Friday, September 21, 2012

Sept 21st - Outfit #20 - Long Life

Hurray for Friday! It wasn't a terribly difficult week, but I do love my weekends to unwind. Nothing too social on this weekend: board games with L, a boot camp tomorrow morning, unpacking my winter clothes (eeee! so excited!), and then we're going to see The Shins in concert on Sunday night. I'm pretty stoked about that - they're one of my favourite bands. I first saw them on SNL in 2007 and I've been a fan ever since.

Anyway, on to the outfit, so I can go play Arkham Horror. 
Good golly, I love this top. It's so flattering, so pretty and just a great style. I last wore it here.

The good ol' denim skirt (last worn here) makes another appearance. It flaps like sails when I walk.
Stupendously awesome platforms (last worn here) always elicit gasps and admiration, from a random person at the bus stop this morning to people at work.

It being one day away from autumn, it was like a switch had been flipped this morning: wind, a few clouds and definitely chillier. This is leather jacket weather!
My glorious Danier Leather jacket. It's not part of the capsule as outerwear, but it's pretty darned sweet. I love the colour. I have several leather jackets that I'll start rotating into wear, and yes, I will take pictures of my outerwear (if it's decent, ha).

I went with the Chinese brocade theme and wore my Grandma J's "Chinese" necklace. I finally found someone at work to take a look at the symbols and tell me if they are actually Chinese characters. The answer: not really. They sort of look like a symbol for "Long Life," so I'm going with that. I'm sure that when this necklace was made, it was when Chinoiserie was a trendy look, so they didn't try too hard for accuracy.
I think it's gold-plated (it's really well-made), and the beads are definitely stone, although probably not jade.

Jacket (Danier Leather), top (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Mavi, consignment), necklace (vintage 50s/60s, Grandma J), cuff (vintage 60s/70s, Mom's), earrings (Erica Weiner).

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Oooh hope you have a great time at the concert! Sounds fun.

    I know I owned a lot of Chinese/Japanese style shirts, especially in the late 90s. I'm sure many of them were made up or not quite right text. At least your necklace is well-made if not well-researched! I think the effect of the characters stacked up is really cool.

  2. Get out we play Arkham Horror lol! We love our board games. You look cute those shoes are really neat I love the front on them! And wow great jacket! Enjoy your weekend Love Heather

  3. I like this Asian inspired top. It looks so lovely on you.

  4. Love that top paired with the denim skirt :)

    Sounds like a great weekend!

  5. Boy did you ring my chimes with this outfit. I'v always been into Asian art, fabric, jewelry, etc. You are so lucky to have all of that. It's simply beautiful. And the yellow leather leaves me speechless. Wonderful.

  6. The shoes are total fabulousness. Great accessorizing to match the asian feel of the top.

    I also can't wait for fall!

  7. That top is so gorgeous, and you look totally dishy!

  8. What a stunning outfit!! Now I NEED a long denim trumpet skiet ansd a chinese brocade blouse. I've been eyeing up the chinese brocades at the fabric store recently, too!!
    The necklace is just too gorgeous for words--and that it is a family piece makes it all the more special!

  9. Of course you must have had gasps everywhere you went in that gorgeous outfit, especially with those shoes! The jewellery is awesome.

  10. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

    Absolutely stunning outfit, Sheila - the denim skirt and cicada earrings are great picks, and I'm totally in love with "flaps like sails." :)

  11. The red top and yellow jacket are absolutely beautiful on you. Great lines and great colors. Love!

    I was so excited to pull out my bag o' tights this afternoon. It's borderline cool enough (it takes so long to get to autumn in southern USA) but I may have to jump the gun a little and start wearing the lighter ones. I pulled out my sweaters, too, but no way will it be cool enough likely until early October. Oh well, I can wear sweaters vicariously through my blogger buddies :)


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