Friday, September 28, 2012

Sept 28th - Outfit #27 - Friday Dress for Bowling and Cat on Deck

Oh, I am so happy it's Friday! What a busy week. 

I didn't want to wear my one piece of denim AGAIN on a Friday, so I threw on a dress.
I've only worn this nice stretchy dress once so far this month (here, during Dress Week of Horrors!), so I'm happy to get in another wear of it.

I've never pulled out the green shade in the pattern before, and I liked how the cami (not part of the capsule) emphasized the little sections of green.
The shoes were last worn here. It was really too chilly to do open-toe sandals, but whatever.

I wore my denim as my outerwear:
L and I are off to go bowling tonight - it's a event that my work's Social Club is putting on. Should be fun - I've bowled in a dress before!

Jacket (Ann Taylor Loft), dress (O'Lala, thrifted), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment).

I took some pictures of Vizzini this morning.
"She better not come near me. I'm nappin' here!"
 But of course I came closer.
"Clear off, woman!"
 I can't resist giving him some pats and rubbing his fuzzy head, though.
"Is that a squirrel?"
He jumped off the post, and headed off on patrol around the deck perimeter.
He chats and mrows constantly.
There a lot of grey squirrels and birds in the oak and maple trees around our condo.
Officer Vizzini is on the lookout!
 We're having some external deck repairs done, so he doesn't have his usual table to jump onto.
"I can jump from here!"
I'll be doing one more September outfit post (have you been wondering what happened to the Wild Card outfit this month?) and giving a sneak peek at October's wardrobe (probably on Saturday - ooh, I'm so excited!), then will be working on the monthly summary on Sunday.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I love the greens in that dress. It should be good for bowling, too.

    Sasha Jane sends her love to Vizzini and has asked me for a room just like his :)

  2. I love LOVE this outfit! You look goregous and slender. Beautiful fall colors, too.

  3. Hope you have a great time bowling.

    Vizzini is becoming a more expressive kitty in your captured photos. I'm always jealous of people who get talkative cats. Only two of the kittens were chatty and Lynne ended up with the fabulous Sasha Jane. Bruce likes to "sing" when he's ready for his dinner, but otherwise our kittycats are pretty quiet.

  4. Oh, look at the kitty!! Right now I only have a beagle, but do love cats. I love the dress again in the previous post. Glad you fit that one in one more time. Wish I could wear green like you can! It sallows me out.


  5. Hope you have fun bowling! Vizzini is so cute too :)

  6. That look is really cure, especially with the jacket. And I LOVE fringe on sandals. Green is definitely your colour! Cute kitty.

  7. OMG, FitzRoy has gotten very chatty lately -- I can't decide if it's cute or annoying!

  8. I came for the clothes, I got enraptured by the cat . . . sorry, I love the furry little devils : > Your dress is very cool and I adore the KC shoes!

  9. This dress is very cool. So you bowled in a dress? I'm such a bad bowler I couldn't pull that off. I mean really bad...but more power to you Sheila, you look fab.

  10. Ooohhhh I have dress envy!!! Love the pattern and scrumptious colors:)

  11. I like how adding a vest changes the neckline to square. The dress fits you really nicely but also looks comfortable, win-win.

  12. Love the dress. All those colours are perfect Sheila colours. And jersey is such a wonderful fabric.

    Oh Vezzini. You're such a doll.

  13. Cool print on the dress, and great shoes!! Your kitty is so gorgeous and sleek!!

  14. I really like it with the denim! (I think bowling in a skirt is "sexy" and SO feminine!)

  15. Wonderful pattern, perfect length and fit, a great look with the jean jacket!

    Vizzini is such an intense little monkey-roo. :)


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