Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Plaid and Yellow with Roses

Another long day - and the next time you see me, something drastic is going to be different! What will it be?
I wanted to wear this plaid skirt again (last time seen here in April, with yellow shoes and black leather).
I messed around with this outfit this morning for a bit - something I never do. I need to get back to my planning routine! I'm relatively okay with the results - it's a little boring, but at least it's colourful.

The yellow cardi was last seen here in April with my ruffled chicken top (which I nearly wore again today).
The white top was last worn here a couple of weeks ago under the jacket I gave away before I even got home from work.

The stuff: 
These shoes remind me of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" - get it? The roses on the toeses and the pointy bits on the wedge? I last wore them here being the Queen of Faeries earlier this month.

Simple bling:
Wrist-cuff, ring-cuff and ear-rings.

Cardigan (Peter Nygard, consignment), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Bianca Nygard, thrifted), shoes (Miz Mooz, consignment), cuff (Rimanchik), ring (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (gift from Lise).

Okay, I'm bad at secrets - I have to tell (but you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see!). I went to a new hairdresser tonight! My old one moved to London (UK), so I found a new one. She is young (under 30, ha), and it was a cool and hip salon. I let her be creative with my hair...and then I coloured it when I got home.

Pictures tomorrow! And Shoe Shine coming soon! Get those shoes out!


  1. Boring?!? Really? The knife pleats (?) on the back hem of that skirt are awesome!

  2. Oooh looking forward to seeing your new haircut! :) Love the plaid skirt too!

  3. Never boring! I really like this skirt and your rose/thorn shoes. I have a song now! Can't wait to see your surprise. xox

    I'm planning something funa dn slightly different for Shoe Shine. I can't wait!

  5. By the way, I came here to tell you that I added Shoe Shine to my list of blog hops. I was going to mention it on my previous comment but got distracted by the red shoes. LOL

  6. Nothing you wear is ever boring! The little flair at the back of the skirt is achingly adorable.

    Did you get your hair done like Mrs. Allnut? I can't wait to see it!

  7. Ooh hair change? I can't wait to see it! And I don't find this outfit boring - but I also love me some plaid as you know!

  8. Well I wouldn't say this is boring Sheila, love the plaid and I have been looking out for a similar white top since I saw this one last time. Looking forward to the new hairdo reveal.

  9. Hahaha, Vizzini's bum in the air is a sign of approval allright!
    Plaid!! You're killing me, you KNOW how I love all your plaid!! I MUST give my wardrobe a palid injection, dammit! Lovely with the yellow cardi. Boring?! Kiss my ass, you're not remotely boring, wench!
    Totally digging those jewels......especially the earrings!!!
    I look forward to seeing what you've done...sometimes we just have to push ourselves to fiddle with something as delicate as our......I won't give it away.........YAY!
    You have L's grandfathers BLACK version of my bag?! Swooooon, I'd love it in black. And tan....and, and, and........!!!


  10. this plaid shirt is one of my favorites - love it!


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