Thursday, April 21, 2022

Mom-Day Adventure: Lochside Trail in Two-Tone Pink and Houndstooth Regret-Me-Not

The weather's been tumultuous the last week or so, so Mom and I delayed our trip back to the Horticulture Centre of the Pacific and re-visited the Lochside Trail near Mattick's Farm. We first went there together in September 2014 (here). 
I always keep a few chilly-weather things in my spring/summer closet, like these tall boots and a turtleneck or two. 

  • Jacket - Only, consignment; purchased here for $38.00
  • Turtleneck - M&S, thrifted; last worn here in February, layered under leather
  • Skirt - Kate Spade, thrifted; first seen here in April 2021 with pink angora
  • Boots - BCBG Max Azria; last worn here in September 2021 with a different pink moto jacket

I also wanted to wear this houndstooth wrap-around skirt again, after retrieving it from the giveaway pile during the recent Winesday clothing swap (here). It's a regret-me-not! 
This is the final look, and how most people saw me. 

The skirt is a thick wool weave and a pain to put on (a button, a slide clasp and three buckles and loops). 
It's a terrible skirt for shopping - but despite this, I popped into Rich Rags on the way home. 

I love the vibrant pink of this sweater. 
I'm wearing plain black tights and black athletic shorts under this for warmth and in case the skirt decided to open. Once again, I was pleased to note it stayed closed. Why did I put this in the giveaway pile?

Because it's on the girly side, and that's just not me. However, today I leaned into it with a few badass pieces, and I'm happy to report, it's a keeper.
Like this faux leather jacket, which has been languishing in my "Someday I Will Decorate You" pile. I wore the white leather jacket (bought for the same purpose), so why not this one? 

I loved the two-tone pink of the sweater and the jacket together. 
The motorcycle jacket style kept the sweetness at bay. 

Masked up, and adding some bits. 
I was freezing most of the day, although it was sunny off and on. I was really glad to have had a scarf and gloves! 

And a hat! 
This is also how most people saw me. 

I loved how my Badass Bag worked with the outfit. 

  • Badass Bag - thrifted, decorated by me
  • Scarf - fake Louis (Lewis!) Vuitton, thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Beret - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
These OTK (over-the-knee) boots are so much better since I had the soles replaced. 

Pearly bling: 
Pearls are trendy now, but I just like wearing them - the bigger the better. 

  • Necklace - consignment; purchased here for $12.00
  • Cuff - found 
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted, Powell River
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Pearl ring - Pearl Factory, Oahu, Hawaii, 1985

Mom and I had a reminisce about the Pearl Factory ring, which she bought for me in 1985 when I was 17. 

Here we are, midway through our walk along a corridor of greenery. 
Good thing I didn't wear my white leather coat again! Love this picture. 

We parked in a different spot and walked north for a while. 
There's our path, through a canopy of trees. 

If you are a fan of arching greenery and paths, this post is for you! 
Isn't it lovely? It smelled divine. 

The golf course on the right. 
The trees were alive with robins and thrushes. 

There's a robin. 
He's got some bits in his beak, building a nest, I bet. 

A thrush way up in this tree. 
He was trilling away.

More tunnels of green.
There were a few people and bikes, and once or twice a service vehicle or car. 

Although we didn't see any horses, we did see evidence of them. 
Lots of horse poop on the path. 

More arching branches. 
I had considered wearing Sweetums today, and at this point I was wishing I had. So cold! Brrr.

And then the sun poked through. 
Mom and I stopped and let the rays warm our faces. 

What is that glowing ball in the sky? 
A star, you say? 

Another verdant canopy. 
Time to back and head to Mattick's Farm for lunch. 

Okay, another tunnel of greenery. 
"There's a light at the end of the tunnel," chortled Mom. 

Mom had forgotten the name of this bush but remembered that her dad loved the yellow flowers (he loved bright colours, period). 
It's a Japanese Rose (kerria japonica), about it here (all links 'cause I love). Looking very sporty, Mom! 

We went to Adrienne's Tea Garden for lunch again. 
No massive tea for us this time, though - that was too much. 

I love this picture of Mom. 
That's a great blouse - love the bell sleeves. Red is your colour, Mom! 

I didn't recognize her pendant - it's not one she wears much. 
It's by local First Nations artist Paddy Seaweed (about him here) - lots of examples of his work there. He was one of the artists who sold to the BC Museum Gift Shop (before it was Royal) back in the late 70s/early 80s when Mom (and her mom and dad) volunteered there, and she chatted with him many times. 

Mom had seafood crepes and a salad, and I had smoked salmon on a bagel with cream of tomato soup. 
We both ate every crumb! 

As mentioned earlier, I stopped in at Rich Rags on the way home to see if anything caught my eye. 
I love the shape of this top, and of course, polka dots are classic.

And it's completely reversible! I like the larger-scale print better. 
No label on it, but it's good quality stretchy polyester-type fabric (it will wash well). It was $23.00.

I am a sucker for stripes, as well as polka dots. I bought this for wearing around the house, not as part of my regular wardrobe. 
I like wearing my band shirts under a dress with leggings when I'm hanging out, and my house clothes also get periodically upgraded when they get worn out. 

Classy! A French address! 
This is a dark navy and white, but it looks black in some lights.

What? This is an XXS? No way.
It's a slim fit - it isn't baggy, but not skin-tight either.

It's polyamide/elastane and the stripes are woven, not printed. It's by Saint James and it was indeed made in France.
I like the zip neckline too. This was $39.00. Dresses (with less detail) on their site sell for $199 US, so I'm happy with that. I'll wear it a hundred times, easy. 

One last picture of Mom and me. 
Love you, Mom! Thank you so much for our wonderful day! 


  1. What a lovely post. The green made me feel wishful -- still winter here in Edmonton. Love your outfit -- great to see how much wear you are getting out of your bad-ass purse! Love the photos of you and your mom.

  2. Dreamy green canopies! I adore a woods walk!
    Your badass bag is so brilliant! I think the way you have persuaded the houndstooth skirt back into your repertoire is brilliant- giving it the biker edge! Glad you didn't have a wardrobe malfunction either!!
    Mmmmm, eyeing up your lunch! Big cucumber slices!
    Glad you had a lovely time with mum.xx

  3. My daughter would have grabbed the red blouse. She has a similar in yellow with the dots and it's been worn dressed up and with jeans. Your mom is completely lovely in the photos. All of them.

  4. I really, really love that you're spending so much time with your mom and repairing whatever rifts you had from earlier in life. That's the right thing to do. I'm wrestling now with my father's situation: his dementia is progressing to the point where he's losing touch with reality. Which means he'll be here but not here. *sigh*

  5. I'm glad you decided that skirt is a keeper! I did chuckle at you wearing athletic shorts underneath in case it decided to open. Surely not, with that button, slide clasp and three buckles and loops closing :-) I'm loving the two-tone pink with all the black and white. And oh, I see the jacket is Only, just like my green dress!
    What a lovely woodland walk, just perfect for lifting the spirits in spite of the cold. We used to have Kerria japonica in the garden. Actually, it's almost considered a weed, although it is a lovely one and very cheerful with its yellow pom pom flowers.
    Your lunch looks delicious, I do love cream of tomato soup! xxx

  6. Cute as a cupcake you are. I love that you and your mom get to hike out.

  7. I love green tunnels! Glad your mom is feeling better! Love her necklace!

  8. What a fabulous walk for two fabulous women! You both look wonderful, I'm loving how good your mum looks in red and am glad you rescued the skirt, it's definitely a keeper!
    Lunch looks so good, you can't beat tomato soup. xxx

  9. So nice to see you and your mother having such a great time.

  10. I love seeing all the greenery along your walk and I like how even though you went with the pink jacket you definitely thought alike with your mum wearing her leather jacket too! :) Your mum is so pretty in red.

    I really like the striped dress you got, what a bargain! Looks so comfortable and cosy for around the house! I picked up a striped maxi dress in a very creamy pale colour for $1 at the opshop, just for the purpose of wearing it around the house in summer. It's a horrible colour on me but it's super comfortable, and for just $1 I wasn't going to say no, haha!

  11. I love how your outfit turned out. Really like that pink moto jacket. And I enjoy looking at greenery! We went to the botanical gardens last week and I took lots and lots of pictures.

  12. What a lovely Mom-Day adventure. It's great when pieces like your mom's necklace have a story behind them, that she knew the artist who made it.

    The sweet-but-not-soft punk-pink looks great.

  13. The selfies of you two together always, sincerely, make my heart smile.

    That is such a clever concept regarding two different sizes on opposite sides of a garment. It's genius, really, and makes one wonder why we don't see it more often. I would be totally onboard for a surge in this handy two-in-one type of clothing.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  14. *Autocorrect before I could spot it.* Styles, not sizes. :)

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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