Thursday, May 22, 2014

Buzzed, Lady of the Flies and Boss

Here you go - I'm shorn like a sheep!
Taking inspiration from such awesome bloggers as Shelley at Forest City Fashionista and Mis Papelicos (both fabulous, go check 'em out), I'm daring to go where I have never gone before: super-duper short.
This is the shortest I've ever had my hair on the sides and back. I coloured my hair last night to this darker red (seriously, Shoppers Drug Mart, your colour selection sucks), but when it was freshly cut, all of that short stuff was GREY. I am not quite ready to take the full-grey plunge, but it's nice to know that when I do, I can still do a funky, punky, Not Dead Yet! style.
Buzz buzz
The top is slightly undercut so that I don't have the late-90s boy-band mushroom cut. I loathe that look. The point is to keep my upper and bangs/fringe area long so that I can do "the Pomp" (a pompadour, similar to what I was did for the last Urbanite at the Art Gallery here). I am excited to try that this weekend - I was definitely not up for experimenting on it for a work day!

I did get a lot of compliments on my hair at work, in an interesting split. The men complimented the colour; the women liked the cut. I think this is a scary cut for men. Heh.

But let's move on to the clothes - time's a-wastin'. This top is covered in flies! It's my Smoking Lily silk top from a sample sale a couple of years ago. I last wore it here in August 2013 with my floofy skirt.
Peek-a-boo slip
The top has a propensity for gaping open on one side, so I wore my vintage red slip with the ruffled hem underneath everything.
This is my 3rd wearing of this Hugo Boss Orange skirt, last seen here in March with velvet and embroidery. I quite liked the way the black leather obi defined the waist and worked with the fullness of both the blouse and skirt.

The stuff:
Too many heels lately, so time for comfy shoes. I last wore these here (2nd outfit) in April with a pretty dress.

Distracting bling:
I love my vintage copper pieces. Doesn't that lapis lazuli ring just pop against them?

Blouse (Smoking Lily), skirt (Orange by Hugo Boss, consignment), shoes (Town Shoes, thrifted), belt (consignment), necklace/earrings/cuff (Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage fairs), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes).

Have you been shining your shoes? Get ready for Shoe Shine #2, coming on Saturday morning!


  1. Sheila, you look fabulous with the new haircut! Yes! I love the shade of teal blue of your blouse, and yes, I love your copper collection too!

  2. Love, love, love your hair! So fresh and funky! Had to laugh at the gender split comments :-) The copper and blue are absolutely divine together. Oh and you aren't bad looking either! I might have to share my newest Diesel this space...

  3. Your new haircut looks great! :) And the darker red is a really nice colour too :)
    I like this outfit - like you said the obi belt is a great piece with the top and skirt :)

  4. Love the edgy haircut! You lok cool, and the red color is really accentuated now. Great layers today too, I like the red slip peeking out. xox

  5. Oh woah fab top, love the colour of the skirt too! Your haircut looks great! I've only once cropped my hair and it really didn't suit me so I've always stuck with long locks since (I'm a scaredy cat!)

    Lally xx

  6. Love the cut! It doesn't even look that radical, I think. Doncha love that feel when you run your hand through the short stuff?

    Such a luxe look you're wearing with those rich colors and textures. I love the red slip peaking out with its bold cheekiness!

  7. The new do is fantastic!! You definitely have the personality to carry off a slightly whackadoo style!!

  8. I thought I commented this morning but just wanted to say how much I like your new hair do

  9. Your hair is shorter than mine! Wanna borrow some men's clothes? :-)

  10. So much awesomeness here! I love your new cut and I think it suits you so well. Real men love haircuts that women are happy with. This is a gorgeous outfit and definitely one of my favourites. I love the colours and the fabric and I think I am pretty much swooning. Oops I drooled on my keyboard.

  11. I LOVE your new hair. I've been itching to buzzbuzz, but I'm trying (again) to grow it back out to a bob (and then maybe get an undercut)

  12. awesome hairstyle and color!, you look gorgeous!!!!
    love your copper bijouterie and so nice color combo, orange, red and blue!, mmmm, delightful!

  13. Love your hair, makes me want to chop off all my locks!
    I alos like the colour combo in this outfit :)

  14. I like the new hair -and your determination !
    I am such a looser when it comes to hair, I have alopesia and its a miracle i have any hair so I just try to keep it there the longest i can.


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