Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 12th - Outfit #10 - Dress Week of Horrors! Teal-a-Palooza

Look out! It's Dress Week!
This is an "all inclusive" Dress Week this time around. If you'd like to participate, please drop me a link by the end of the week (so, by Saturday morning, m'kay?) or email me your ONE dress that you'd like to show off to the blogosphere!

Not such a great outfit yesterday, so let's get back on that fashion horse and try, try again.
All "fresh" items for this capsule: the embroidered velvet teal jacket, the dress and the shoes.

The jacket replaces this red one that got irreparably damaged, and it's new-to-me. I bought it back here in April. It's by Ann & J Concepts, it's made in the US (nice!), it's cotton/Spandex and was $9.50, thrifted.
It's nicer on me than on the hanger. No hanger appeal! I really like the shaping through the bodice and the waist, and how the neckline does sort of a stand-up collar. Cool, eh?

The dress is another thrifted item. It's by O'Lala, is also made in the US, and was $9.00. I bought it in October 2011 (here, worn rather plainly). I last wore it here (for my "Invasion of Dress Week") last December - ah, that was the last wearing of my Manolo Blahniks.

The stuff:
The shoes are by Me Too - I got them with birthday money in October 2010 (here, with a fab zebra skirt) for $75.00 at Feet First (a mall store). I haven't worn them a lot - I always look at the heel with a leery eye and think, "too high!" but the hidden platform actually makes them surprisingly comfortable.

I last wore them for our friends Steve and Celia's wedding last November (please admire my awesome wedding attire in shades of blue and teal - I'm wearing a hat!). I also wore them earlier in November 2011 (here, with a really cool jacket), and in January 2011 (love the purple/teal combo).

Jacket (Ann & J Concepts, thrifted), dress (O'Lala, thrifted), shoes (Me Too), belt (Club Monaco), earrings (Plum).


  1. Oooh a much more fabulously put together outfit. I always love that dress and it looks so perfect with that jacket. The embroidery around the sleeves is so cool, it's got similar colors as the dress too. I love sneaky platform shoes, platforms make mega-heels so much more bearable.

  2. Oh WOW! love the proportions, the colors, the pattern, everything. Beautiful outfit Sheila.

  3. Much better tonight Sheila , you do the classic look the best . Donna

  4. Velvet jackets make everything right. I love your link-backs. Too bad about the Blahniks, but they're just shoes. (Gasp!!!) I like the sneaky platforms too!

  5. Sheila - you look breathtaking . I love that skirt and the jacket was MADE for it!

  6. Aah! Gorgeous dress, and everything co-ordinates so beautifully, like it was meant to be together. Love the unique shaping details of the jacket.

  7. Teal is definitely your colour. It's so fab with your red hair. The skirt reminds me of spirograph - I used to love making colourful swirly geometric patterns. So much fun.

  8. I am crazy about the teal jacket Sheila - the shape, the color, wow! And wow to your wedding outfit too - you are so fabulous. Got to love a hidden platform in a great-looking shoe. xxx

  9. Hi Sheila.

    I have followed you for a long while now though I haven't commented before. I am Ada - nice to meet you. I actually love this outfit. That is one beautiful blazer and pair of shoes and I love it paired with that dress.

    I am such a dress girl so I would love to participate on your "Dress of Horrors" Week, if you will have me. =)

    Stop by my page when you can. I appreciate it.

  10. WOW! This one is a definite winner! Possibly my favorite September outfit so far! The pattern on this dress is just so fantastic! Unique too! Love it!

  11. OOOO TEAL!!! My favorite color!! Best outfit so far this month!! The jacket is gorgeous and OMG those SHOES!!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!!

  12. The jacket and shoes are to die for! Love this pretty outfit on you. You really have a way with color, Miss Redhead!

  13. Sheila, hi, it's the other Sheila to your south. I just saw on Amber's, Butane Anvil that you're having a Dress Week of Horrors! LOL. Great idea. I did a post recently with a hideous dress I'm sending over a link!
    The teal jacket is terrific. The embroidery around the sleeves really makes it.

  14. I NEED teal pumps more than food and air, I think :P I think this outfit is incredibly elegant and luxurious-looking, very much like the dark velvets that are supposed to on trend this fall.

  15. Hi there Sheila! :) I love your teal look, so perfect with your red hair. :)
    Im participating in your dress week of horrors,Ive chosen the bugsey dress. :)


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