Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sheila's Shoe Shine #1

Shoe Shine is on! 
It will run every other Saturday until midnight Monday.

For the very first Sheila's Shoe Shine, it only seemed appropriate that I show my own first pair of Fluevogs:
These are the Harlow, from the Listen Up family. This family has been discontinued, and although Fluevog launched another Listen Up family a few years ago, it doesn't have the same sculptural "champagne glass"-shaped heel. That heel is about 3.5", by the way, a little too high for me these days. I don't wear these all that often any more - maybe 2-3 times a year - but I do love them dearly.

When I bought these (actually, I think L probably bought them for me), it was pre-blog, probably around 2006. I was heavy (close to 200 lbs) and unhappy. These shoes made me forget that I couldn't find any clothes that fit. The goddamned shoes fit, and that felt wonderful. I felt like a rock star.
Lovely crackle finish on the white leather, and the "Fluevog" signature on the back.
For me, shoes transcend the often painful experience of clothes shopping. The thing many men don't get about shoes ("What is it with women and shoes?" they ponder) is that no matter what size you are in clothes, shoes will always fit. They won't be too tight next time you put them on, and they can instantly make you feel sexy, female and good about yourself.

We have a special relationship with shoes - that's why we love them.

So, please join me! Show us your shoes!

Shine on, you crazy diamonds! Glitzy, colourful, funky and gorgeous shoes of all kinds are welcome.

Want to play? It's super-easy. Anyone can join.
  1. Anyone can join. Write a post featuring a fabulous pair of footwear!
  2. Include a link to Ephemera somewhere in your post (it's only polite). Leave a comment here if you like (note that comments continue to be moderated.
  3. Go to the bottom of this post and click on the InLinks "Add Your Link" button to open a new page.
  4. In the "Next Step," you crop the picture you want to display, and voila!
  5. Show your Shoe Shine spirit by grabbing and displaying the button in the sidebar!


  1. Love the story behind these shoes. And I love that your best friend L bought them for you. xox

  2. So glad that ShueShine will live on your blog now, Sheila - thank you for hosting it! I think this particular pair of shoes was the first (or second) I showed at Bella's ShoeShine, and I couldn't resist to link them up again, though with a different outfit. These are the funkiest pair of shoes I own by far! Shoes have a power to add something to your personality, or bring something out of you which doesn't have many outings otherwise. :)

    Your shoes are marvelous!! I'd love to own a pair of such beauties. I will definitely look into this brand. :)

  3. You are so perfect as a Shoe Shine host! You always showcase a sweet pair of kicks! I'll try to get a post together with some decent shoes so I can join in...

  4. So happy that you are hosting Shoe Shine. Your first Fluevogs are the perfect way to launch this party. It's because of you and other bloggers that I fell in love with Fluevogs and now have some of my very own. I agree that shoes always fit; I find the same to be true of hats!

  5. Great start for Shoe Shine at Ephemera! It's lovely that those shoes have such good memories and have seen you though so many years. Kind of like keeping your first car, but easier to maintain and take out on the street from time to time. And they're gorgeous!

  6. Such a great fit...ha and shoeshine! Loving your first Fluevogs, but they would be an exotic sculpture in our house, as no one here wears heels!

  7. I am SOOO jealous of all your Fluevogs. I've always wanted a pair but alas, it's not yet been in the cards. Drooling over your gorgeous shoes ;-P

  8. Those Fluevogs are spunky!!!! Gah, you have some mighty fine ones!
    I'm a terrible joiner, offense. I can barely think figure out what I'm doing, let alone hook up with anything else!

  9. Soooooooooooooooo glad to shoe shine with you.

  10. Grand way to start the party off, Sheila! You (and Mel, and Megan Fluevog) are the folks I think of when I see Fluevogs. And I love that the shoes are all about style and character. Somethings you keep, cherish and they get better over time. Fluevogs are def in that catagory. Thanks for hostessing with the mostessing! xo. Bella

  11. What a great back story to your first Fluevogs. And ain't it the truth about shoes too. I love your color wheel of shoes with the leopard thrown in for snicks - or is it kicks. I don't know how you'll ever choose which ones to highlight. Such is life... Thanks for picking up shoe shine, Sheila.

  12. Okay, I'm a scofflaw. No shoes showing in my photo at all. But at least I can admire the fancy footwear of the other great dames here. Yesh. Thanks, Sheila, for the kick in the pants and for being such a great hostess.

  13. I've been looking for my first pair of Fluevogs, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. These are beautiful!!!

  14. Oooh, these are GORGEOUS!!! Sadly, I can never find a Fluevog that I like in my size. :(


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