Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up: Ultimate Gear, Beany Vizzini and a Wee Shop

Ah, sweet relaxing weekend! I hope yours has been calm. Let's start with Saturday, shall we?
I've been wanting to wear this top again - it's just so cool. This Saturday was the start of our Ultimate Frisbee season (over 14 years we've been playing!), so I have my sports bra on under this. I change my outfit at the field (into very unattractive shorts and a t-shirt, as well as soccer cleats and a ball cap), then change back into my "good" clothes for lunch afterwards. I don't like being in public in my workout wear - it makes me feel lazy.

I prefer feeling visible! You never know who you might run into! As a matter of fact, my two eldest nieces, my ex-sister-in-law and her friend were at the diner, so there. I am proven right. And speaking of visible, this is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Get yourself over there!
The top is by Simpli and it's sized incorrectly (or inaccurately, I can't decide) as a 12. This is why you must ignore sizes when shopping! I last wore it here in August 2013 (yikes!) with cream and Coffee.
I adore the shape of the skirt - can't resist denim skirts with va-va-voom curves. I last wore it here in January (and I did decide to donate that jacket - it's in the giveaway pile now).
We've gone from summertime temperatures to rain and wind again, so I wore my generic black boyfriend blazer over the outfit for warmth. I last wore it here in April with oodles of sequins.

The stuff:
After nearly 2 hours of running around in the sun/rain in cleats, my feet need comfy flats. Enter my Presence Impel red shoes, last seen here (way down at the bottom with pink polka-dot tights) at the end of December 2013.

Leafy bird bling:
Simple things I can change into and out of easily. One of the other players said I was like Wonder Woman, spinning around and bam! I'm transformed into decent-looking Sheila again.

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), top (Simpli, consignment), skirt (OptionElle, consignment), shoes (Presence Impel, Fluevog), belt (Shi Studio), buckle (Shi Studio, thrifted), earrings (Plum), cuff (About Tine).

Vizzini was full of beans on Saturday:
"Do you dare me to leap at you?"
 Whoosh! He is up on the post from the ground in a second.
Note how I've stepped back!

He spins around it, biting it and raking it with his claws.
"I am Boss of this post!"
Of course, he's a cat, he gets distracted easily.
 I attempted to divert him for a head shot.
"Unless you have kitty treats, I'm busy." 
 Back on patrol he goes.
"I see and smell all."
It's warm enough now to crack the deck windows open for him to smell everything out there.

We had 4 friends over for board games last night, and it went on rather late, so I slept in a bit then got groceries this morning. It was overcast and spitting rain, so I dressed for the weather instead of shopping.
Sometimes when I shop consignment for clothes, I actually don't want to try too much on! I knew I was going to My Sister's Closet, and that they always have tons of stuff that I love (see the last haul here in February), and I didn't want to overspend today. It's more of a pain with lace-up shoes and pants to get changed, so I only try on the stuff I really really like.

I'm also incredibly stiff and sore in the legs from Ulty, and I did a lot of walking, so I needed easy comfy clothes and shoes. This light sweater is a lovely indigo blue - I last wore it here with purple sequins in December 2013.
I like the jaunty bit of colour this 80s vintage silk scarf provided
I know, weird to see me in pants, isn't it? Ha, L actually commented on it - even around the house, I'm usually in skirts. I love these handmade black satin tux pants. I last wore them here in February with my fabulous Desigual coat.
I rarely wear these Airwalk sneakers, but I love the painty floral design. They were fun to wear today and I liked my overall funky vibe. I last wore my sneaks here, a year ago in May 2013. I should wear them more.

What most people saw today, through rain, sun and general shopping states.
Bowler for rain protection, yellow leather for a light layer, purple gloves for cold hands and my crossbody purse.

Jacket (Danier leather), sweater (Smart Set, thrifted), pants (thrifted, handmade), shoes (Airwalks, swap), hat (Conrad), scarf (Adrienne Vittadini, vintage 80s, consignment).

I've been grooving on stud earrings lately, so I stopped in at Lazy Susan's to pick up some locally-made ones.
The top ones are pale pink and were $16.00; the bottom turquoise crystals were $6.00.

I did have good luck at My Sister's Closet - of course I did!

First stop: the clearance rack, where I found this rayon Forever 21 tee for $7.50.
I adore chartreuse, and I like the satin pocket and neck/arm trim.

I loved the funky print on this eyelet jacket, especially with the pseudo-Chanel channeled in the black sheer trim.
And it's even Miu Miu! How cool - made in Italy.
The "collar" is strips of chiffon that are purposely ragged-edged. Of course, I turned the garment inside out to check the construction. It's okay, but not what I'd expect from a high-end brand like Miu Miu.

And of course, look what I found!
It's so a fake! I had already strongly suspected that, but since it was only $18.98, I wasn't too bothered by it. It's a cool jacket and I'm excited to wear it.

This Dept top was better made than the "Miu Miu" one.
Very much L's look - he liked this a lot
Very boho/artsy/rock and roll, baby!
I like the orange/red mixed with the lavender/denim colours. The entire thing is trimmed in rhinestone studs and all snaps are faux mother-of-pearl.
The entire top has a paint-splatter effect on it as well as this "graffiti" print on the back. The overall quality is very good and the fit is superb. It was $16.98.

Big shocker: I bought pants!
These are a red/navy striped denim and I was sold on the fit the minute I put them on. I usually have a very tough time fitting pants and can't be bothered when there are so many pretty skirts out there. But since I had pants on anyway, I was moved to try these out.

Ralph Lauren, and very good quality.
These were $20.98.

Unlike last week, I've already put together outfit bare-bones for next week (and more, since I made 6 outfits), so I'm now prepared! Back to chillin' with L and Vizzini and enjoying the last of my weekend.


  1. That little Miu Miu jacket is SO cute!!! And that skirt certainly does gives some extra va va VOOM to that sexy ass of yours!
    Vizzini makes my heart sing, the little cutie! Such a poseur!
    Yes, Daisy said those shoes were Vivienne Westwoods...just loved them! She is a designer I rather like, actually.
    It was great seeing the shoes in the flesh; I've only seen them online!

  2. The fake Miu Miu labels made me laugh - Italy at the top, China underneath, and I think we know which is the truth! But it's a sweet jacket; bet you will look great in those Ralph Lauren trousers too. It's funny, I know you don't often wear trousers, but when you find some that fit well, you look fabulous in them, Sheila (I'm thinking of the black pair here, but also your red polka dot pair.)
    Vizzini is such a darling - always so busy! xxx

  3. Love the first outfit! Red and denim is always such a nice combination :) And great purchases too - shame the jacket isn't authentic, but it is cute! :)

  4. I just read your article at Citizen Rosebud, and here you are proving why you're a Superstar! I love that denim skirt, and the bright scarf in the second outfit. That little Miu Miu jacket is so pretty.

    And we get all those kitty pictures, too! Bonus!

  5. Love that MiuMiu jacket and your denim skirt....who makes the denim skirt? I have something similar in a pale wash and find I am wearing it more and more now the weather has warmed up a bit.
    Think you have tempted me to walk over to My Sister's today!

    1. The denim skirt is by OptionElle - I've never heard of the label before. I got it at the Velvet Creas a few years ago.

    2. Optionelle is a home based business brand - hostess parties, etc. Not sure if it's still around.

  6. Love that yellow jacket...and, yes, you are a superstar!!

  7. I love the denim skirt and red outfit! So so gorgeous! You look fabulous in the more casual pants and sneakers too. As always your second hand finds and your styling are top notch. Vizzini has that wild look that makes me run in fear when I see it on my cat's face. LOL.

  8. I love Ralph Lauren pants. I'm pretty hard to fit in pants too (though I wear them much much more than you do). ALSO OMG HAT!!! I love the little bowler!


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