Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sunshine, Shoe Shine and the Jacket off My Back

Shoe-prise! If you haven't already seen it, my "shoe-prise" that I was hinting at is that I'm going to be your Groovy Hostess for Shoe Shine! Bella Q has announced it here over at The Citizen Rosebud!
I am totally excited to kick this off - do you like my rainbow of shoes? Of course, leopard had to be in the rainbow!

Swing by starting this Friday night/Saturday morning and post a pic of you and/or your favourite shoes! This will be an every-two-weeks thing (and I'm very good at reminders, so you won't forget).

Well, I'm all a-flutter now, and so is my jacket.
I needed my armour today (the colour yellow) to bring me a little internal sunshine. Not that things are bad, but things are busy, and I do like my downtime. Where did I leave that weekend?

This is my new-to-me fake Miu Miu jacket, just picked up here this past weekend for cheapy-cheap (under $20). And I hated it. Hated. HATED.
It was scratchy on the seams, and way too tight in the arms. I love the style and the fabric (I pulled it off every time I did stairs at the office, and also to show people how nicely it was made), but it did not love me back.

The white top underneath is a lovely little basic that is so much nicer than just a cami. I last wore it here (2nd outfit) in April under my chartreuse jacket.
And compare the sunshine of this beautiful wool skirt to the coral ick of yesterday's. Yeah, no comparison, really. Go vintage or go home! I last wore this Mister Leonard skirt here in March while draggin' my feet (dragon, get it?)

The stuff:
Maybe the highest heels I have that don't hurt my feet after a full day (and off I go to WW work in a few minutes!). I last wore them here in December 2013 while granny-chic-ing.

I wore very little bling today:
I call this my Death Star ring - it looks like it's about to blow up Dantooine!
I also wore crystal stud earrings.

Jacket (fake Miu Miu, consignment), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Mister Leonard, thrifted), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), ring (Stone Roses).

So - the hated jacket. I gave it away before I even left work, to one of my colleagues who is a student and working for us part-time. Emily doesn't have a lot of money, and really, I loved seeing how happy and excited she was to own it. Ahh...it feels good.

But of course, now I need another jacket to go to WW!
Bam! Thank you, my Alison Wonderland jacket (bought on consignment a couple of years ago), last seen here in March with concrete leather. Phew!


  1. Ooh how sad it was scratchy...great that it has found a new owner...win win!

  2. Sheila! Congrats on taking the helm of Shoe Shine! And of course, the alliteration with your name is not lost on me either! The stars are in alignment!

    Ugh! Scratchy is the worst. I have a sequinned top and it feels so scratchy on my back....I can't stand it. Your jacket is gorgeous, but bravo to you for just saying NO! And besides, I really like the one you wore to WW.

  3. Blimey, you don't mess about, do you? Bought, blogged, worn, found wanting and gone in a matter of days! But it's true that something that isn't comfortable to wear will just take up valuable wardrobe space for nothing, so better to move it along.
    The yellow skirt is beautiful.
    I am not much of a shoe freak, I wear the same old favourites over and over again so Shoe Shine is tricky for me, but well done for taking in on from Bella. xxxx

    1. All shoes welcome! I don't care if they are the same ones - if they feel good and you love them, then let them shine!

  4. Too bad the jacket turned out to be a dud... It looked great. But clothes have to be comfortable, that is non-negotiable. The yellow skirt looks fab, and the Death Star ring is brilliant. Is it comfortable to wear?

  5. Your wardrobe of shoes is to die for, as are your clothes. I would love to have much of what you have but I'm not employed and can't afford to shop right now. I had weight loss surgery and I'm losing weight. Dressing is much more fun now. I know you lost with Weight Watchers. I wish I could have done it that way. But at least I'm doing something to get better. I've found that many of my shoes no longer fit. I'm going to try to add pads or something to help out. Rest assured that I view your blog with much enjoyment and a slight case of envy.

  6. Oh the shoe shine sounds like fun! :) I will decline to participate as third trimester swelling has got me bad and I can barely fit into my shoes any more, haha!

    Shame that pretty jacket was no good to wear, but so nice you could pass it onto someone else who might enjoy it more :)

  7. You're the perfect heir to shoe shine! Sorry your jacket didn't love you - I have actually hit the thrift store on the way home from work more than once, to deposit a troublesome sweater or jacket. I hate being itched.

  8. An uncomfortable clothing item is such a disappointment. The fake M-M was gorgeous but I like the shape and cut of the second jacket on you better. It is both interesting and flattering.

  9. Ooh the Shoe Shine sounds like fun! I don't have a ton of colorful shoes but I do have a few fun ones!

    Always love that yellow skirt!

  10. How generous you are! And I admire your decisive, unsentimental approach to the jacket! It was gorgeous. Those shoes are seriously gorgeous, too.

  11. Oh, you're the perfect person to host Shoe Shine! But none of us can live up to your standards, and your stash. It'll be fun to try, though.

    Good for you for giving the jacket away immediately - that's so sweet, and it's way better to part quickly and happily with a piece that doesn't work. The Alison Wonderland jacket is gorgeous! I love the simplicity, and the fit is divine!

  12. LoL! You sound like me with clothes I don't like. However that last jacket is perfection on you.

  13. That's a shame about the jacket but no fun to wear if its itchy. The new owner sounds highly delighted so an all round good result. I am rubbish with shoes but I have just ordered myself two new pairs of TOMs canvas shoes which I have high hopes for. Well done for taking on Shoe Shine from Bella, you have fabulous shoes for all outfits and are the perfect hostess x

  14. Sheila I am so excited to have you on board as Shoe Party hostess! I've got to get to taking more pics of shoes to join in!

  15. Wait - you gave it away ? I absolutely loved it !!! but i can understand if you did not feel it. I am glad you made someone happy by gifting it.


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