Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Casual Pirate, Soft Weekend with Hypno-Skirts and a Mushroom Hat

Shoe Shine is still on! You're welcome to join in the fun.

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, and an additional Happy Birthday to my own awesome mom! 

Another long week - thank goodness next weekend is a long one (Victoria Day holiday)! I've had a lovely relaxing weekend, thank you, universe.

Here's Friday's whackitude.
"Yar, you look like a pirate," is what my darling husband greeted me with in the morning. I enjoyed being whacky in this. Funky Friday, not Casual Friday! I like pushing my limits a bit on Fridays.

This is my outfit for Bella's "Secondhand First" link-up, over at Citizen Rosebud - go check it out! Everything in my outfit is either second-hand, or locally-made/ethically-produced. Actually, any of these outfits would count, as nearly everything in my closet is ethically sourced now.

Hard to see in these pictures, but my jeans are navy and dark red pinstriped. Very 80s hair band! I purchased them here on consignment last weekend for $20.98.
The ABBA-esque blouse was purchased on consignment for $16.98 a couple of years ago, and was last seen here in December 2013 with red leather pants and shiny brocade.
The vest is a stretchy dark denim, bought on consignment back in 2008 for under $20 (here I am in August 2008). It keeps making my regular closet culls! It was last worn here (2nd outfit) in November 2013 for dinner out with my old boss Tammy.

My gorgeous red leather Danier Leather coat, made in Canada. I bought this new a couple of years ago after Christmas, half price for $349.00 - it's important to me to support Canadian companies and manufacturing.

The stuff:
Those are Versace pumps - I bought them at a vintage fair (here, in November 2012) for $40.00. I thought this outfit definitely called for badass shoes. I adore them, but they are delicate, so I don't wear them too often.

Badass bling:

The belt was given to me by my former coworker Ruth, the rings are homegrown vintage (both handmade), and the earrings were made locally.

Vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), blouse (CAbi, consignment), jeans (Ralph Lauren, consignment), shoes (Versace Jeans Couture, vintage), belt (gift from Ruth), rings (80s; spider from Mom & Dad; snake from the Museum Gift Shop).

Week two of Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday morning - I actually planned this outfit last Sunday for Ulty. I have to have my sportsbra on, and to be able to change into and out of my workout clothes at the field.
I went shopping after our post-game brunch at the diner, so I wanted to be comfy but still look okay after running around and getting sweaty for an hour and a half.

This is my new-to-me t-shirt top purchased here last weekend off the consignment clearance rack for $7.50. Doesn't it have a nice drape? It was amazingly soft to wear.
This is my second wear of this awesome skirt that was made in Vancouver. I first wore it here in March with leopard (really).
I love the deep pockets on the sides - I also really grooved on the chartreuse and aqua and white all looked together. I got a few compliments on it.

My yellow Danier Leather coat, also purchased new. This one's made in China, unfortunately; it was purchased before I decided to join "Secondhand First". I am in the process of wearing it to death, however!

The stuff:
These shoes are starting to look a bit beat up - the silver lining is also flaking off a bit. I hope they make it through the summer! I thrifted them last summer for $16.50 and last wore them here in September 2013 in an all-white outfit for Monochromania!

Bold silver bling:
I like my jewelry bold yet fussy. The oak leaf bracelet was thrifted, and the cuff was made in the USA (although purchased in the gift shop of St. Paul's Cathedral in London).

Top (Forever 21, consigment), skirt (SaVVie), shoes (Aerosoles, thrifted), bracelet (thrifted), cuff (St. Paul's Cathedral gift shop).

I had a lovely time on my short shop. I went to the St. Vincent de Paul, then swung by the WIN Boutique on the way home.

I scored at the SVdP with this graphic skirt:
"Do not look away from Hypno-Skirt..."
 It's impossibly vivid in person. The fabric is a cotton-spandex blend, and it's unlined.
"Look deep into Hyno-Skirt..."
It's coral, dark red, grey and black. I love the mod 60s look of it.

I love that it's made in Canada. Current was a Vancouver-based chain that closed a few years ago, due to competition from fast fashion (story).
Someone really loved this skirt - it's been well-worn. I was surprised to see it's been washed so many times - the exterior is still very crisp and new-looking, with no fading or marks.

What a deal!
We had a Current store here for a few years - I wish I'd shopped there more.

I had good luck at the Win Boutique. It's mostly set up with spring clothing, but I always shop out of season - check out this sweet red sweater:
I love the classic cables, the curvy shape, the V-neck (always flattering) and the 3/4 sleeves.

Good quality:
Talbots Pima cotton, and only $12.50. Not a pill on it, either.

This skirt was a really amazing find:
It's by Club Monaco and it's maybe a year old - although I don't shop new in Club Monaco anymore, I like to look at their lines to see trends, and I remember this skirt being around $150.00 new.

I love the "shattered mirror" graphic of the pattern.
"Hypno-Skirt looks deep in your eyes..."
The wide edges of the skirt (waist, side panels and around the exposed back zipper) are actually navy blue with black edging.

I see orange, yellow, pink , purple, blue and a bit of lime green in there.
"You are feeling very sleepy..."
As you can see by the tag in the picture above, it was only $15.50. What a score!

This dress is one of those things that you might pass by. Not very attractive on the hanger at all. Luckily, it's actually quite a gorgeous dress on - those ties Vizzini is gnawing on create a blousy top with a small waist and a knee-length skirt. It is quite see-through, so I'll be wearing a full slip under it.
"I like this one best."
The good fabric caught my attention first - it's a very fine chiffon, probably silk (there's no content listing). The pattern appealed to me, even though these aren't my usual colours.

The previous owner did not to know to take that ugly black lace off the neckline (see the pic above). Those are meant to be removed - they are there for the stores to help them stay on the hangers. I shudder when I see women wearing sweaters and blouses with those still attached! Gah!
I've never heard of this brand, but Amanda Laird Cherry is a South African designer. Check her out here. I'm pretty sure this lovely dress sold for more than the $18.50 I paid for it.

The tag intrigued me.
You really don't see clothing up here in Canada that's made in South Africa very often!

I found this brown leather belt in the men's section.
It's by American Eagle Outfitters and was $5.00 - not bad for really leather, and I like that the whole length of it is studded.

I saw this mystery item in the jewelry case:
Can you guess what it is?

I looked up Hollyhawk designs (Etsy page, linking 'case she's local).
These sell for $30.00 Canadian new.

It's a wrist-wrap!
I like the design. It reminds me of Navajo rugs.

The elastic makes it adjustable, so I tightened it up a smidge.
Yay! I love leather cuffs.

On Sunday, I slept in then strolled down to get my groceries.
This is very close to what I wear around the house most days, minus the shoes and the flower necklace. I love a big flowy skirt for lounging around - it's so much nicer than yoga pants.

My jean shirt was worn over a cami. I last wore this shirt here (2nd outfit) in April over a sunny yellow dress.
This skirt is 75% in-house only, although I do tend to wear it on grocery days. I last wore it here (way down at the bottom) on an April weekend to get a sofa with L.
The shoes are my uber-comfy Chie Mihara ones that I last wore that same weekend in April with a different outfit.

I stopped into a little home decor store called Country Comforts (linking 'cause I love) on the way home, and spotted this crazy hat.
It's so soft. I'm guessing it is 80s, due to the bizarre shape and that the "leather" band and trim are actually PVC. I might do some customization to this. It was only $20 and I feel giddy about wearing it. Look at that crazy little bauble sewn on the side (including its worn in "path" from swinging on the hat). And the four notched corners! Crazy.

The lovely shop proprietor and I both compared it with Farrell's Vivienne Westwood crazy Mountie hat - and as we were chatting, "Happy" came on the radio.
She had it labeled as cashmere, and I concur - it's kitten-soft and is real felted wool.  Although the stamp inside says "L'Elegance - Finest of Velours" I don't think that is the brand of the hat; that's the brand of the velour wool felt piece that was used to make the crown of the hat. 
Closet mirror selfie
Oh, yes, this will be insanity. It's a crazy mushroom hat and I must wear it for Judith's next "Hat Attack!"

It was a lovely sunny and warm day and an awesome weekend. I think I'll take a page from Vizzini's book and chill.
"I'm a cool cat hangin' in the sun."
I hope you had a fun weekend!


  1. Aaarrrr! Said the pirate.
    Love the psychedelic skirt and the hat mostly. Oh, and of course, the cat :P
    Huggles x

  2. You always find the best things when you go thrift shopping! I stopped by an op-shop (thrift store) with my sister on the weekend and I picked up a couple pieces, but nothing as fantastic as what you regularly score. Especially that printed club monaco skirt, it's a beauty :)

  3. Love the pirate/Abba/Seinfeld blouse, and all the goodies you found. The chiffon print dress is gorgeous - if it doesn't work for you I will happily buy it! xox

  4. Those Ralph Lauren trousers fit your perfectly! If I could find any pants that fitted me that well, I might be tempted too! Love the turquoise/white skirt, and your leather coats always rock.
    Great shopping as always, I like the look of the red Mod-style skirt, and the leather cuff is fab.
    Vizzini - perky boy! x. X

  5. I can't wait to see you style that new red skirt! Awesome!!

  6. Your pants look really good on you and fit so well! Of course, everything you wear looks really good on you! I love your flowy skirt; it's one of my favourites of your pieces. I agree that they are really comfortable for wearing around home too. Vizzini has the funniest facial expressions!

  7. That's a capital H Hat! Wow. It eclipses everything in the world.

  8. OMG, I love that pirate top with the pants and the pointy shoes! Very chic, very arty, very piratey, but all cooooool! That leather cuff is very cool, too, and I love the two new skirts! A feast for the eyes, and I still have to go have a look at Shoe Shine! I'm behind!

  9. Our St. Vincent DePaul store just has crap - I'm so jealous of the great stuff you find in the thrift stores out there! I would have had to arm wrestle you for that leather cuff.....

  10. OOooo both of those crazy skirts make me swoon. Especially the red one. I'm so behind in reading, but so many lovely things to oogle and look at! I love your shopping days.


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