Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Purple Lips and Red Kicks, with White Lace PVC

Oh, so close to my days off! And in even better news, my 3-week vacation in the fall got approved. Life is good.
Also good: this outfit. Right in my wheelhouse of contrast-y colours and nice little details. Notice the purple lippy too! That's "Heroine" by MAC, thank you, mother-in-law.

I need to break my "Secondhand First" vow and replace a bunch of my t-shirt fabric camisoles. They are worn a lot and most of them are getting ratty or fading, and you don't see that many of them in second-hand stores. I need another red one - I had to haul this silky (thrifted) one out of the laundry and re-wear it (last time seen here in May). Um, yeah, you found me out - I don't wash my "good" clothes very frequently - I wait till the laundry bag is full.
Anyway, the silky cami got me back by untucking from this skirt at every freakin' opportunity. I spent the entire day tucking it back in. Arg.

The purple cardi was last seen here in September 2013 during Monochromania! week (guess what colour?)
After its second wear (first time here in April), I must conclude that - although lovely - this skirt is a piece of crap. More of the "lace" ripped today, and the seam up the back split when I was getting down off a chair (yes, I climb chairs in my heels, it's all part of my job). I so wish it was leather instead of PVC. However, I will wear it until it falls apart! And it does strengthen my resolve to look for good quality pieces when I'm out thrifting.

The stuff:
Oh, did I say "good quality pieces"? I was talking about these shoes...and this belt...and this cuff...and these earrings...and that ring. All ethically-made either locally, in Canada or in a non-sweat-shop setting (the shoes are made in Germany).

Compared to yesterday's skyscraper heels, these felt like flats! I walked several blocks today, up and down flights of stairs, ran in them...and my feet are thanking me. I last wore them here in April with cerulean and black lace.

Leather and silver bling:
I got a huge amount of compliments on the earrings, and they were light as (leather) feathers.

Cardigan (Kenar, consignment), cami (Spense, thrifted), skirt (Lord & Taylor, gift from mother-in-law), shoes (Marc), belt (Plum), cuff (Rimanchik), earrings (thrifted), ring (Oscar & Libby's).


  1. Good quality is what I see at every turn when I visit your closet/blog! Soooo jealous! But it's driving my resolve for good quality thrifting too. Those earrings are puzzling with the bent metal on the front. I can't work out how they stay on :-) what a shame about your skirt. Hopefully you can get a few more wears. I'm not at all attracted to vinyl. I made my hubby take back a "leather" jacket he bought me because it sweated. At least your skirt has holes so you can breathe !

    1. Thanks for your answer! Now I see the gauze eyes have been opened...I can see!! :-D

  2. Gorgeous outfit! Red and purple is one of my favourite combinations! I find that tee shirts and camis are not usually in very good condition in the thrift shops so that is something I don't buy used.

  3. Such a shame about that skirt - as it's beautiful but won't last long if the quality is not there. It's good you have lots of other quality pieces in your wardrobe to pair with it though, so you only have to get frustrated at the skirt I guess haha!

    The 3 week break sounds awesome - are you planning a trip?

  4. Lovely colours, but what a pity the skirt isn't holding up to actually being worn! Those shoes are right up my street, love them. xxx

  5. I am with you on buying my camisoles new - usually inexpensively because even "nice" ones look faded pretty quickly. Love, love this color combination, and the shape of your lace skirt (sorry it's not so durable). My feet, however, are sobbing at the look of those gorgeous heels. Taxi for me today! (in nyc) xox

  6. I've been known to pull an item out of the laundry too on occasion! And yes, t-shirts and camis sometimes have to be bought new.

  7. another fabulous color combo, love red & purple together and love how you add white to the combo, such a great idea!, obviously, your earrings got a lot of compliments because they're cool!!, and your leather cuff is also pretty!!

  8. I hate to hear that the skirt is a piece of crap. Its the first garment I looked at when I opened your blog and loved it.


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