Monday, September 17, 2012

Dress Week of Horrors! Round Up!

All right! It's time for the Dress Week of Horrors! Round Up!
I usually do my Dress Weeks alone, but this time, I opened it up for anyone who wanted to participate. Thanks, Kathy, for the suggestion!

In no particular order, here's what you fashionable readers wore. Where the person has a blog or website, I've linked up to them. Please visit these awesome women!

Secret Squirrel at fashion maths:
Long-time reader and new blogger, she's got fabulous style. Rocking the sheath dress with that polka dot scarf!

Working a tribal-print maxi! Love the layered and belted cardigan!

Ada of Elegance Personified:
I love the paint-y fabric! So pretty, especially with those red flower sandals!

Sheila at Style Agent 909:
Check out how she transforms this from "One Uuuuugly Dress" to this fabulous outfit!

Lynn of Dylan's Dress:
So freakin' clever! She hacked off her skirt, and stitched it to this wicked Bruce Lee t-shirt in a fit of "Hot Flash Couture." I'm such a sucker for Bruce Lee.

Izzywizz of Colour makes people:
How much do I love "a bug's life" themed dress? Especially with those fab blue shoes and that lovely yellow cardi!

Ki of Dressing up for life:
It's only a "dress week of horror" - there are no horrible dresses here! That turquoise is glorious on the radiant Ki! She managed to put this outfit together while on vacation in India!

Mica of Away From Blue:
Mica's Jeanswest Aztec dress is funky and lovely (she's in Australia, so tights are needed at the end of winter!). The sweet little pup's name is Cooper.

Amber of Butane Anvil:
Amber's "Dust Bunny" is made up of amazing shades of dove, steel and stormcloud grey! This is an outfit as unique as Amber herself.

Kathy, faithful reader:
She doesn't have a blog, but with this rockin' dress, leggings, trim jacket and sweet shoes (seriously, I need a close-up of those babies)...maybe she should! Sharing Dress Week was Kathy's idea, so please give her a big thank you!

Lynne of Practical Paralegalism:
 "Oh Horrors!" is definitely NOT what this wonderful colour-blocked dress is! Lynne's looking polished and stylish in purple and pink, with a pop of orange! So creative.

Susan of Une femme d'un certain age:
She's "Visibly in Character" in this smokin' polka dot wrap dress (and red shoes, eee!). Scooter as accessory? Yes, please!

Megan of MMD:
Megan rocked her "Dress (Day) of Horrors" with this tiered blue number, combined with that amazing stripey cardi. Love the funky Trippen shoes!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in Dress Week! You're all gorgeous!


  1. I loved your post. But then I always enjoy your posts.

  2. Great assortment of stylish gals. It's fun to see bloggers I like on the blogs of others I like. It feels as if we're a community.

  3. Thanks, Sheila! I don't see any dress horrors here, just a lot of women with great style! (And I should add, my dress wasn't a "horror," it just took me a while to get up the courage to wear as it's a bold look for me.)

  4. Wow, everyone is looking so lovely! I love all the colours and the creativity and of course being introduced to so many lovely bloggers. Thanks Sheila :)

  5. Wonderful everyone looked fantastic! I will have to join in next time around I had a picture I was going to send you and everything but then all three of my kids came down with pink eye and I completely forgot! I was disinfecting everything lol! Not very glamorous hehe I love how everyone's style is different but they all look beautiful! Love heather

  6. Love all the dresses!! I'll have to remember to participate if you do it again! :)

  7. I love seeing all the different dresses, and found some new blogs to follow. THANK YOU!

  8. The dresses are great! I totally planned on joining up with what I wore on Friday - transitioning a slinking dress from work to wedding - but I got home from the wedding too late, and too, er, jolly to take a presentable picture!

  9. Everyone looks gorgeous! Sheila, you are a star for bringing them all together. And, Kathy, great photo and great idea!

  10. Many fabulous faces I already know and love, but hooray for some new-to-people as well! I think everyone looks amazing. What a great round-up for a fabulous dressy week.

  11. What a great assortment of girls wearing beautiful dresses... many of which i read, and others that i know want to check out.

  12. Oh wow, on top of my friends just being amazing and totally knocking it out of the park, I love "meeting" all of these other gorgeous women in dresses! Thank you so much for hosting this round-up, Sheila.

  13. Sheila, Thank you for taking up my idea with your Dress of Horrors week. I love seeing so many fabulous outfits in one easy to read post. I am thrilled that so many gals participated. I would like to encourage any other non-bloggers out there to participate if you do this again. And wow, I'm blown away by the great Melanie's comment. My really cool gladiator sandals are from Aerosole's 2011 collection at Macy's.

  14. Love this post Sheila! You have such stylish readers, so fun seeing so many cute outfits. Difficult to pick a favourite, but I think it has to be Amber's grey on grey - love the texture to add interest to the outfit, I've never been able to master monochrome dressing she has done it so well!

    Thanks for featuring me (and Cooper!) :)

  15. So many wonderful horrors, here! Lovin' "Hot Flash" Couture, the skirt-Tee mix sheer brilliance and I bet comfy! Love Lynn of Dylan's Dress styling, and Lynne of PP is pretty stylin' too! But the winner is Pseu who rocked her polka dots, and on a scooter no less! Ok, maybe runner up is Megan because I love how the straps on her shoes echo the stripes on her cardi. Wonderful, er I mean horrible! (But really wonderful)

  16. Hey Sheila!! Enjoyed this so much. I loved reading about each one, and I found some new blogs as well! It's nice to see the diversity of style while realizing that it all boils down to a common love of style!


    PS -- thanks for including mine.

  17. Thanks for featuring my pic, Sheila! What a great set of dresses, it has given me some ideas for restyling a few dresses that are languishing in my wardrobe... It shows how versatile they cn be.

  18. Thanks for hosting dress week of horrors, its so much fun to see all the stylish ladies :) Always nice to find a new blog or two as well :) You must do this again Sheila :)

  19. THIS IS Absolutely the BEST! thanks all - I love the dresses, and I love love LOVE the poses!

  20. Wow! I've found some new blogs to check out. Thanks for hosting Sheila.
    Silly me though, I submitted my ugliest dress, when in reality it was supposed to be the prettiest!


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