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Aug 30th & 31st - Outfits #30, 31 & 32 - It's the End of the Month As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)

As you may have deduced from my absence, I've been rather busy. We went to the Argyle Attic's* opening on Wednesday night, which set the tone for the rest of the week! We had a grand time. I did have a wee bit of a headache on Thursday, but since it was self-inflicted, I can't really complain!

*I like because I love. I did get free drinks, but so did everyone else. 

This is what I wore to work on Thursday:
White drapey cardi (last seen here), green tank (last worn here), the parachute skirt (last worn here) and my white sandals (last worn here).

The sandals were a little casual for work, but since Thursday was my Friday (woot! a day off!), I didn't really care all that much.
Wore a brown belt, and my steampunk cuff too.

I also wore my lovely silk scarf, tied to drape down my back.
I like how it blows in the breeze - very dramatic!

The stuff:
The earrings are more home-grown vintage - I bought them in the mid-90s.

Cardigan (no label, consignment), top (Harve Bernard, thrifted), skirt (Cute Options), shoes (Wild Diva, gift from Caro), belt (Club Monaco), cuff (SkinzNHydez), ring (vintage 70s, Mom's), earrings (vintage 90s), scarf (The Vera Collective, vintage, thrifted).

On Thursday night after work, we headed downtown to meet up with some friends to go see two live shows. The local Fringe Festival is on this weekend, but the shows we went to were part of the "Singe Festival" (no relation). We saw "God is a Scottish Drag Queen" by Mike Delamont, and "Where's My Flying Car?" by Missie Peters.*

*Again, I link because I love. Go see these artists!

We actually know Missie (she's the same person who took my picture that I mentioned back here), and her show is a spoken-word poetry presentation about the future. It was excellent - highly recommended if you live in one of her tour cities!

I changed into a dress and heels (and poncho) so that it felt like the weekend!
I last wore this dress here, and the poncho here. Last wear for these awesome shoes (last seen here).

I carried my vintage 80s eelskin wallet - I liked how the emerald green popped off the yellow.
I wanted to take the poncho off, but it was too chilly, so I left it on all night.
Such a cool dress.

Poncho (BCBG Max Azria, thrifted), dress (Planet, thrifted), shoes (Coach).

And that brings us nearly to the end of August! Last outfit! Friday/yesterday, my dear friend Cat and I met up for breakfast and then had a lovely day wandering around Oak Bay (a part of Victoria where all the rich people live). It was a glorious day!

My olive blazer, these shoes and the skirt were last all worn together (here), and my pink sweater was last worn here.

Of course, I had to add my lime green and pink Smoking Lily scarf (amoeba-y goodness! picture here).
It was a hot and clear day, so I was also sunblocked up.

Jacket (Bianca Nygard, thrifted), sweater (Reitman's, consignment), skirt (Bebe, swap from Caro), shoes (Circa Joan & David, thrifted).

We walked down Oak Bay Avenue (a main shopping area) and went to the House of Savoy, a higher end consignment store (more on that in a bit), then wandered down to another consignment store (I don't go to either store very often) just off the Ave, then we went to the pub for a refreshing cider.

From there, we walked down to the water:
Look at all the boats! It's very close to the marina.

We saw a gondola!
The garry oaks were all around us, as we sat and took in the view.
There are lots of little coves, inlets and bays along this section of the coast.

We saw a harbour seal!
He's swimming down there at the bottom.
So cool.

We kept walking till we got to Willows Beach:
Looking north, along the bay.

Looking towards the Gulf Islands and San Juan Islands to the east - can't even see the mainland from here.
It's pretty cold water - I wouldn't go swimming there! That's ocean!

Looking south, there's the marina.
Lots of people must have taken the Friday off like we did!

We walked back towards down - I had to take a picture of this giant thistle bush. It's taller than me!
That purple is so vivid.

I laughed at this crazy "art installation" at one of the intersections.
It's a huge spider (the body is a mass of red begonias), and the sign says, "1001 Things a Spider Can Do" (it's playing bocce, in case you were wondering).

I did buy a couple of things at the House of Savoy - other than that, I wasn't too taken with the few consignment stores in Oak Bay. I prefer my thrifting haunts.

This is a lovely top:
It's by Talbots and was $20.00.

This wonderful suit was the really exciting thing for me, though:
The picture doesn't really do it justice. It's a silk and wool tweed with just a bit of stretch. The plaid is chocolate brown (the trims are all in velvet), with lime green, rust and a hint of pale blue. It is curvalicious on me! The jacket is very fitted with a flare at the waist, and the skirt is very body-conscious and has that tulip shape to it.

The brand is Pink Tartan, which is normally out of my price range. This suit was $160.00 for both pieces.
I love that it was made in Canada! I think that it was from the Fall 2005 collection (a picture of a nearly identical jacket is here).

Even better? The owner of the House of Savoy told me that this suit was once owned by a movie star! Yes! It was consigned by the sister of...Kim Cattrall! I have Kim Cattrall's suit!

I don't actually have any proof other than the shop owner's word, of course. But Kim Cattrall did grow up in Courtenay (up-Island), and this article from People mentions her "hip hand-me-downs" given to her sister who still lives here.

Anyway, from here on, this is going to be known as "Kim Cattrall's suit"!

And's a preview of the August capsule!
Lots of colour...

And lots of shoes:
September's a weird month, weather-wise, so I needed to cover my bases with casual and dressier/warmer shoes.


  1. Your Kim Cattrall suit is delicious! I can't wait to see you in it (but I don't spot it in your September closet?) I can see it's going to fit and flatter you perfectly.

    Love the pics of the sea and the otter. He doesn't mind the cold, I see : >

    1. Nope, the suit will be in the October capsule instead. :)

      We do have otters here, but that guy is a harbour seal.

  2. You always look so effortlessly original and beautiful.

    I thrifted a Talbots shirt dress today; I love the quality of the construction. Loving Talbots seems a little weird, mainly because my grandmother shopped there :o

  3. September's capsule looks really interesting! I have already admired your red shoes with the great cut-outs up the front, and I see those Fluevogs out front with sparkles practically shooting out of them. :)

    Kim Cattrall's suit will be perfect on you! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous day with us too.

    Your August outfits are still looking fresh, even at month's end - the green and white is beautiful and grounded by the brown accessories, your pink dress and eelskin wallet are indeed superstars, and the last featuring pink and lime is an all 'round great combo. Way to finish up the month!

  4. You have Kim Cattrall's suit?! Holy cow!

    Like the way you wore the scarf. I'm gonna try that. Every time I visit, you deliver a valuable tip. Thanks.

  5. Very nice to wake up to a monster post:-) Thurs - I like how you wear white with brights (like a neutral?). It looks so fresh. I'll borrow this. And the poncho gives an interesting and different way to wear dresses, really like that. Friday - the light pink and olive/ bright greens go together so well. And thanks for the photos of your walk, it's so nice to see them- and the seal!

  6. You look lovely the shawl is so pretty...And oooh I am liking all the colors in your fall capsule. Very Pretty!! and how cool about the consigned suit!! I look forward to seeing all of your new outfits ~Love Heather

  7. You looked stunning as always!!
    your "travelogue " photo's are GORGEOUS!!! what a lovely place to live!
    The kim Catrall suit is amazing--can't wait to see how you style it. It looks like the pieces will be great together and apart!
    Can't wai to see Septembers Capsule!!

    1. Thanks, Tamera! The suit does work wonderfully as separates as well as together.

  8. Goodness you've been busy! Looks like some grand fun and some great finds. Only you would find Kim Cattrall's suit and have it fit perfectly!

  9. I love the Kim Catrell suit! And I can't wait to see it on you.

  10. Omg what a score on that suit!! A great end to another great month. I especially love your eelskin wallet with the yellow poncho.

    I always love your scenic posts. The ocean is so beautiful. I love the art installation and the pretty thistles. Thistles are one of my favorite flowers, spiky and evil looking, but such a pretty shade of purple.

  11. What a gorgeous suit! I'd bet Kim wore it, it is so stylish.
    I think everything you wear is so pretty. I always enjoy just looking at your outfits and shoes, oh the shoes! I adore your shoes and boots.

  12. I love your new suit, and the top, too. We have many Talbot's stores around New England, but it is fun to find them as thrifties. I LOVE your ocean pictures as well!

  13. Uhm, Im late to the party as always :P I just luuuuve your last outfit, the colours are so perfectly arranged, pure bliss to behold! :) and woaaa Kim Catralls former suit, how coooooool is that? Its wonderful, cant wait to see it on. :)

  14. Sheila you are wearing my favorite scarf of yours, the tile -like one :)
    woa you dished out some $$ for that Pink Tartan suit, I have always liked their clothes but they are pricey, i can now say i know someone who has a Pink Tartan suit :)

  15. Great photos! I LOVE that long green skirt with the white shoes. That outfit is amazing!!

    Lynn Dylan


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