Monday, June 2, 2014

Long Weekend Wrap Up: Visible, Shopping and Hanging

Hello! Just checking in on y'all - having a good weekend? What? It's not the weekend anymore? Ha, well it is for me - I still have two days to go...ah...

But let's get started on this wrap-up, shall we? This is what I wore for the annual Day of Indigence.
I had a lot of "WOW" reactions to this. Most of my friends haven't seen my hair in the "swirl" yet. Also, comments on my pants (that I'm wearing them, as opposed to a skirt). I loved wearing this outfit all day. I felt very powerful, visible and also very expressive of myself.

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The Day of Indigence is our annual "hang out" for L's birthday (which is tomorrow), where groups of friends meet up with us (or take the day off, as we do), have brunch, have drinks, have lunch, lounge about on patio decks and generally just chill. It is supremely lovely and it was a hot sunny day. I actually had to break out the sunscreen!
This shirt was last seen here in May with corals.

It's hard to see, but the pants are red and navy pinstripes.
I last wore them here with pirate ruffles, also in May.

The stuff:
My crazyass $2.00 (yes, you read that right) Italian leather loafers. Ultra-comfort. I last wore them here (3rd outfit) in April.

Badass bling:
A bunch of chains, rattly rings and leather. And flowers. When you're dressed badass, flowers are necessary.

Shirt (Dept, consignment), jeans (Ralph Lauren, consignment), shoes (Two Lips, thrifted), belt (Brave Belts, thrifted), cuff (SkinZnHydez), necklace (local), chain bracelet (thrifted), spinner rings (right: Twang & Pearl; left: consignment), earrings (local).

After spending all day Friday wandering around in the sun, chilling on restaurant patios in the sun, and drinking (not too much, I'm a responsible gal sometimes, hee), we got up early to play Ultimate!
My super-secret-I'm-about-to-play-a-sport outfit. I wore this to the field and out for brunch afterwards. I also went for a light shop to stretch out my legs, which were aching from 2 hours of running in the morning.

I've done this outfit before, or slight variations on it. The sparkly top goes so well with the flutter skirt, and the shoes match it all so well.
I last wore the sequined top and skirt here in August 2013 for a trip to PR (same shoes too).
I last wore this stripey cardi here with my lovely red dress in April.

The stuff: 
First wear this year for all the purples! I last wore these shoes here (2nd outfit) in September 2013 with my funky Hawaiian vintage dress.

Fossil bling:
I love the shapes. L got me this set for Christmas several years ago.

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), top (Costa Blanca, consignment), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (La Canadienne, consignment), cuff/earrings (Fossil, gift from L).

I caught Officer Vizzini slacking off on the deck. He's been having a very chill weekend as well.
"My shift doesn't start for a while."
I love his always-startled look.
"If you don't mind, I'm going to get back to my nap." 
He just loves having us both home all the time.

I found a couple of good items for the wardrobe. For instance, I think I needed another long dress, right?
Hard to see here, but it's actually pale pink with a rough navy plaid pattern.

It was $24.00 (a good deal, I thought) on consignment at the Velvet Crease.
The brand is Ar...

tistic Taste. I couldn't find anything about this brand online, but the dress is a really soft polyester, and the top of it is fully lined, including a mini-skirt-length lining in the skirt region.
It has wonderful swoosh.

I've been on the lookout for easy tops (don't have to be ironed, can be washed, don't have to hang) in brighter, more clear colours than what I currently have in my closet. I notice that we're in a transitional phase in fashion right now; colours and shapes are undergoing a big change.
A lovely citrus-bright orange capped-sleeve cowl-neck top (love the cowl-neck). It's by Liz Claiborne and was only $4.00 at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.

At the SVdP, I also found this vivid dark green top for $3.00.
It's by Ricki's, a Canadian mall store, but the quality is good, especially for $3.00!

I strolled over to the hospice thrift store, and lo and behold, I found the same top as the orange one.
In hot pink! I am all over the pinks right now, so this will be a very handy top. It was $10.00 at this store, but it averages out all right.

On Saturday night, L and I hung out with the Vizz-meister:
"You found my secret hidey-hole sleeping spot!"
He went from startled and cute to peeved in a hurry.
"How dare you disturb my slumber!"
To full-on "I want to rip your face off" mode...
"I'm going to bite all of your shoes!"
Did I mention he ate 6" off one of my bra's straps a couple of weeks ago? We found out when he puked it up in the dining room. Yeah, colour me not impressed - that bra was not cheap!

Vizzini got up and lolled about on the carpet. L went in for a snuggle.
"I am reluctantly mauled by the man."
Aw, such cuteness!

I met up with Elaine on Sunday to go to a vintage/thrift market downtown. We went for sangria afterwards, and generally had a marvelous day wandering about.
Boo-yah! Rockin' the pomp' again. I really love having this option with my hair. It feels more "me" than any other style I've had in years.

And of course, I had to wear my new-to-me dress for our walking around missions.
I generally dislike elasticized waists (how dare you tell me where my waist is?), so I covered it up with my magenta obi.
There is a little gold button at the top of the neck on the dress; otherwise, it's a pullover. This wasn't the greatest choice for trying on clothes, but I wasn't in any rush.
Covered up with my little white cardi (last seen here just last week). I still got a fair bit of sun and needed a nap in the afternoon. Ah, naps.

The stuff:
My awesome pewter gladiator shoes were last seen here in May (can't believe it's June!) for birthday shopping for L.

Magenta bling:
The obi and the earrings were both thrifted at the same store.

I did well at the vintage market, scoring these awesome shoes:
For only $10.00! Seriously, that's a great deal. They are barely worn, and I love the silver trim against the cream. I don't think they are 100% leather; the silver part is definitely not.
I don't know the brand, Navid O Nadia, but their shoes seem to sell on sale for around the $65.00 range, so these are a good deal, for sure. I totally snatched these out from under another lady who left them on the table to show her daughter. Sorry, you snooze, you lose. Hang onto 'em if you plan to buy 'em!

I fell in love with this local line of jewelry - I do love a creepy cameo!
The skeletal lady is by Bean Doll Designs (etsy page here, linking 'cause I love). This pin was just $12.00.

The funky earrings above were only $5.00 - they're a little heavy, so they won't be a daily earring, but I do like them a lot.

I just gave away two of my fur scarves (the white one and the teal one), so of course, thrifting karma brought me another one.
Black balls of rabbit fur! And only $10.00! I have hidden this away from Vizzini as he will hug it and love it and call it George (and eat it).

Elaine and I checked out Flavour Upstairs, a great little consignment/thrift shop on the boutique section of Lo-Jo (lower Johnson St). They carry a trendy mix of new and vintage, focusing on the current fashions. I like them because although there is a lot of H&M, Zara and junky Joe Fresh, there are also very reasonably priced vintage and boutique items.

Like this awesome brown skirt:
It's the darkest chocolate brown, and it's a very stiff crepe, almost a taffeta. The texture is perma-wrinkly, almost like bark.
It's by Gunex and is made in Italy. It was only $14.99, which seemed like a very good deal. And yes, as I'm doing my research, this is a line by Bruno Cucinelli and the skirts range in price from $125 to 200+. Well, aren't I good at bargains?! This brand is sold at Sears (pants starting at $199), which surprises me. Maybe Sears is trying to go upscale.

 I also found this vintage handmade dress in the sale section.
It fits like it was made for me (I must have a vintage body, heh).

I wasn't 100% sold on it, but you know what? Even if I wear it once, it was only...
$5.00! What a score! 

Reminder! Shoe Shine is on for this Friday!
All kicks welcome! It's not about the best shoes, but about the shoes that help us feel our best! See you there!

And now, I'm off to wrap L's birthday presents. Hope your week is off to a rockin' start!


  1. Wow, so many Vizzini cuteness moments! Our cats love it when we stay home, too - they just smile more. Love the swirly 'do and the new purchases too. I would so want to wear the handmade vintage dress. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday! xox

  2. Love that plaid dress, and how you wore it with pink to go shopping! :) Looks fantastic on you :)

    You always have the best luck at thrift stores - I enjoy checking out what you buy!

    Hope L has a wonderful birthday :)

  3. Great new dress and "lovely shoes" indeed. :) Totally digging your colour combos and new 'do too.

  4. A day of indigence - great birthday tradition, you swirly girl! Happy Birthday to L!

    Love your purple skirt and that fabulous new frock, not to mention the shoes. Indigence and indulgence!

  5. What wonderful finds and I love your hair. You are one of those "sparkly" gals that inspire me through
    Visible Monday.

  6. Fun post. But I'm confused. "Indigence" means extreme poverty. Did you meant to say "Indulgence"? I can't understand why you're celebrating poverty or how this day relates to it. (Forgive me for being pedantic.)

    1. Yeah, I know - I didn't name it, and have pointed this out many times. "I do not think this word means what you think it means."

    2. That happens so often. Many words are misunderstood and people don't care. I'm too fussy about language to not correct my mistakes.

      BTW, Sheila, two more bloggers have received, used and shipped the pink boxing gloves although their posts aren't up yet. You're next on the list! As soon as I get the gloves from Texas, I'll mail them up to you.

  7. U Ciebie pięknie i kolorowo:))śliczne rzeczy nabyłaś:))ciągle tu zaglądam i nigdy się nie zawiodłam:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie:))

  8. You're such a cool Rock Chick in your trousers and quiff! Great finds, as always, love the shoes and the maxi, and I would wear that vintage frock in a heartbeat! xxx

  9. Great looks and lovely finds Sheila and your cat photos and comments always make me smile Vizzini is the best

  10. Purple skirt is fab but then everything you posted looks great. I'd love photo tips as you take such good ones. Does the birthday boy take them for you or..... Linda

  11. So much to love ... the pink and blue windowpane-ish plaid is extra wonderful. Love your swirl! I never knew short hair was so versitile ... lots of interesting looks out there these days. I'm delilghted for both of us! Also ... the new-old world of earrings, single and pairs ... and cuffs (!!!) is overwhelming me. I could so nothing but shop for those!

  12. Your pant and swirl hair look is very interesting, its like a "rebel, don't mess with me Sheila look" - I like it, its amazing how changing up a few things can make a new you.
    Of your purchases, my fave is the amazing long dress. I absolutely adore it.

  13. Sooo much cool stuff! I love your hair in the swirl - it's so much fun to have options when one has short hair. Now that I've discovered that I can curl mine, I'm totally bored with it straight.

    The plaid maxi dress is very pretty, and you should wear pants more often, as you are rocking those slim trousers and funky shirt (especially with the hair swirl). Vizzini's white whiskers are adorable!


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