Monday, May 12, 2014

Blue and Purple Ice

Ends at Midnight!
Today was a head-down-must-get-sh*t-done kind of day. I only worked an hour late, so that was a bonus.
All comfy, all the time. I was lazy about putting together an outfit for my new skirt, so defaulted to blue.

And of course, the skirt in question is my new-to-me thrifted Club Monaco one, picked up on the weekend (here).
The skirt's pattern reminds me of crackled ice.

This lovely blue top is one of my few "soft tops" (it doesn't get hung up in my closet). I last wore it here (2nd outfit) in March with purple leather.
Love that visible back zipper section.

The stuff:
Lovely purple-blue (is that indigo, then?) Fluevogs of comfy-ness. I last wore these here in March with black velvet and caramel silk.

Blue and purple bling:
New pink studs join the usual suspects.

Top (Oxmo), skirt (Club Monaco, thrifted), shoes (Pearl Hart Bellevue, Fluevog), cuff (thrifted), earrings (local), rings (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Cracked ice, I love that description for this skirt. ONLY? one hour late?! Those crazy taskmasters must give you a points card or 500 air miles for every hour of overtime - in addition to overtime.

  2. So nice to see the first outing of that skirt! It's beautiful with the blue :)

  3. The cracked ice skirt is beauteous, and your fab red hair really pops next to the cobalt. xox

  4. I agree, very cracked ice like, very cool! Love the shade of blue of your sweater too!

  5. Cracked ice- modern prints, me loves! I also love the blue, cobalt feels so cool, I've always been a fan but right now it's even better than ever. Some chill for my slightly warm summer day! You rock!

  6. Love the electric blue on you, Sheila, and the skirt is so cool, and a great fit. xxx

  7. Oh I would have bought that skirt tooo !! it looks like it was made for you, very nice.


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