Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sept 27th - Outfit #26 - Spanish Ladies, One More Time

Hola! I wanted to get one last wear of this fabulous dress in before the month ends:
And yes, I did dye my hair last night, and yes, the blonde streak is missing, but fret not, as I am just returned from the hairdresser tonight, and lo, it has been restored!

I last wore this dress here (3rd outfit) for Dress Week of Horrors! I enjoyed all of you playing along with Dress Week, so I'm plotting something else that everyone can participate in. Details will be coming soon!

This is my brown suit jacket over the dress (I also have a blue cami on underneath for boob-de-enhancement), which I wore here (midway through that monster closet post, sorry) last weekend.
I cinched in the waist (I made a peplum!) with this red vintage 80s leather belt, added my bigass white flower (it made quite a splash at work), and just plain gold hoop earrings. Also, my rust and teal t-strap pumps, which I last wore here with a bunch of teal and turquoise.

And it's chilly in the mornings, but not so cold I needed a coat over all these layers (I also have fishnet tights on and a half-slip), so I busted out my navy blue leather gloves to keep my hands warm.
It worked great! My gloves are lined in knit cashmere, so lovely and soft too.

Dress (Lirub), jacket (Tahari Arthur S. Levine, thrifted), belt (Le Chateau, vintage 80s, consignment), flower (Le Chateau), gloves (InWear).


  1. Your hair look incredible. I love it! Glad to see your Spanish ladies out for another walk and with that fantastic wide belt. I'm wearing mini gloves for now - I like your navy ones.

  2. That outfit is great in so many ways!!

    Also wanted to tell you I'm headed back to Weight Watchers tomorrow. Your mentions of it kept pinging in my brain, and I had good success with it several years ago. So wish me luck and thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Your hair color turned out so fabulous this time! I wish I could keep mine that bright. That dress is gorgeous, it'll definitely be missed in future capsules. Another month is almost gone!

  4. Fab, fab, fab outfit! The flower puts it over the top (in a good way, of course).

  5. you're so fabulous! i love the skirt

    by the way join my giveaway to win US$ cash coupon to spend on clothingloves

  6. Your hair is so vibrant, love it! And this dress is a big WOW, the print and the shape are fabulous. Happy Friday.

  7. Love it!! I am so inspired by that dress!!! It's such a great way to use a "fun" print in a totally wearable way. Which I am SO going to copy next summer!!

  8. Love your hair. I can't get my red enough ever :P

    You have such a tiny waist - cinching that jacket is such a great idea! "Boob de-enhancement" lol. I so have the opposite problem!

  9. I thought to myself, "My, that's a BIGASS flower!" And then saw you have the pluck to refer to it that way yourself! You never cease to amaze me, Sheila.

  10. You totally nailed it !
    Oh that dress continues to be one of my faves.

  11. Your hair looks great!!

    I do love this dress, I'm glad we got to see it again! I can't believe it's almost time for another new capsule! And I'm excited to hear what your next group participation thing is since I spaced on the dress week!

  12. Oh wow, I love this outfit. You accessorized perfectly with the large flower. I need to dig mine out and start wearing them. You always inspire me.

  13. I really really like this dress! It looks great with the belted blazer :)

  14. So elegant and bright! I love it. Long gloves are great for keeping toasty. I have a 3/4 length coat and it is just the thing for stopping cold blasts fown my arm. Looking forward to another challenge, it was fun participating in the last one.

  15. OMG Sheila, another fantastic Spanish Ladies outfit, this is amazing! Though my heart belongs to Bigass Flower, I am loving the way the jacket, belt, and shoes are holding their own and am ridiculously happy to see DRESS again. Gorgeous!


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