but someone attempted to jazz these up. 

I was stunned when I turned the shoes over. Yes, I paid $9.95 for a pair of vintage Fluevogs! I am agog. 
These shoes are from the days before John filled his shoes with padded goodness, and they are atrociously uncomfortable. I bought a pair of cushy gel inserts for them on the way home, and I've stuffed the toes with tissue (old trick from the 80s!) to keep them pointed and to keep my toes from sliding down. 

I may have to draw on these! We'll see how comfortable they are first. 

I was happy, and already on a winning streak, so I hummed away to the top 40 radio playing and enjoyed a leisurely browse of every clothing rack in the store. I chatted here and there with other fashionable folks, including the volunteer staff. It's a level of people interaction I enjoy, very low-key. 

Taking the time and really going through things always yields more treasures. I tend to run my hands along the fabric below the hanger bar, feeling for real fabric, interesting print and saturated colours - that does speed things up considerably.
My eyes alit on this vivid cobalt sweater knit top. I like my layering pieces to be substantial.

I browse every size - one brand's XL is another brand's Small. If it looks like the right size when I hold it up against myself (side seam to seam), then it will probably work. 
The punch in the card means 50% off, so this was a mere $3.48. As the previous owner has cut every tag out of this, it won't be tracked. It felt like a wool/acrylic blend - it washed well. 

WIN has taken their fitting rooms out altogether, so I wasn't able able to try most garments on. 
This distressed white denim skirt caught my eye. Caro's been wanting to do a tie-dye Crafternoon, and this would be a good contender for something I can mess with without costing too much. 

When I tried it on at home, I was pleased to find it's a perfect fit. 
It's rather badass, isn't it? I'm not usually into the distressed thing, but I had a white denim skirt in the early days of my blog that I have fond memories of (I ruined it in a Washing Incident). 

Thank goodness for this tag. 
I might forget what it is. *rolleyes* Oh yeah, it's my mini skirt in off white! 

It's by Zara. 
$12.95 seems like a good price for something I don't care too much about. I will eventually let go of this with no regret. 

WIN always has an excellent section of vintage. I admit, I grabbed this because of the label. 
It's a 1970s disco sweater, and it reeked of perfume (I washed it - much better). 

I know where it was purchased because of this label - it's from Gibson's! It says "Gibson's Victoria B.C."
This was a very swanky women's clothing store that used on View Street. 

I'd written earlier that Gibson used to be across from City Hall on Douglas Street (less than two blocks away from this store), but I confused that with Miss Frith - thanks to Mom for correcting me. 

Miss Frith's had a regular women's clothing boutique and then next door was the wedding boutique (my/Mom's wedding dress was from there!), which had a big sweeping staircase leading to the upper floor. I remember both stores from when I was a teenager in the mid-80s. I'm sure they closed shortly after that, but I still see the labels every so often in the thrift stores here, mostly on hats. 

I found this tag down the side seam of the sweater. 
I like that someone has crossed out the "100% Rayon" and written in "Polyester Lurex". I searched on the CA number, and found the name "Dusia Conway" of Toronto listed. 

Bingo! Esther ("Dusia") Conway passed away in 2018, aged 99 - she was a machine knitter and designer in Toronto (obituary here). She was a Polish Jew, and her family emigrated to England, changing their name to Conway, a name her father found in a London phone book, to avoid anti-Jewish bias. She was part of the wave of immigration to Canada around the time of WWII - a bit of her family history here, written by her surviving family, worth the quick read. 
I love having this bit of Canadian fashion history, both from the store and the designer. All for $7.95. It fits me perfectly and I love the badass sparkle. 

Interesting and intricate patterns always catch my eye and I had to give this dress a second look. It has a twist of fabric in the middle which gives it a very flattering fit. 
That's a gorgeous floral abstract print - purple, yellow red, black...this will go with many pairs of shoes. 

Gawdammit, why must brands insist that we are not seen from the back?
It's not too, too bad, though. I can live with it - put a blazer or a coat over it.

Oh, Desigual, you scamps. They are notorious (in my mind) for leaving the backs of their garments blank or substantially less interesting than the front. 
I've had many pieces by them that haven't lasted long in my wardrobe due to this. 

However, for $23.95, I was willing to go for it. It's a pretty viscose dress - a good shopping or travel jammy dress.
Digging around, I found that it's called the "Uralet Rojo Fresa" dress and it retailed for $174.00 Canadian. It looks fabulous on! 

I found this red bodysuit in the vintage section. It's classic 1994-5. 
It's in perfect condition - no wear under the arms or in the crotchal region. 

Oh, my, it's Escada! And it was made in Italy. It's a cotton/Spandex blend - this would be a very early use of Spandex - note that 10% is a high content. Nowadays, the Spandex content is 5% or lower. 
For $12.95? Take my money! There are two vintage bodysuits by her on 1stdibs (designer re-sale site); one is listed at $674.00 and the other SOLD at $759. Admittedly, those are fancier (sequins/lace and leopard) bodysuits, but still. This joins my Escada dress, skirt and necktie in my collection. 

I liked the pattern and the swooshy fabric of this shirt-style blouse. 
Painty peonies is what I see. This will go well with the pinks and turquoises in my wardrobe. 

Nice details. It's woven polyester, nice and flowy.
I wonder who it's by? 

I like that the chestal pocket flaps have a hidden button. 
There will be no rogue pocket flapping! 

We used to have a big Guess store in the mall downtown here - it closed about 5-6 years ago, but was in the mall since it opened in 1996ish.
I'd "GUESS" this blouse is about 15 years old. Not bad for $14.95 - this would have been around $80-90 new. 

Most of you know by now that I am an absolute sucker for anything plaid. So this jacket just jumped into my shopping basket. 
I know, it's a lot. But so am I! 

Look at these lapels. 
I shucked my yellow leather jacket and tried this on (it got a "wow" from another shopper). Yup, it's a winner. 

Check out the textile. 
Isn't that amazing? 

There are three big buttons down the front. 
The buttons themselves are laced with leather. 

It's 100% wool. 
Simon Chang is a well-known Canadian designer - he even received the Order of Canada! About him here
I found this same blazer listed online on a couple of resale sites for $45-150. I'm pretty sure this is from the early 00s, due to the style/fit - this size 14 is a VERY small 14 - it's a bit loose on me, but not much! I went for it, especially because it was half price at $13.48. 

I spotted this in the women's long-sleeved shirts, but after double-checking the button orientation in menswear, I confirm that this is intended as a men's shirt. 
It was cool enough, I had to buy it for L. 
I love all the mishmash of patterns. 

Nice snaps up the front and on the pockets. 
Desigual again! 
Their shirts start at $95 and go to $145 retail. 

It was worth the risk for $12.95, but L is not a fan of it. He says he will try it once, though! 
I might have to keep it for myself. That sizing is whack - it's very slim. 

Flush with victory in my thrift shopping, I popped into local shoe boutique Head Over Heels. They have a 70% off "last pairs", so I had to look! 
I rarely shop retail, but I like to support my local stores. Plus, snakeskin! 

I like the heel and sole. These will be nice for summer. 
The tops are leather, and the snakeskin print is metallic. 

They are Wondersfly, by Wonders.  
They're meant to shape to your feet as you wear them - sounds good to me! 

They are made in Spain, which I like. 
Hee, there are flies on the sole. 

These retailed new for $220.00.
I paid $66.00 happily. Love these! 

I got home and witnessed a gorgeous sunset. 
Taken through the screen on the deck window. The little lights are strung inside the deck. 

L and I enjoyed a late night of music and board games, and both slept in on Sunday. I made us a big breakfast then took my time getting ready for the first real "long weekend hangout" that isn't at the park. It has literally been years since we did a pub hangout. 
I opted for this vintage 80s acid wash dress, as only Nick and Caro had experienced it in person - and it truly has to be seen to be believed! 

  • Dress - Santana, vintage 80s; first worn here in September with yellow accessories
  • Turtleneck - Yest; last seen here (2nd outfit) in January for outdoor Book Club
  • Boots - Tracker 2.0 Prepare, Fluevog; last worn here a couple of weeks ago with Gaga shoulders
  • Cape (below) - Bodybag by Jude, consignment, gift from L: last seen here in January (same outfit as this sweater!)

I winterized it by layering my red turtleneck cotton sweater underneath. 
"Wait, are you leaving me?"'

I added the matching belt, boots and accessories. This is an easy way to add colour to an otherwise neutral outfit. 

The tights added a bit of funk. 
It was much more difficult wearing this dress with all these layers - I had to remove it to use the loo! 

It wasn't too bad wrangling it, though.
"You should stay home with me."

I felt entirely fabulous all day. It was worth the extra bit of time. 

Masked up:
I even put some effort into finding a fun bag. 

None of my coats fit over those shoulderpads, but this wonderful Bodybag by Jude cape worked miracles. 
I have a silk scarf wrapped around my neck, nice and snuggly. 

And with gloves. 
I look so classy! 

But I have a silly streak a mile wide! 
I had to wear my sunglasses in the afternoon, but the case wouldn't fit in my purse - so I stashed it inside the secret inner pocket. 

Now I'm ready to go. 
We walked to the Fernwood Inn - these boots were made for walking! 

The purse is made from a Romeo cigar box; it says, "So chic, so debonair" on the front. The lining is gingham. It was a gift from L from the late 90s, purchased at the Cobbler shoe store (another great shoe boutique here). 

  • Purse - c. 1999, gift from L
  • Scarf - fake Louis (Lewis!) Vuitton, thrifted
  • Gloves - Danier Leather
  • Mask - by  Mom

The stuff: 
I love these boots - they are one of my favourite pairs of Fluevogs. Such a comfy shoe! 

Badass bling: 
Old and new favourites. 

  • Belt - Gap, thrifted
  • Studded cuff - vintage 80s
  • Leather/steel cuff - Bauxo
  • Necklace - Myka, thrifted
  • Silver/onyx ring - Tocarra, vintage fair
  • Silver/enamel ring - antique shop, Sidney; purchased here for $45.00
  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Granville Island
  • Ear-cuff - gift from Mom

L also dressed up. He's wearing an Etro blazer (consignment, Vancouver), a vintage 70s shirt over a Frank Turner tour tee, and a thrifted navy striped vest. He's also wearing a guitar belt buckle, these sexy jeans, and a pair of teal blue Fluevog boots. 
"You should feed me before you go!"

We did not feed Vizzini until we got home at 7:30pm. He was apoplectic with rage. 

I spotted two cats on the walk down to the pub. 
That's my shadow.

I remember this bubble window on the side of this apartment building from when I was a kid in the 70s, driving home from visiting my grandparents (Dad's folks).
I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was pleased to see it has fairy lights in it - they were lit on the way home. 

Fernwood is a lovely neighbourhood. Lots of old Victorian houses, and all the power poles are painted by local artists. 
I can just see the spire of the Belfry Theatre in the distance. 

I am fond of this house - it used to be a church. The owner is an artist (read about him here, including a gallery of pics of the inside).
The front yard area has been filled with creative pieces of art, with lots of colourful fairy lights - I love walking past this at night when it's all aglow. 

One of many mini public libraries. 
L is wearing a porkpie hat and a long velvet coat. 

Our poor ol' gal, Victoria High School, is still undergoing a $79 million-dollar renovation to make it seismically safe (Victoria is in an earthquake zone). 
I despair that they will ever restore the field so we can go back to playing Ultimate Frisbee here again. This (here) is what it looked like only 5 years ago. 

I have always loved this long one-storey home that is opposite the school, so I grabbed a quick picture. Look at that stormy sky! 
L is rarin' to start partying! Move it, Woman! 

This place is called The Palms, and it really does have palm trees in the front, along with several lavender bushes. 
I see my reflection. 

There's the Belfry! 
We're nearly there! 

Oh, my gosh, I have missed hanging out with my friends so much. 
Chris and Carolyn, having a chat with Yvonne. 

Caro, Alison and Yvonne. 
My gorgeous gals. 

Linda Linda and Cat! 
Linda's blue jumpsuit was fabulous (and matched her Fluevogs). Cat is wearing a DKNY mini dress with a gingham shirt and gorgeous jewelry, including a pin at the neck (she said my Kenzo skater dress was her inspiration for this look). 

Nick and Ross having a gab. More hands! 
I am fond of the faux stained glass windows here - I remember them from 20+ years ago when this pub was called the George & Dragon. 

Randall took a couple of pics with me in them. 
What a poser I am! Ha! 

Now your turn, Randall! 
L is chatting with Chris.

Ooh, use the flash! It's much later now, and people are tipsier! 
Cat, Caro (finger guns!), Yvonne and me. 

I like this one of me, thanks, Randall! 
I look happy and content - and I am. I have filled up my soul in the company of the Family We Choose. I feel so much better. 

Vizzini, how are you feeling? 
"Snug as a bug in a rug."

That's my heated throw he's sleeping on. Only the best for our little pocket panther! 

My friends, thank you so much for coming by! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. 


  1. Amazing shopping success, Sheila! So looking forward to seeing how you style these. I think my favorite is the Simon Chang jacket :)

    1. The shopping gods smiled upon me, Cynthia! You'll get to see the jacket right away!

  2. I'm so happy for you being able to get together with friends again, the smile on all of your faces says it all! Thanks for letting us join you virtually!
    I had to giggle at Vizzini grappling with your shopping bag. Stephen loves it when we tip all our charity shop finds on the floor when we get home and has a good old sniff at all the clothes that must have come from cat owning folk.
    How clever that your yellow jacket has a two way zip, perfect with wearing with a pouffy skirt!
    Loving the bargain Pucci tie (I regconised it immediately, I have a 1960s Pucci maxi dress with Emilio printed in the design) and the Welsh Wool poncho and good quality bodysuits are always worth snaffling. I had the silver version of your gold belt in the 2000s, mine was a Topshop sale bargain.
    Have a happy Tuesday! xxxx

    1. Oh my gosh, you know what it's like to finally have a pub day with friends, Vix! Those silly cats - they need to investigate everything!

      Yes, I have a couple of big skirts like this that need a two-way zip. Very useful.

      You have a Pucci dress?? I am dying of envy! I'm really pleased with my purchases this weekend.

  3. So much goodness in this post Sheila! You got some amazing finds, and I really like both your yellow jacket and that incredible tartan one you got. I admired the "print" at first, it's so incredible to see the watercolour effect is from the way the fabric is made! That has to be my favourite of everything you got, although you got so many incredible things!

    1. I agree, Mica, the plaid jacket is so amazing. I'm very appreciative of good textiles and fabrics. And you'll get to see it very soon!

  4. Thank you for sharing your shopping goodies and your time with friends. I really like the Guess shirt and the plaid coat. It would be fun to go shopping with you.

    1. Thank you, Vicki! I had such a great weekend!

      If you're ever in Victoria, drop me a line - my email's in my profile. I have taken several readers/fellow bloggers shopping! :)

  5. That Pucci tie is amazing! And your first outfit is very stylish.

    1. I was astounded at finding that tie. I've never seen Pucci before. Thank you, Ally!

  6. Hurrah to spending time with friends in the pub! Normality beckons...

    That was an epic shopping trip - 4.5 hours - I think I would have crashed after about 2 to 2.5. You did find some amazing things. I loved the maxi skirt; the plaid jacket - oh yes; and the man's shirt. At least if L doesn't like it you could wear it. I liked your big necklace, too. I find I am eyeing up necklaces and bracelets to see if I could use bits of them to create earrings...

    Lovely outfits and I adored how you accessorised the acid wash denim dress - you certainly did look classy and very glamorous. L looked fabulous, too. A very classy couple!

    Have a great week,

    1. It just felt SO GOOD to see more than 4 of my friends at a time, Vronni. It did feel normal.

      I am an epic shopper! Marathon shopping doesn't faze me. That's such a good idea for earrings.

      Thank you! I had so much fun in the acid-wash dress. I love that L dresses up too.

  7. You did great on that shopping trip and I love the shoes. I just love shoes. But my feet are so arthritic, that I only wear real shoes on Sunday for my two hours of hell in church. The rest of the time is dansko clogs. I just love me some cute colorful shoes. So jealous.

    1. Thanks so much! I'm so sorry to hear that - I do try to only buy comfy shoes these days, as I also have arthritis in my joints. I want to be kind to my feet too!

  8. Not just shopping in your own sunshine, but providing sunshine for us as well. Well-needed sunshine as it has been grey, rainy and stormy here for days.
    Fabulous outfit and definitely worthy for someone of your "fame". And oh my, haven't you been shopping like a pro! The Pucci tie is stunning, and I actually gasped when I saw that poncho. The pendant - indeed I didn't notice the missing charm - and belt are amazing too. And I'm sure I would have gone for those snakeskin shoes too.
    How utterly divine to spend time with friends and INSIDE A PUB too. Love that photo of you and L. all dressed up with somewhere to go. You are such a fabulously dressed pair! xxx

    1. It's amazing how people respond to me when I wear yellow in particular, Ann. Thank you! I've been spotted in my workout gear before, and it was so embarrassing, so now I always make the effort to look nice when I go out. I thought of you when I grabbed the poncho!

      I know, INSIDE! It was amazing, and felt so normal. Thank you, my dear!

  9. I like how that yellow jacket unzips from the bottom too. It is great for creating the cropped effect or in this case, showing off that fabulous statement skirt.
    That washed out denim dress is to die for...and it fits you like a glove. I like that you paired it with red. You look so gorgeous!!!!!!!

    You always find the best things shopping. It's wonderful you had fun with friends too. This sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! Aw, thanks - I got a lot of looks in my acid wash, so I appreciate that. :)

      I had a blast shopping, but it was the BEST being with my friends again.

    2. Yes, time with friends is a precious thing.

    3. I will never take it for granted again!

  10. Pucci in the wild! And then the pink shoes, Welsh look poncho, that Desigual dress! All great stuff. I'm completely envious and delighted for you at the same time.
    The acid wash dress is incredible. I love how you styled it.

    1. I did so well - my fellow vintage shoppers always appreciate it when I show the stuff I find. Thank you, Goody!

      Aw, I appreciate that - it's a Statement piece with a capital "S"!

  11. What a wonderful weekend! We went out for dinner with friends on Saturday night and I was like you, so content! And what a treasures you found, those pink shoes!!! I love a Queenie heel. But your purse is really to die for! Gosh how beautiful and attractive is that one!

    1. Isn't it just the best, Nancy? It did my heart and my soul so good to hang out with them all.

      I did so well in the thrift shops! Glad you like the purse - it's practically an antique now!

  12. Firstly, I love your Monster Foil skirt with the yellow leather, rocking it!. And I totally admire your booty!, such amazing clothes and fabulousness!, love everything but particularly that red skirt, the cape and the plaid jacket , but also the Pucci, Escada and Desigual pieces. Wow, even worn out Desigual pieces that I find in the street market are pricey!. And glad you purchased some Wonders, they make really comfy shoes, I have a weakness for their sandals!
    Totally in love with your acidwash dress and your fabulous styling!, those boots and accessories rock!, and great idea wearing a cape (and a matching one!). So lovely to meet friends!, I miss a massive party actually!

    1. It is one of the greatest skirts I own, Monica. Thank you - I had so much fun finding all of this good stuff. I see quite a bit of Desigual here, but most of it is crap - they seem to have gone down in quality a lot in the past several years.

      I adore Wonders - I have two pairs of their sandals, so I knew these would be awesome.

      It was amazing to have our big group together again! Thank you!

  13. Wow, you scored some fab designer goods! I'm especially impressed with the Pucci tie, Escada body suit, and of course the Welsh wool cape/poncho - I used to have a purple one. Ever since you first posted about "Wonders" brand of shoes I've been on the lookout for them but no luck. I did go thrift shopping this weekend too, but no designer scores here. I love that acid washed dress on you - I admit, I was skeptical when you bought it, but it makes a badass cool outfit with the red accents.

    1. I did really well, didn't I? Must give away a bunch of clothes to fill up my "karma bank" for my next big shop!

      There are a few stores here that sell Wonders - I have 3 pairs total. I hope you find them - their shoes are so comfy.

      Thanks! I love this dress - it's just so fun to wear.

  14. Hands down, no two ways about it, never has an acid wash denim dress been styled more chicly or beautifully than you have done here. I am head-over-heels smitten with that awesome ensemble!

    And speaking of awesome things, huge congrats a very, very successful shopping day - scoring a Pucci tie for $0.50 almost defies belief. Incredible thrifting work!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you so much, Autumn, high praise indeed! It's not for everyone, but this dress was definitely meant for me!

      I know, right? Pucci for fifty cents?? The Thrifting Gods were smiling on me that day!

  15. I love how the leather skirt is such a strong A-line! I am a sucker for an A-line skirt!

    I really love the idea of glittery sweaters, but have never found one I don't find scratchy and irritating to my skin!

    You and L make such a stylish pair! I love seeing couples with great style!

    1. The skirt is a fabric and PVC custom textile, and it's more than a full circle skirt.

      Yes, many of the sparkly tops out there can be insanely itchy.

      Thank you! We love dressing up!

  16. The poncho and the pink pumps by Fluevog are my favourites. And your friends are such a lively bunch.


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