Thursday, May 15, 2014

Zebra Safari and a Vintage Yellow Recital

Gah, today was difficult. I am sleep-deprived and longing for that long weekend. Bring on the...
 ...safari! Ha! I read in one of those fashion mags that "Safari" is on trend. I'm not doing what they meant, which is that sort of Bianca Jagger Studio 54 "I'm going to Africa to lounge about" look, but my own spin, which is giddy.

This white/cream jacket is one of the oldest things I own now - I've had it for five years! Here is in its first outing in June 2009, with me playing around with James Bond poses. I last wore it here in April with dots and chainlink.
The little green top is one of my many sleeveless sweaters - I was able to take the jacket off at work and still be pretty covered up (another hot day!). I last wore it here in November 2013 with Kim Cattrall's suit.
I like the zebra skirt, although this is pushing my shortness boundaries. I like the extra fullness of it, plus pockets! However, I haven't worn it since here in April 2013 (wow) with reds, and it probably will not pass the spring/summer purge in September. But you never know.

The stuff:
Every time I wear these shoes, someone asks me, "Are those new shoes?" Jeez, I wear these all the time! Last time here with teal and chartreuse in April.

Brown bling:
That might be a rubber band on the belt - no judgment!
My new-to-me cuff and belt - yes, I built the outfit around two accessories!

Blazer (Club Monaco, consignment), top (Harve Bernard, thrifted), skirt (Plum), shoes (Fly London), belt (American Eagle Outfitters, thrifted), cuff (Hollyhawk, thrifted), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), jade ring (Mom's, vintage 70s), earrings (Plum). 

I'm writing this post dressed like this, right now:
I'm waiting for Mom to pick me up and take me with my ex-boyfriend's mother, to see two of my nieces dance in a 3-4 hour-long recital. Note that I am dressed comfortably, yet whacky.

Llinking up to The Citizen Rosebud for Secondhand First! Go pre-loved and hurrah for the gorgeous Vix!

Second wear of my lovely yellow vintage dress, last seen here in March with Babycakes.
It's a little warm - oh, that vintage polyester, it sure doesn't know how to breathe! I am anticipating a that the theatre will be air-conditioned, but I'll be okay if it's not.
Since I'll be sitting most of the evening, a full skirt is a must.

The stuff:
I know I might have to walk a bit after parking, so good walking shoes. These are my lovely Kraft Dinner Tsubos, last seen here (2nd outfit) in April with chartreuse and floral.

Vintage bling:
I knew I'd have to wear a hat - I like to give my nieces some of the Crazy Auntie stuff. I got this at Value Village many years ago (maybe 15?) for about $9.99. Everything but the big stone ring [and at this point, Mom showed up, but now I am home, having sat through 37 dance numbers in 3 hours. I. Deserve. A. Medal.] is vintage.

And now - wine!

Dress (Haybrooke Classic, vintage, consignment), shoes (Tsubo), hat (Deer Skin, vintage, thrifted), cuff, earrings, brooch (all different vintage fairs), ring (cheapo, bought in the 90s), floral ring (Sarah Coventry, consignment).


  1. Ooh, Sheila's showing some leg! And why not indeed, when you've got such great pins!
    The yellow vintage dress is my favourite (obviously) - not whacky in the least, just elegant and beautiful and a great print! xxx

  2. love your zebra skirt, it's a pretty print!, and also love your fabulous shoes (as usual) and all that bijouterie!
    And you look gorgeous wearing your crazy auntie attire (you're actually a model for me!), so cute hat with that brooch!, and so pretty dress!

  3. You can do it all, Sheila, from Bianca to Betty Draper - and look authentic and fab! xox

  4. I love the zebra print skirt!! So much fun! And I bet your nieces could totally spot you in that yellow dress while they were dancing - and I bet it made them smile!

  5. I can't even concentrate on anything else but you in that butterscotchy vintage dress! Gah, you are dreamy looking in it, love love love love the way it fits, and how you rock it. Did I mention I'm a sucker for a ginger in THAT color. Ok, stepping away now. Thank you for linking and for being such a great style maven!

  6. The turquoise Fly shoes are to die for! Ankle straps are so sexy, don't you think? I've never seen Tsubo shoes in any colour but black out here - love the butterscotch.

  7. Both outfits are gorgeous! You are the queen of shoes, which is wildly apparent in you post today. Love the vintage hat with your yellow dress. Thank you for sharing it and you with Hat Attack!

  8. wow, i love the yellow outfit ... you look so gorgeous with the hat and the vintage dress and yellow shoes and all the beautiful jewllery. :)

  9. Hello! Lovely to meet you via Citizen Rosebud! WOW, love your dress AND hat! So beautiful!!!! I like the idea of a dress so you can eat lots!My kind of dress!x


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