Friday, May 16, 2014

Finally Friday! Grandma's Chinese Necklace

Happy Friday! For my fellow Canucks, Happy Victoria Day long weekend! For those of you non-Canadians, Victoria Day celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday. I learned, "Twenty-fourth of May is the Queen's Birthday" when I was a kid (although we don't always celebrate it on the 24th). It was the first weekend Mom would let us wear shorts, even though it's usually a chilly rainy weekend. 

As I live in Victoria the city, named after the great queen, we make a very big to-do about it, with a bigass parade on the holiday Monday morning, complete with floats and marching bands from Canada and the US. I have many memories of attending this parade in past years, but I prefer to avoid the crowds now. 

Anyway, woo! Long weekend! Let's party in style!
I loved this outfit and got a lot of positive comments about it, particularly Grandma J's necklace.

I've had this lovely brocade top for a couple of years. I picked it up as part of a mismatched size-wise two-piece set off the clearance rack at My Sister's Closet for under $9.50. Zoiks, I haven't worn it since the September 2012 30 for 30 Challenge (recap here) where I wore it twice. I can't believe I didn't wear it once last summer, but no luck finding it. I love this top - it needs to be worn more!
The skirt is my re-bought thrifted navy blue crepe. I last wore it here (2nd outfit) in November 2013 with my Leia jacket.
It's a swoosh factor 10 when I'm walking - it's a really exaggerated tulip flare at the hem.

The stuff:
Great green goblin shoes! I missed Fluevog Day yesterday (where was my brain?), so I'm catching up today. These were fabulous all day to wear. They were last seen here in March with stripes and polka dots. John Fluevog, please make more of this family of shoes!

Vintage bling:
I always love wearing Grandma J's jewelry, and this lovely vintage Chinese necklace is such a show-stopper.

I realized after I'd taken all the pictures, that I forgot to put on earrings! I did wear them all day.

Top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Plum, first purchased new, then thrifted again), shoes (Half-Truth Tanya, Fluevog), necklace (vintage 60s, Grandma J), bracelet (vintage 60s, Mom's), green glass bracelet (thrifted), earrings (mismatched, gifts from L), jade ring (vintage 70s, Mom's).

Have a fabulous weekend! I'll be putting together a fun outfit for Visible Monday, and start thinking about Shoe Shine for next week!


  1. Ah, how I wish I had kept my Nana's eclectic jewelry collection. That necklace is spectacular! My Nana had an eye for the unique too. GAH! Your shoes! They could very well be real jade! Gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous everything! I love the green accents with that stunning red top!

    I noticed on my calendar that Victoria Day falls on Monday - and it's 20 years that very day since I met my husband in Victoria! There'll be a post about our meeting on Monday.

  3. Love that red top! :) The necklace is a really nice pairing with it :)

    Hope you enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Happy holiday, Sheila. BTW, in case you aren't aware of this, your presence online is a sign of stability and joy for many of us (myself included). Just seeing you here gives us hope and serenity.

  5. Yes, wear it more often - it's a beauty!

  6. Happy Queen V Day. ?! The holiday seems almost as relevant today as the caution that putting a light in the centre of one's bathroom ceiling is an "abomination." But holidays are good things. So are bathroom lights. Love that top and the jewellery.

  7. Yes, you should definitely wear that beautiful blouse more often! And your grandmother's necklace is an amazing piece, just gorgeous. Enjoy your long weekend! xxx

  8. I love that you're part of the Commonwealth!
    That necklace is BLOWING MY MIND with it's fabularseness!!! Divoon. And I love a good Chinoiserie (sp?!) top. You're rocking it! And funky shoes.Gaaaaaaaah.....XXX

  9. Happy Queen V day! We get a long weekend in the US next weekend and I'm very much looking forward to it. And I love your beautiful blouse and grandmother's necklace!


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