Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sept 25th - Outfit #24 - White After Labour Day

And...finally, the last "fresh" item in the capsule gets worn!
This brown and white gingham check blouse! I thrifted it for $13.50 back in April (here, scroll down for a picture of it). It's by Guess, and as for my reason for not wearing it until now...it's a little snug in the boobular region (I hate when blouses stretch there). And I had all sorts of plans for it that kind of fell through when I actually tried it on and it was SNUG.

Hence, layering! This is my cobalt blue cropped cardi (last worn here when I went painting with Mom, last outfit), with my taupe suede belt holding the bottom of the cardi in place. I kind of like how the blouse makes a peplum from there.
And my white eyelet skirt makes its second appearance in a few days (last worn here this past weekend). I wish I'd worn this more this month. Ah well, I still have nearly a week left in September! I don't truck with the "no white after Labour Day" rule, but the fabric of the skirt is distinctly summery. It will go into storage after this month.

I added my blue lacy tights to help make this (admittedly somewhat haphazard) outfit more cohesive. Added the taupe boots (must...match...belt!), which I have worn for 3 straight Tuesdays (last time here). My WW group is going to think I only have one pair of shoes!

Outerwear shot:
It's a denim pea coat (unlined) by Armor Jeans that I picked up last year off the clearance rack at My Sister's Closet.

Off to my meeting!

Coat (Armor Jeans, consignment), cardigan (Jessica, consignment), blouse (Guess, thrifted), skirt (no label, thrifted), boots (Libby Edelman), belt (Gap), earrings (gift from Mom), ring (Wendy Brandes).


  1. Hi Sheila, just wondering if you could answer a query for me. I'm an Australian and have heard this no white after labour day fashion rule and never understood what it means. Australians don't seem to have fashion rules.

    By the way I came across your blog a while ago and through your daily posts I'm finally getting an education in layering so thanks :)

  2. Oh and PS - If you don't wear white after Labour Day when are you allowed to start wearing white again? Google just doesn't have satisfactory answers.

    1. Hi, Ky, and thank you for reading! I have no idea when we can start wearing white again - it's such an antiquated rule, I just had to poke fun at it. I think fashion "rules" are silly for the most part. ;)

  3. I love the peplum effect also... especially with the complimentary mermaid-ish ruffle on the skirt.

  4. Love the matchy belt and shoes. I always feel compelled to do that. Even though I know it's an antiquated fashion "rule", I still love matchy matchy. You also just reminded me, I need to pull out my Valentino denim jacket soon. Fall is so exciting for revisiting stuff you already own.

  5. Very cute and great idea for how to wear the blouse, that skirt goes with all sorts of things as well. I will have to remember what you wear with it I just packed away my eyelet skirt ~love Heather

  6. I love how the tights become such a feature with these outfits in your challenge.

  7. Oh you rule breaker!!! LOL. That shade of blue is really nice on you.

  8. Love how the belt makes a peplum effect, it looks great :)

  9. Scandal! White after Labor Day? How dare you! Kidding. You look great - I like the tights with the skirt and I like the sweater too. And those boots - love them! Want to steal!!

  10. I love how the cardigan and belt make a faux peplum!! cute outfit!!

  11. Really interesting and cool outfit!

    I think it was Sally McGraw who said "A little matchy never killed anyone," and besides, it makes my brain so very happy.


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