Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Return of the Emerald Culottes!

Oh, it's been a long day...and tomorrow will be longer. However, I'm staying positive with the power of green culottes!
I stair, and stare
I was so excited to wear my great green culottes again! I love their swoosh (it's a Swoosh Factor of at least eleven), the vivid colour, the pockets, and the Crazy.

I also liked how they adapted to the Spring "long over long" looks that are popular now, and the wide-legged cropped pant trend. Yeah, I already got that covered! I don't need to buy anything new. And you know I found these in the vintage section of the thrift store, right? Of course I did! I found them for $4.00 (shame my shoddy memory - I was bragging about paying $7.50 for them!) back in April 2013 (here) and wore them five times last spring/summer, including the last time here with orange other and Major 80s colours.
They are quite wrinkly here, but the wrinkles resolved by the end of the day. They have a vertical wrinkle texture already, but the horizontal ones are from being crammed in a Glad bin for 6 months. They're by Jac Dale, were made in Hong Kong and are most definitely 80s.

The sequined top is one that I bought new just over 3 years ago when our local Plum store closed. It's by Dex.
I don't remember when or where I bought this cardigan, but I always wear it over this top - last time for both here (last outfit) in August with my purple silk flutter maxi skirt. After some research, it appears I thrifted it for $3.00 back here (last outfit) in September 2011. I guess I have gotten good cost-per-wear out of it. I don't really care that this style of cardi is "out" - it serves a very useful purpose and allows me to have arm coverage (for sun and the buh-byes) and to wear a cool sleeveless top like this one to work.

I can never resist doing the MC Hammer pants pose with these culottes:
"Can't touch this."
I had to prove they were pants a couple of times!

The stuff:
My shoes were thrifted new for $24.00 last year. I loved how they went with this outfit. I last wore them here with pouffy, copper and leather in March.

Bold bling:
These earrings swing a lot when I wear them, but I liked how their shape echoed the "tree" shapes in sequins in the top. The ring is vintage, one of Mom's, and the glass bangle was thrifted.

Cardigan (Alternative Apparel, thrifted), top (Dex), culottes (Jac Dale, thrifted), shoes (Ramon Tenza, thrifted), bangle (thrifted), earrings (Plum), ring (vintage 70s, Mom's).

Tomorrow will be a long day for me, so I might not have a post up, but I will for Friday for sure. And don't forget: Shoe Shine starts on Saturday! 


  1. Fabulous culottes - the best of both worlds!

  2. The splendor of the culottes! I really like your long over long silhouette. xo

  3. The culottes are beautiful on you! And they really do look like a skirt sometimes, I'm not surprised you had to show off that they were pants! :)

  4. You look just like the genie I keep wishing will come out of my bottle. Boy, have I got three wishes!

  5. Yes, those culottes are still fab, they are every time you wear them! Gorgeous earrings too. xxx

  6. They are pretty awesome! I don't know that I could pull them off because I'm kind of short, but they look amazing on you!


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