Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mod Skirt with Black and Black

It is so bloody hot hot HOT here right now - it's currently hovering around 24-28 degrees (up to 80), which for us are August temps. I'm dying! I'm a delicate west coast flower.
Needless to say, I did not wear a coat today - this light blazer was sufficient, and by the time I walked home, completely unnecessary (although I wore it to keep my tattoos covered and out of the sun).

I built the outfit around this new-to-me $4.00 thrifted skirt (purchased this last weekend here). I won't be keeping the skirt for long - in fact, I've already promised it to one of my coworkers, Fiona. She loves black, grey and red. I do too, but as much as I love this pattern, it's pretty limited as to what it goes with: black, grey, red, dark, white, cream. Not really too much else, unless I really want to go out there and be full-on whackitude. So I'll play with it a few times, get my cost-per-wear down to a buck or so, then pass it along.
I had another top planned for today's outfit, but the reds weren't right, so I changed to this silky tank (last seen here in April).
This is a pretty black-heavy outfit for me, when you add in the blazer. I love this light wool piece, thrifted for not very much ($29? something like that). I last wore it here over my shoulderless top a couple of weeks ago.

The stuff:
Can't go wrong with classic black pumps. Last wore 'em here in April with black, white and yellow.

Black bling:
My Grandma J's vintage jet bead and crystal necklace. Isn't it lovely?

Blazer (Banana Republic, thrifted), shell (Spense, thrifted), skirt (Current, thrifted), shoes (Guess), necklace (vintage, Grandma J's), earrings (the Cobbler).


  1. I'm impressed that the red outfit is so perfect for you. That will teach me not to make assumptions about colors. I'd always heard that redheads couldn't wear red or pink. But that outfit is stunning.

  2. Love the black bling, and the op-art skirt. The vintage jet necklace is especially awesome. xo

  3. Ooohh... I love this skirt. I may get a job at your workplace to become a recipient for your cast-offs.

    And I never think of you as a delicate flower; more like a fierce warrior.

  4. Yay you wore the skirt! I can see how it would be limiting though - nice of you to hand it off to your co-worker when you're done with it!

  5. That skirt is totally fabulous on. It's the perfect shade of red!

  6. I also love this skirt! The entire ensemble is terrific, and totally something I would like to wear. Not as versatile as some of your skirts, because of the print, I think.

  7. Arrgggh - I wish I would have put dibs on that skirt before your co-worker did - I love the pattern, and it's my most favourite colour combination! We had two very hot and sticky days here early this week, but now tomorrow is to be a high of 12 degrees.

  8. the print on the skirt is fabulous!!, love that geometric-psychedelic style!, and love the red&black combo too!
    you look so elegant and gorgeous!


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