Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pink and Gingham and a Shine-y Surprise

Another swelteringly hot day here - such a treat! I exposed my bare legs and my half-assed pedicure to the world! 
Another not-really-planned outfit - I'm being even more lazy than usual this week! Eh, it's hot, I'm not terribly motivated.

Hey! Don't forget to check out Judith's "Hat Attack!" over at Style Crone! I'm entering my salacious fur hat that wore on the weekend here.

This is my 3rd or 4th pink sweater over the years of my blog. I love this shade of pink, but because of the ol' boobular mass I don't do thick sweaters well. It's hard to find a thin sweater that's good quality in this colour - and of course, I want it to be second-hand!
This pink sweater is by Reitman's, a Canadian mall store, but I bought it on consignment. I last wore this one here in September 2013, and well, looky there, how original I am - I wore it with this very same skirt! And that is indeed the last time I wore that skirt.
The skirt is a Smoking Lily one that I found in a thrift store for a few dollars - it has a slight mullet hem in the back and the inset shape of the front of it causes it to billow most satisfyingly when I go downstairs.

I added to the pouffiness of it, by enhancing it with my fluffy white underskirt. It's got no tag so I have no idea when I last wore it. Bah!
My bare feet are cut off to stave off the creepy "Send me pictures of your feet" emails.
I wore this white drapey cardi over the ensemble to walk to work to help protect my tattoos from the sun. I also sunblocked up - first time this year! I last wore the card here for Monochromania! Week in September 2013.

The stuff:
Ah, sandals. That squared toe and inset heel are a dead giveaway that these are from the early oughts! They are one of the oldest pairs of shoes I own - pre-blog, even! I last wore them here in July 2013.

Minor bling:
Some assorted charms (the Audrey Hepburn one is a Scrabble tile).

Sweater (Reitman's, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, thrifted), shoes (Jones New York, consignment), underskirt (consignment), S charm (gift from Mom & Dad).

So...the Shine-y Surprise (or Shoe-prise?? eh? eh? yeah, no) is...well, you'll have to wait and see. Hee.


  1. You look absolutely stunning! The entire outfit is fabulous. The skirt and the underskirt are lovely. The shoes are beautiful too.

  2. Simple, pretty and elegant, Sheila - lovely! I really like the skirt with extra petticoat-aided floof! xxx

  3. Oh I'm intrigued about the surprise now!

    That skirt is so pretty paired with the pink top too :) Hope you have a great weekend ahead and you can enjoy the warm weather :)

  4. Shame, as baby pink is really flattering with ur stunning hair color(laidback style is the best:) Sheila!


  5. teaser! I love pink and black and white, and that's a fab flouffy skirt. Happy Friday, xox.

  6. Love the pink top and I WANT the Audrey scrabble cool is that!

  7. Love, love, LOVE this skirt!! And I'm jealous of your warm weather, send some over here!

  8. That is such a beautiful sweater, i really like how it secretly matches the skirt's hem.
    You know i had a pink sweater on my hand at the thrift shop and the moment I was going to pay for it I saw a tiny stain on it and decided not to buy it. How I regret that moment, I could have worn it with a scarf or statement necklace :(

  9. Ooo! I am ready for a shoeprise, yay! But will be glad for your actual news too! As ever, a really nice look.

  10. I think it's funny that you're worried about emails requesting pictures of your feet - but you're showing the whole world your petticoat! Shameless!!

    I love that necklace with the ever-wonderful Audrey!

  11. I love that skirt and those shoes! There's always something sexy about a T-strap to me. Sorry about your blog creepers though!! OMG how creepy.


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