Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sept 29th - Outfit #28 - Last Outfit, Finally the Wild Card, and Some Shopping (and October's Sneak Preview)

Sunday already? Dang! Where does the weekend go?
On Saturday, I went to my WW meeting and out for lunch with L and some friends. I wanted to wear this lovely dress one more time (last time here, in a nearly identical outfit for Dress Week of Horrors!), plus it's nice and light for weighing in.

We're still getting awesome sunny weather here, so I just wore my jean jacket over top of this.
I last wore these Fluevogs here, with my skull cardigan.

Dress (Banana Republic, thrifted), cami (Jackpot), shoes (Presence Impulse, Fluevogs), choker (vintage 60s, Mom's), copper earrings (vintage 50s, Renoir).

I did some thrift shopping after lunch, and got an eyebrow wax (one of my treats), then spent over 3 hours in my closet getting October's capsule wardrobe put together.

Elaine and I went out for dinner and drinks in the evening, and since it was my last day for an outfit, I used my Wild Card to wear Kim Cattrall's suit:
Good golly, I love this suit. I purchased it back here at the end of August (scroll down) from a high-end consignment store in Oak Bay for $160.00. It's by Pink Tartan, and is made in Canada.

I'm wearing my Ralph Lauren pumps that I did in my February capsule.
That's my fake Tod's bag that I thrifted for $4.00.

I know the sleeves look long, but they have a wide bell shape to them.
Very elegant! The brown buttons are velvet, as is all the brown trim on it.

At dinner, I took my jacket off.
That's my orange Michael Kors top that I wore as part of the May capsule. The skirt has a brown velvet waistband and a little faux pocket flap (my hand is covering it).

Suit (Pink Tartan, Kim Cattrall's, consignment), top (Michael Kors, consignment), shoes (Ralph Lauren), earrings (Plum), bracelet (Club Monaco).

I had a lovely surprise Friday afternoon: a notice from the post office! A package had arrived!
I purchased this Audra Jean* harness from Megan of MMD. It's pretty freakin' awesome, but I don't feel it's appropriate as part of a work outfit for me, so I'll be wearing it with things like costumes or steampunk outfits for special occasions. Megan also included this fabulous purple/brown/lime silk scarf and on of her lovely buttonflowers.*

*I link 'cause I love; no compensation was received for posting these links. 
Thank you so much, Megan!

After lunch on Friday, I meandered around before and after my aesthetician appointment. At the St. Vincent de Paul, I saw these shoes - again, for the 3rd time - and hemmed and hawed over them. I finally realized: uber-comfy + cool style + great price = Buy It!
They're by Two Lips and I think they were originally purchased at Winners, because they still had the Winners sizing stickers inside them. They appear to have been worn a few times. And yes, that receipt does say $2.00. All pink ticket items were 1/2 price! Woo! I think these are officially my cheapest shoes ever.
They're Italian leather and so soft to wear.

I also went to the Women in Need (WIN) Boutique. I don't usually go there very often because it's so much more expensive than the regular WIN store (especially their leather), but once in a while is okay. I found all kinds of great stuff this time.

This classic sweater is actually a rich navy blue.
It's by Smart Set and was $6.00. I don't usually buy mall store clothing (even thrifted), but this is in new condition and the V-neck is really nice on.

I hesitated over this dark red t-shirt fabric skirt:
I mean, obviously I bought it, but I wasn't sure about the style - it has an elastic waistband. It's by Weekenders, which was one of those "clothing party" lines, and it feels like good quality (it's made in Canada, yay!). It was only $6.00, and I plan to wear it like a long slip/layering piece under some of my long skirts this fall/winter.

I also don't usually buy Gap clothing second-hand (or first-hand, ha) due to quality issues, but I fell in love with this asymmetrically-ruffled mustard blouse.
It's really nice on, and will be a good layering blouse. It was $10.50 and is from their Holiday 2010 line.

I mentioned that the WIN Boutique's leathers are overpriced...and yet I still found a piece:
This is a dark forest green high-necked vest in suede. It fits like a glove.

It was $20.50 and is by Danier Leather. I got a laugh out of the store's price tag:
Um, don't put "Leather" in quotes if it's real leather.

I also went to the Victoria Hospice Boutique and found 3 awesome pieces, including this gorgeous wool skirt:
It's hard to see here, but the plaid is navy blue, tan and brown.

A better look at the plaid (and the nice navy blue lining). The brand is Julius, and it's made in England. The W&J Wilson label is a store in Victoria that's been around for over 150 years.
Based on the sizing label and the quality of the skirt, I'd say this is from the early 60s.

It's a size 14, or close to a 10 in modern sizing.
I usually wear a 6-8, but with vintage clothes, especially body-conscious styles (like a pencil skirt), I have to remember that women back then wore a lot of foundation garments - I don't wear any Spanx or stuff like that normally. This skirt fits like it was made for me. And the cost? All of $7.50.

I found this amazing two-tone grey, black and burgundy wool skirt:
The front is fuller than the back (kind of odd, but it gives it great swoosh when you walk!), and it's mid-calf.

Mister Leonard by Len Wasser (Wiki article)
Another size 14, and made in Canada! I'd put this skirt as from the 70s, based on the style (I remember seeing a lot of this style in the 70s in Eaton's, Woodward's and the Bay department stores). It was also $7.50.

I don't usually even bother looking at pants when I thrift/shop consignment because they're so hard to fit and there's a lot of mom-jean styling out there. However, these shiny tux pants caught my eye.
They have no label, but they're good quality sewing and construction. They are a more modern cut - the leg is a perfect stovepipe on me. Again, only $7.50. I thought I did very well on my outing!

As mentioned earlier, I spent a long time in my closet, trying things on in the October capsule (a new thing for me, and something I should have been doing every month!) and making sure that everything worked cohesively.

Here we go!
Jackets and skirts. Lots of nice autumn colours!

And sweaters, blouses and the lone dress:
In colder weather, I tend to wear dresses less and rely on separates and layering more.

The shoes:
Booties, two pairs of boots and four pairs of shoes for 7 pairs total. There are 3 pairs of Fluevogs this month!

I'm really excited about the October capsule - stay tuned for the September re-cap in the next few days. I'll be making an announcement tomorrow (Oct 1st) about a special invitation for all readers and fellow bloggers!


  1. Oooh the new suit looks super fab! You did some serious shopping. The new shoes are so awesome, love the long toes! I don't love to buy "low" brands while thrifting, but if the construction and fabrics are alright I'll buy them.

    So happy your package got to you quickly and in tact! Sorry about being a little tape happy. ;)

    1. I opened it with my keys, so it was fine! I like a lot of tape.

  2. Oh my gosh oh my gosh.....Don't post the name of your town...because I might have to try and acquire that polka dot dress. It is so darn cute!!!!!
    You new suit is very pretty too and it looks great with the orange top. You really do like orange don't you. Hmmm...well, maybe if I ever decide to pass along the orange dress I might come your way...LOL.
    Lovely finds. Thrifting is so much fun. So much more fun than retail shopping.

    1. Ha! I live in Victoria, BC, Lisa - quite a ways away! I love orange!

  3. Love that dress & the suit -- very smart on both accounts!

  4. Looking forward to the new capsule! Lots of autumnal colours :)

    Love your polka dot dress - it's so nice! And that suit was the perfect choice for drinks!

    Lots of nice new purchases too :)

  5. Oh how fun -- I've loved seeing the various ways Megan has styled that harness, and now I'll get to see it on you! You do put together some fabulous steampunk outfits. Also, that suit looks sensational on you! What a perfect fit.

    1. Aw, thanks, Audi! I'm so excited to have one of your harnesses!

  6. I'm loving your challenge, but do you find you're buying more when you're shopping, and building capsules around newer items? I'd be interested to see the percentage of new (to you) items to existing wardrobe items in each capsule :-). (I'm betting your whizzy spreadsheet could impart this info?!)

    1. Excellent question, Tat, and one that I will have to address - thank you! I don't think I'm buying more, but until I started this challenge, I just incorporated new-to-me items into my daily outfits - I didn't do "show" posts of my purchases prior to this capsule challenge. So maybe it just seems like I've bought more.

  7. Your new capsule is a textural and harvest moon feast! You have found some magnificent items there, but the harness is my favourite. Tell me September is not over. Denial, denial...

  8. Kyla of Blue Collar Catwalk has a similar mustard shirt and I've always been super jealous! You'll do great things with it.

  9. Wow!!! What awesome finds!!! I have to sayI really love the green "leather" vest!!
    Your kim Catrall suit is STUNNING!!! and it would work as separates for more awesomeness!!1 I'm excited by the preview to see the October capsule!

  10. Ooh very excited about the next capsule! Looks like Autumnal Heaven!!

    Love all your new finds - great new skirts for sure! Too funny about the "leather" tag!

  11. I love that bee-yoo-tiful polka dot dress, but Kim Cattrall's suit, UUUHHH!!! (sound of my heart stopping) Is DANGEROUS, lady!

    Great shopping scores, really nice plaids! I wish wish wish my thrifting situation was such that I could disdain Smart Set and WalM*rt stuff, but often, that's the best there is, forget even finding Gap. :(

    September seemed like an exceptionally great capsule! I look forward to the summary and appreciate the October sneak peek, yay!

  12. I am in loooove with the fake Tod purse! It is amazingly cute.

  13. Wow... your outfits this time around are conservative for you... but smashing nonetheless. I want your suit! Looking forward to seeing you in your vintage finds!

  14. I love that black / white dress and the fluevogs of course!

    I'll look forward to seeing how you utilize the harness. It's gorgeous. I wonder if Megan is going to sell her other one, I love the stars on it :)

  15. Fabulous thrift finds! You have quite the knack for finding good pieces at great prices. Covet the harness!

  16. The suit looked great and was a perfect fit for you. I like your thrift shopping items too.


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