Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept 11th - Outfit #9 - Dress Week of Horrors! Bad Luck

Look out! It's Dress Week!
This is an "all inclusive" Dress Week this time around. If you'd like to participate, please drop me a link by the end of the week (so, by Saturday morning, m'kay?) or email me your ONE dress that you'd like to show off to the blogosphere!

Today's outfit reflects some bad luck. As L pointed out, peacock feathers indoors are bad luck. And...this is not a dress I started out with in September's capsule!
I put a sheer brown linen blend dress in the capsule, with the idea that I'd be able to layer stuff under it and over it, and so I'd basically have a brown skirt to use this month. However, last night I pulled it out for a once-over and I was horrified (how appropriate that this is the Dress Week of Horrors!) to find little holes all over it, and the hem all undone. I suspect that the hem was cat-induced, but the holes made me very sad. It isn't wearable anymore. Boo.

In case you're wondering (and if you'd like to commiserate with me), this is the dress (also worn here and here).

So, I went through the 3-4 dresses in my summer closet to see what was left, and this purple dress was the only dress that would even remotely go with my capsule colours. It was actually going to be in this capsule, until I had a fit of self-doubt last month and ripped it all apart.

Anyway, this dress is by Enfocus Studio, and I got it on consignment back in April (here) for $28.99. I've never worn it.
I'm not 100% with the peacock blouse over it, but I don't hate it. The blouse is one I've had since July 2011 (here, last outfit, way down, with predictable neutrals), and I think I've only worn it that one time!

The booties make their second appearance (last seen here).

Anyway, this error (not checking my clothes thoroughly before I put them in a capsule) is going to make this month more difficult. I'm finding myself looking at what's in the capsule and hating all of it. I want to wear my cool weather stuff! I want sweaters and tights and leather and suede and autumn colours. I'm cranky. Could be hormonal.

Dress (Enfocus Studio, consignment), blouse (Anne Klein, consignment), boots (Libby Edelman), belt (Olsen, consignment), earrings (Plum), leather wrap cuff (Rad Juli), fake Gucci bracelet (80s, gift from Mom & Dad).


  1. It's too bad about the brown dress, but the purple one is a lovely replacement.

  2. I adore your honesty. It's why I jump with joy when I see your new posts pop up! But sorry *you're* not jumping for joy today -- the hole-y dress got you down, eh? This pinch-hitter looks great with the silky blouse over it, and the suede boots are so good.

    If you need it, you can give yourself permission to redo your capsule, it's OK. I'm sure even Anna Wintour changes her layouts at the last moment, until they feel just right.

  3. Perhaps a bunch of chocolate would help the crankiness. Is the dress you're wearing purple or blue--my eye can't decide. I like it paired with the peacock top. And, yikes, I have a peacock feather IN the house.

  4. OK I must say that is a dress of horrors Sheila , Horrible lol . Love the purple colour . Donna

  5. Sheila...
    I do love that belt...
    have you considered the peacock top with some black trousers and heels?
    I think it has a place in your repertoire.
    Think it might need a date in The Bengal Lounge perhaps it's time we went out for a cocktail!

    1. I'll probably do it with my brown trousers this month (no black ones this month), Leslie.

      Yes, good idea! We should go relax in a wee bit of olde India!

  6. "...but I don't hate it" is at least something... LOL. I empathize with your dilemma. I'm noticing failing hemlines right and left, and moth holes(!), and all kinds of fun stuff. Aaaack! Where's my maid? Uh, that would be me. I still think you look good. Upwards and onwards.

  7. Aw, so sorry about the brown linen - it was such a pretty thing! You're entitled to a champion cranky-time, especially given your incredible stamina over the months of the challenge.

    That is a totally gorgeous top.

  8. Sorry about the brown dress--been there, done that!!
    I love th new dress and how you styled it. The peacock blouse is STUNNING!! It's almost a neutral textural pattern!

  9. Love the hot rocker punk chick look. I feel your pain re the dress. I cannot close my closet door, and I suspect Sasha Jane is hanging from my skirts and dresses on a regular basis :o

  10. Bummer about the brown dress!! I've had that happen before either due to age of the garment in question - or kitty related too. It happens. I do like the purple replacement though. And your boots. You always have awesome shoes though!

  11. I love that brown peacock blouse, I think I would like it over the dress better if the neckline of the dress was plain....

  12. I'm sure you'll surprise yourself with this capsule! At least I hope you do! I like how this outfit turned out. It's different without resorting to colour trickery!


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