Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sept 19th - Outfit #18 - It's a Jacket

You know what I discovered today? There are some clothes that just don't work as well in a limited capsule. They are so unique and tricky to style - but too lovely to give up ever! - but they require a large wardrobe to get the right look. 
Like this jacket, for instance. This is my third wear of it since I bought it in November 2011. It's Nylon by Dex and it was $39 using a credit (so free! sort of) in at my local consignment shop.

The first time I wore it, here (oh such cute cat pictures!), I did it over a fitted solid-colour dress and I liked how it looked. The last time I wore - here in January (on Megan's birthday!) it was with a long slim skirt. Also good.
Not so much with the trousers. These are very high-waisted and wide-legged - I think I prefer a longer, slimmer silhouette on the bottom to counter the fullness of the jacket.

Or maybe I'm just in bad need of a haircut?

The stuff:
I really like these shoes. I'm so glad I have them.

The bracelet is very old and is from my Grandma S (Grandma J was not the only grandparent I got stuff from!). She gave me a few pieces when I looked after cleaning my grandparents' place when I was in my early 20s. I don't think it's great quality, but I like that I have something of hers.

Jacket (Nylon by Dex, consignment), camisole (Ricki's), trousers (Tobias), shoes (Me Too), earrings/belt (Plum), ring (vintage 70s, Sarah Coventry), bracelet (vintage, Grandma S).

Vizzini was up to no good tonight:
Fresh from attacking my hand under the folded back carpet, his eyes fix on my toes.

Bored by my toes, he sets his sights on the luggage wheel:
"I like to bite the wheel."
He has the attention span of a gnat.
"Camera cord! Must bite!"


  1. That last kitty pic totally cracks me up. His eyes are just so round.

    I've learned so much from taking outfit pics I'd probably still do it even if no one saw them. I love your unusual jacket but agree those slacks aren't the best showcase for it. They are also covering up those incredible teal shoes.

    I enjoyed your comment about your split skirt although I know it wasn't amusing at the time. A male friend of mine had his pants split down the inner thighs at work, and had no alternative but to patch them with duct tape until he got home.

  2. I really enjoy your cat pictures, Sheila.

    I'm glad you have those shoes, too. The color is so rich. Your style is so unique.

  3. I like the effect of the wider leg trousers and the blue cami. It makes your waist look super tiny.

    Crazy kitty face! And kitty toes. I love the little white toes. So cute.

  4. It's a challenging piece, so kudos for trying. How about with the yellow skirt from yesterday?

  5. Vizzini is so cute!

    I really like this jacket, I hope you can think of further ways to style it with this capsule.

  6. It's a fab statement jacket and it's great with the neutral trousers, imho. It doesn't need a lot of extras, does it? Hey Vizzini, you get an "A" in biting and "A+" for cute : >

  7. Your cat is scarey!!!

    I checked out the other posts with this unique jacket and I have to say that I do like it with these fluid black pants the best. Very elegant and would make a wonderful hostess or party outfit around the holidays I think. It's a piece of art really.

  8. Reading your posts is like listening to your mind think out loud. I learn so much from hearing that. You could call this an Education Blog. :)

  9. Yep, my cats totally have kitty ADD too. They can't focus on anything.

    This is a super neat jacket. I think it works with the trousers, but that's just my opinion!

  10. It's such a gorgeous jacket--I prefer it with the dress or skirt on you.
    AAAWWW Vizzini--he is just too cute!!

  11. That is a beautiful jacket! Your outfits are always so spot-on. I so enjoy seeing what you have created. Lovely jewelry too.
    Vizzini is so handsome.

  12. Love the jacket. Love the kitty. Your hair looks fantastic, by the way.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. Sheila, that jacket is truly unique. I wouldn't ever give it up either. And yes, I think you're right about slimmer pants to balance the fuller jacket.

  14. Swingy-trapezy jackets are a bit of challenge, but the length of this one is excellent for your proportions; "... too lovely to give up ever" is right! I also enjoy having some of these unique-needs pieces in my wardrobe. I love the camisole, belt, and shoes, and while the pants are indeed that rare breed of (*ahem*) MAGIC PANTS OF STUPENDOUS FLATTERATION and absolutely fine with the jacket, I see your point about silhouette and love the other outfits you've built with it. You've done really well to create that many looks.

    P.S. I would find Vizzini's adorable bunny feet and white chin a constant distraction!

  15. I know you are not a fan of trousers... but i have to say you rock them. Seriously, they do look amazing on you and i certainly like the jacket.

  16. LOVE that jacket! You've just explained to me why I have so many unique jackets but don't wear them a lot. They are special- takes a bit to put an outfit with it- but worth it. Absolutely unforgettable.


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