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Sept 7th & 8th - Outfits #6 & 7 - Weekend Scavenging and Boot Campiness

Hey, hey! Miss me? It's been a crazy fun weekend! Hope yours has been a blast too! My mom actually called to see how I was because I hadn't done a post since Thursday. Happy to know you're looking out for me, Mom.

On Friday after work, my work's social club sponsored a scavenger hunt in downtown. We were broken up into groups of 3-4 people and tasked with taking pictures of things based on clues and local landmarks. It was a hoot, but I was dressed way too warmly.
It was 30 degrees out. I roasted!
That's my new-to-me suede shirt/jacket that I bought here back in March in a Vancouver consignment shop for about $20 (I noted back then that it would probably be September before it got featured!). The top is by Danier Leather, it's made in Canada and it's quite stiff, so probably never/rarely worn, since leather and suede tend to conform to the body.

Sadly, this is going to be the one and only wear of this top/jacket, because I got pen all over the front of it, and it wouldn't come out. Not with my Folex, not by washing it (yes, of course I washed it - it's suede, it washed beautifully). I don't feel it's worth the $20+ expense to have it dry-cleaned, so it's going into the donation bag, to be replaced by another jacket for the September capsule. A bummer, but stains and damage do fall under the replacement guidelines I set at the start of the challenge.

I last wore the skirt here (2nd outfit), last weekend. It was good sunblock for running around, but I got very sweaty and had some leg chaffing. Ouch. Unpleasant.
The boots are my Libby Edelman suede booties that I bought last year, worn here in March 2011 with a leopard ensemble for Leopard Week. I got them on clearance at the Bay, marked down to $47.99. They're a half size too small, and I really noticed it (I had thin socks on with them). I'll have to see, but not sure if they will make the cut after this month.

I've previously worn them here (last outfit, with another maxi skirt) in October 2011, in June 2011 (with a floofy skirt), in April 2011 (with acid wash and a rocker look)
I always wear them with that belt - they're a perfect colour match.

I didn't wear the booties for the scavenging (they're too high to run around for 2 hours in) - I wore a pair of high top runners (not part of the capsule, as I wear them for walking to and from work). I left the booties under my desk at work, where they still are! I'll have to remember to take them home this week.

Jacket (Danier Leather, consignment), skirt (Mavi, consignment), boots (Libby Edelman), belt (Gap), earrings (Plum).

On Saturday morning, I crawled out of bed at 7am and took the bus to a local park up by the university and did an hour and a half of boot camp! We did drills up and down the sandy beach, running up stairs, doing burpees, push-ups (I actually did quite well at push-ups, thanks to my pee push-ups!), did drills just like I've seen on "The Biggest Loser" and generally ran around doing crazy stuff.

When we finished, I walked up to my WW meeting (a very steep hill was involved) - my walk was another 1/2 hour, then I took the bus home. Only 11:15am and I was soaked in sweat and exhausted. But feeling great! I like working out outdoors, and I like a variety of exercises.

At home, I showered (no, you are not going to see me in my NOT fashionable workout clothes!), and changed into a comfy outfit for brunch with L.
I am gritting my teeth, and feeling very sore
I love this dress so much. The colour is just wonderful, and it's such a soft jersey - very forgiving! I bought it on consignment at the Velvet Crease in September 2011 (here) for $29.00. It's by Just...Taylor.

I last wore this dress for "Invasion of Dress Week!" back in December 2011 - and it occurs to me that I haven't done a Dress Week since then! I'm long overdue, I'm hereby announcing that this coming week will be...Dress Week of Horror!

I got a very sweet email from reader Kathy suggesting I do something along the lines of Patti's "Visible Monday" or the Two Birds' inspirations. I tend to stay pretty low-key with that sort of thing - I do have a full-time job, my WW job and a very packed social calendar, so I'm not actually online all that much, ya know. Those things are a lot of work and, well, I'm already doing maximum effort just keeping this blog up.

However! What I am going to do is open up Dress Week of Horror! for any readers and bloggers to participate in! Send me your link (or email me a picture if you don't blog) of your own favourite dress and next weekend, I'll post a round-up of pictures of anyone who plays along. You can wear a dress Monday to Friday like me, or just wear one dress, your option, but only send/link to ONE picture. So make it a good one!

Wee! Sounds like a plan to me, man.
I'm wearing the tan fringed sandals again (worn with that denim skirt last weekend, 2nd outfit), and my feather earrings. I always get comments from people asking if they're my hair. Duh, come on people. They're just the same colour, I don't wear my hair on chains!

Dress (Just...Taylor, consignment), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), earrings (consignment).

After brunch, I foolishly decided to have a wee shop in the thrift stores in my area. More walking (in heels!). I didn't find anything good in the thrift stores this time, but I swung by the Velvet Crease again, and had good luck there with some more winter capsule basics.

This lovely heathery purple cardigan came home with me:
Sorry about the colour - it was very glare-y from the sun
It's by Kenar and was $24.00. I've been keeping my eye out for a purple cardigan for a few months, so I was happy to find this.

I fell in love with this amazing dotty blazer by Precis:
I like the angled buttons, the bracelet-length sleeves and the way the collar sits (it also looks very cute undone). The fit is spectacular - it nips right in at the waist. The fabric is actually a fine knit, and it was $30.00.

I have a pair of black trousers, but they are just basic and nothing exciting. I'll be replacing them with these fabulous high-waisted wide-leg black trousers:
Vizzini would like to bite them. 
I blew out the colour so you can get an idea of the nice V-front "tux" look. They have faux slit pockets on the waistband, and additional U side pockets on the hips for that ultra-chic menswear look:
They're by Kensie and they were $24.00.

Vizzini hates when he can't get into the closet.
There must be something exciting on the other shoelaces for him to destroy.

Also on Saturday, I had tried on a dress at another consignment shop (Rich Rags). I liked it, but wasn't was $49.00. I thought about it all night, and woke up thinking about it.

I staggered down to the grocery store - you think I'm exaggerating, but I am lurching around like a zombie today and am SO SORE from the boot camp - this morning, and went back to the store...and it was on half price!

It required no further thought:
It's one of those dresses that looks much more interesting on
It was $25.00 and it's handmade here in Victoria. It's by Bridget Savard (Facebook link), a local designer. Her clothing is sold in La Scala Boutique here in town - and probably for more than $25.00 or even $49.00!

It has lovely bra anchors in the shoulders (link threads with snap fasteners), and comes up in a V at the front hemline (sort of mullet-y). It's fully-lined and is really flattering on, and I love the rich mullberry red. The link here shows the same dress in cobalt blue (click the photos to see bigger ones), from her Holiday 2011/2012 collection.

I think I just found my birthday party dress! Woo hoo!


  1. This blue dress is just breathtakingly beautiful on you. Doubt I'll participate in your dress week as I seem to be in some sort of blogging funk that I don't quite comprehend. I'm curious about this bootcamp--is it something you'll do every week?

    1. No problem, Terri. :)

      I bought a punch card for 10 sessions - I just pick the time and location. Not too many of them are in my neighbourhood, so I'll probably only be making one a week, but I just needed that little bit extra added to my current exercise.

  2. OK, the link to my favorite dress photo:

    I like it because it covers my trainwreck legs, and is tropical without being overdone!

    I'm so sorry about the mishap with your gorgeous suede top :(

  3. I've always wanted to do the real army bootcamp training (minus the whole enlisting thing... just want to see if I can do it). A girl I went to high school with runs a bootcamp, so I might go with that (I have down graded my desire, not really seeing the need to shoot a rifle with a dime balanced on top!). Of course, I say that just after buying a year-long membership!
    I can't wait to see the dress on you - I liked the cobalt one you linked to on facebook!

  4. For a busy woman, you blog more regularly than most of us. (I admire that.) So it's funny when you take a little time off. Most of us worry if something is wrong; interesting to see even your mom thinks the same.

    Beautiful booties!

  5. Oooh I love the blue dress. I wish I could find better quality jersey dresses these days. Sucks about the jacket. I hate when I ruin something new/almost new.

    I adore the new jacket! The angled look is so fab. Can't wait to see the dress worn. The promo shots are fab, but don't show the dress well.

    Hee silly kitty!

  6. Oh bummer with your suede top!! It looked cute on you...The dress is gorgeous love it!! And you found some very cute things love the black coat and oh that picture with your cats head peeking up is so funny he is adorable! My Mom checks on me through my blog also hehehe ~Ouch bootcamp! but so good for you ~Have a great week ahead ~Love Heather

  7. I love your new jacket and dress. How wonderful the dress was on sale when you went back for it. The blue dress looks stunning on you as well, the colour is perfect.

  8. Sorry about the suede - my go-to for pen marks is hairspray. I love your denim maxi and enjoyed checking out how well that boots / belt combination has worked with so many different looks. You are fabulous in cobalt as well! Looking forward to seeing the excellent pants, jacket, and dress on - really great finds.

    Like Ally, I'm totally impressed with your ability to keep up with blogging, and thank you for hosting a dress round-up on top of it all! Funny you should call it Dress Week of Horror as I'm dealing with an actual Dress of Horror, but I will definitely wear at least a couple of awesome favourites this week and send you one.

    That kitty wants into that closet so baaaaaaad, lol!

  9. If the ink stain on your suede blouse/jacket is from a ballpoint pen, try hairspray. Yup, plain old drugstore hairspray. I didn't believe it either till I tried it on a faux suede skirt I owned. It works great!

  10. Love your blue dress! Such a shame about your suede shirt, it looked lovely!

    I like the idea of dress week too, I'll have to think up a fitting dress to wear!

  11. Bootcamp sounds ferocious - I like to dally in my workouts, and that doesn't sound like it's welcomed at BC : > Love, love your new dotted jacket and wide leg trousers - so YOU, so fab. Hey Vizzini, looking fierce!

  12. LOL, my cats hate it when they can't get into my closet too.

    Totally bummer about the suede top! Darn ink!! I love the boots though! And the dress is fab! I'll have to be sure to wear one this week!

  13. You made some awesome scores thrifting this weekend!! And you looked FABULOUS to boot!!
    The mulberry red dress is STUNNING!!
    I've got to get my butt in gear and get a dress or so hemmed so I can participate this week. I've been wearing my maxi's to death and it's time for something different!
    And of course-VIZZINI cuteness!!!

  14. Hi Sheila, great idea about the dress week. I am feeling very happy about wearing this dress - unheard of for me, not at weddings or other do's :

    Am going on my hols for a week after tomorro and that'll be a cacophony of jeansjeansjeans so had better get this dress in now.

    I love the shape of the blue dress on you and am looking forward to seeing the (grecian-style?) on!

  15. Oh Im so excited about the dress week of horror! Ithink I have just worn my favourite dress for the moment, bugsey you know. :) Will post a linl laters when Im back home from work.

  16. That sexy dress is going to be stunning on you!

  17. You are glowing in that blue dress, however i really want to se you wear that new dress.... looks so fancy.


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