Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sep 6th - Outfit #5 - She's Wearing Pants!

It was a hot, sunny day today! I love when summer lingers into September. 

However, I wasn't really dressed for super-hot weather. Nope.
This is my lovely leopard cardi that I thrifted back in April 2011 (first worn here with sky-high heels!). It's by Twelve Layers (an offshoot of Forever 21). I love the industrial zipper, the taupe ruffles and the orange leopard print (yay!).

I've previously worn it here in July 2011 (with a casual skirt and leopard shoes) and before that in June 2011 (3rd outfit here, with more orange).
I put it with these awesome wide-legged chocolate brown crepe trousers. They are by Tobias and I got them on clearance when Plum closed for $35 (first worn here in January 2011). They are made in Canada! They have a very high waist too, which I love - it gives them a nice vintage vibe.

I last wore them October 2012 for a "menswear or oversized pants" challenge put on by Megan Mae at MMD. Of course I did both in one item, ha! That's how I roll.

But I've only worn them twice. That's it! Only two wears out of these great classic trousers. For shame, Sheila.

I console myself by looking at my shoes.
Oh, the shoes
Pretty sweet, eh? I got these in June 2011 (last outfit) to wear to a fashion show (check out the awesome body paint). They are so comfortable! They're made by Locale and I paid $120 for them new at Feet First.

If they look familiar to some newer readers (hello!), that's because they were in one of my Wild Card outfits: this one in May. I've also worn them here (2nd outfit), in August 2011, with a jumpsuit (!) for a friend's party. I ended up walking most of the way home (about 3 km) in them after the party. Ouch.

I also wore them earlier in August 2011 with my skull cardigan, and again in June 2011 with black and my silk paisley blouse.

The shoes are a really high platform (just over an inch), so I'm pretty tall in these! Good thing, as the pants are really long. So long that they presented a challenge for walking to work. I don't relish destroying the hems of my pants by having them drag on the ground, so I came up with a temporary solution.
I'm super-cool! 
I used a safety pin on the outside of each leg and pinned the hem up to mid-calf. Looked dorky, worked great.

The stuff:
I love red accents with this cardigan.

I included these shoes deliberately this month so that if the weather turned cold, I'll still be able to wear them with tights.

Cardigan (Twelve Layers, thrifted), trousers (Tobias), belt/bracelet (Plum), shoes (Locale), earrings (The Cobbler), ring (Oscar & Libby's, gift from Cindy).

Anyway, I've been slacking quite a bit with my physical activity in the last while, and have been feeling slack and soft. Yeah, I walk to and from work (and take the stairs to the top floor), and yeah, I play Ultimate, and yeah, I do my push-ups, but I can't seem to shake the few pounds I want to lose.

So I signed up for a boot camp! It's outdoors, and you just pick the location and day you want and go. I'm excited! I'll be starting next week. I expect to get my ass kicked.


  1. Creative idea! I also like that you stick to sneakers while walking around. Some people wear bad-walking shoes for long commutes and I always wince thinking about it. Goodluck at your bootcamp. You'll do great. Kick ass!

    1. I don't want to subject my good shoes to that kind of wear and tear - nor my feet!

  2. Can't wait to see all the ways you wear those shoes. Love them!

  3. Yes! I love those shoes so much! And hey wow, a pair of the Elusive Magic Flattering Pants, of which there are so sadly few. Congrats!!!

    You are adorable with your pinned-up hems. :)

  4. Those red shoes are absolutely fabulous dear!

    And the animal print pairing is a sure win!
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  5. Love those shoes so much that I even tried to find a pair at my local Locale store before they closed. Alas, it was not to be.

    You look great in trousers! Red and leopard is a foolproof combination.

    1. Yeah, that's why I bought the red ones at full price. You had a Locale store?? :(

  6. I love your ingenuity for getting to work safe and sound, Sheila! You look fabulous in trousers, and those shoes, sigh - they are swoony.

  7. I adore this outfit. I love, love animal prints with red accessories. That bracelet is so cool. What are the connector beads? The larger ones look like some sponge coral that I have.
    You look fabulous in pants.(oh actually in everything!)

    1. Yes, the bracelet is red coral - the connector beads are silver.

      Thanks, Debbi!

  8. Both outfits are great. Peg - UI

  9. Go SHEILA !!!! although boot camp seems a bit extreme :)
    And that is one kick ass cardigan, i like to see you wearing trousers.

  10. Red and orange leopard go together so well. The ruffle is a great feature on the cardi. I like your thumbs up picture -practical is best for walking! I ave been known to secure turned up hems with elastic bands before, so not chic.

  11. Go Sheila!!
    That cardigan is absolutely STUNNING!!
    Love the shoes!
    I've been on the hunt for some brown trousers for fall.

  12. Do you have a cute work out outfit all put together for bootcamp? I'd suggest the silver tennies rather than the red platforms. haha! Seriously though, cute workout clothes make it more fun.

    I seriously love that cardigan!

  13. Awesome shoes. Good luck at boot camp. "Don't forget to breathe!!" - I used to do an aerobic cassette tape by gunnery sergeant whatever-his-name-was. He always said that. My favourite exercise was called "dodging bullets," no kidding... It kept me in shape. Good luck.

  14. Love the cardi and that belt together. Smart to save the hems that way


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