Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sept 5th - Outfit #4 - Teal and Dots

Today's outfit features an item that I've had since January 2011 and have never worn.
The cardigan is another one of my trusty ones from Kersh. I have about 6 Kersh cardigans - they're one of the staples that I buy regularly new. They're always a cotton blend, wash well and fit great. I've had this one since January 2011 - I got it for $24.00 on clearance when Plum closed down. I first wore it here with a purple skirt. Teal is such a versatile colour!

I previously wore it in March 2011 (with dark orange, and blue tights), in May 2011 (over top of my denim dress), in July 2011 (aw, look how small Vizzini is, sitting there with Inigo), Aug 2011 (here, 2nd outfit, with my fun orange/turquoise sandals from a couple of capsules ago), in September 2011 (2nd outfit, with my wonderful snowflake skirt), in December 2011 (with a dress that's in this month's capsule; gee, I wonder if I'll wear them together?) in January 2012 (here, in a green/orange mix).

The cardigan is not the new-to-me never-worn item, though. This dress is.
Yes, that's a dress! It's a gorgeous 100% silk wraparound dress from Banana Republic that I bought at the Patch (sort of a thrift clearance store) back in January, along with the pink linen dress (2nd outfit) I had in August's capsule, and this blue dress (2nd outfit) from March's capsule. They were a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal, and all were priced around $24.95.

Here's a shot of just the dress so you can get a better idea of what I'm working with.
How to get a cat to photo-bomb you: don't feed him right away
I like that the dots are irregular in shape (not circles) and clustered rather than evenly spaced like most polka dots -and they are actually dark brown, not black. The year on the label is "08/SUM" which is summer 2008. The dress also has ribbons and snap-fasteners at the shoulders to keep the slip in place. So nice!

Unfortunately, the slip it came with is really a piece of crap. It's acetate (*shudder*) and is horrible quality. It's like BR spent all the money on making this lovely dress and then said, "Ah, screw it, just throw in this junky slip and the customer will think she's getting a deal." Having an acetate slip also means that the dress is labeled "Dry Clean Only." Well, duh, of course it is - you can't wash acetate! However, you CAN wash silk, and I can pop this dress right into the wash.

I wore it with the slip (due to the "ooh, look at me" nature of wrap dresses), but it felt horrid all day (sticky and sweaty). It also revealed way too much cleavage, so I had to wear the cardi buttoned right up. I chucked the slip as soon as I got home. I will wear my own underlayers with this!

The stuff:
The copper set belonged to my grandmother - it's from the 50s and is by Renoir (the cuff is stamped). She gave it to me in about 1986, when I was at university, straight out of high school. I used to wear this set to school! It warms up as you wear it and feels wonderful. I always feel very close to my Grandma J when I wear this set. *smile*

The shoes are by Pink Studio - I've had them for a few years. I like the teal piping all along the leather. I bought these at She She Shoes (one of my favourite local stores for unique footwear), for around $40 a couple of years ago. Goodness knows when I last wore them - I can't search on Pink or Studio on my blog as I get too many pages...and I have other stuff to do tonight, man!

Cardigan (Kersh), dress (Banana Republic, thrifted), shoes (Pink Studio), belt (Club Monaco), jewelry (vintage 50s, Renoir, Grandma J's).

One of the things I have to do tonight is go watch the opening night of the NFL! Yee haw! I am a huge football fan. Last night, we had our fantasy draft, so we had to drag all our chairs into the living room for all the guys to sit on.

Vizzini was not sure what to make of all this:
Why is this chair here?
He bit the chair, and then hid until everyone left.


  1. Copper and teal and piping and dots and photo-bomber, oh my! (I can just tell he's "wasting away," lol.) I wore something from my grandmother today too!

    You look marvellous, Sheila. I have a thing for piping and I love how it picks up the teal of your sweater here. Thanks for not keeping us in suspense and including a shot of the whole dress. :)

  2. Wow, each item of this outfit is just fantastic...the shoes, the dress, the jewellery. Yep, I'm a fan! And that teal on you is gorgeous xx

  3. Is it too early to have a favorite for the month? I think this is my favorite. Every piece goes together so perfectly, down to the copper jewelry.

    Also I totally laughed at Vizzini photobombing you. Too perfect! I think he's showing his wild side in today's pictures.

    1. I think you're going to have a lot of favourites this month! I have lots of good stuff in this capsule.

      Vizzini is a wild kitty, for sure. Very fighty and bitey. But he's also a purrmeister.

  4. What a shame about the dresses' slip - nevertheless the dress is still amazing :)
    I don't know if its me or what but lately i see that less detail, attention and quality goes into clothing... for example Zara has a bunch of dresses in clingy material sans slips.

    1. It's not you - there is definitely a decline in the overall quality of clothing these days!

  5. Oh Vizzini - how I love your googly eyed look. O_o! I'm glad you coordinated your outfit to your cat's markings.

    Teal is a very versatile colour - there's almost nothing with which it doesn't match. Red, orange, purple, yellow, black, brown...maybe blue isn't a great match?

    I laughed at your "piece of crap" line. =) Gorgeous dress! Needs to be worn much more often.

    1. We call it his "I want to rip your face off" look - it's pretty standard for him, lol.

      I will be trying a teal/blue combo this month - stay tuned!

  6. Definitely favorite look of the month, I'm with Megan! Love the silk dress, the piped shoes and the beautiful copper jewelry. And the insistent, so-hungry photo-bomber : >

  7. I adore the copper jewelry!! Love the whole outfit--the treal on you is stunning!!
    The dress is amazing--it looks like it's going to be a nice styling piece.
    and VIZZINI!!!! He is so cute. i love how he bit the big bad chair to show it who's boss!!

  8. I'm with Megan Mae; this just might be my favorite for the month. The copper/teal combo is awesome. I love teal, it just pops with other colors. A couple of years ago I discovered the joy of pairing teal and olive green and was a teal convert then and there. : D

  9. KITTY!! I love when he photo bombs you! And that chair pose is hilarious!

    Lovely polka dot dress! I can see a million different ways that you could style it too!

  10. That dress is gorgeous and I am completely in love with those shoes ~Ha your cat is too funny he does look rather confused lol!! You look Great! Love Heather

  11. I'm so envious of your beautiful copper jewelry… I think we see the origins of your "Style gene". I adore the dot print, I completely concur with your reasons re: why it's fabulous. And teal… my beloved teal… *sigh*

    1. You're so right - my grandmother was a big influence on me. I have a lot of her jewelry.

  12. I adore your dress. Love it paired with teal. One of my favorites on you.

    Poor Viz...has a bit of that 'deer in the headlights' look.

  13. Vizzini's face is saying - "move along please,, no photos! I need my dinner"...


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