Thursday, May 29, 2014

Spanish Ladies and Orangeness

And with this, I am on my mini-vacation! I'll do a wrap up at the end of it, but I'm off for a few days of R&R (of the rest and relaxation variety). 
My wonderful Spanish ladies dress reminds me of our last big vacation, to London and Paris in 2010 (go here to read about it). I bought it in Camden Market. My three weeks coming up in the fall? Well, it might just be time to go somewhere...we'll see.

I am a sucker for a good neckline on a jacket. I love this Smoking Lily jacket, last seen here nearly a year ago in June 2013 over a strapless dress. For a jacket I love, I should really wear it more!
Vizzini had been laying at my feet right up to a second earlier.
The dress is a treasure to me. Every time I wear it I feel fabulous, and today was no exception. I last wore it here in September 2013 with my yellow jacket (also due for a wear) over it.
The blue stuff at the bottom is actually another skirt, layered under the dress. Look at me, doing the "new" midi look, har har. I rarely wear it as a skirt (last time was here); because of its amazing floofiness qualities, I usually layer it, as I did when I wore it in December 2013 (here, 3rd outfit) to my company Christmas party.

The stuff:
I liked doing non-matchy shoes ('cause you know I can do at least 2 different pairs of blue shoes!), and loved wearing my orange wonder shoes again. I last wore them here with Morange in April.

Blue bling:
Although the earrings are more pinky-red. I wish I had bought that belt in every colour!

Jacket (Smoking Lily, consignment), dress (Lirub), shoes (Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog), belt (Danier Leather), earrings (local), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Now, this is my kinda print! Fabulous skirt, and I always swoon over orange and blue together!

  2. Another fan of the orange and blue together! Such a great colour combination :)

    I hope you do find a fantastic place or places to visit with your 3 weeks off - if you ever venture out to Brisbane I'd love to catch up! Might need more than 3 weeks to do Australia justice though, haha.

  3. Enjoy your vaca! I love the Spanish ladies dress so hard. xo

  4. I love those Spanish ladies! I bet they sing in your closet and entertain all your other skirts. It's the most beautiful print - exciting colors, kitsch design, but tastefully done. You are so lucky to have it!

    I'm gonna add one criticism, though - I don't like the blue skirt underneath because it makes too strong a border. An orange petticoat, though, would be lovely.

  5. Those shoes are perfection with that dress. They are such a wonderful shade of orange! No blending in when you're wearing those beautiful Desmonds.

  6. Gorgeous! Gosh, I guess I love blue and orange together!

  7. that jacket is fabulous!
    and so the print on the dress and your accessorizing. wish you successful R&R :-)

  8. Blue and orange together = yummy!! Love your dress, I'd wear it all the time probably. The neckline of the jacket is awesome! But you always look no less than amazing - such a great artistic eye for clothing you have!! xxx

  9. I really like the skirt. I was in Camden Market during the spring and bought a couple of pieces. Your orange shoes are lovely too!!!

  10. Orange and blue are a great combination, and the dress is a beauty, no wonder you always feel fabulous in it. xxx

  11. Yep, that dress never ceases to amaze me. Its such a great garment and every single time you wear it a different way.


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