Sunday, May 15, 2011

Revenge of Dress Week! More Leather (Thursday Outfit)

Well, looks like Blogger got the last word this week - the outtages hit me right in my prime posting times, so sorry for missing Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Also, in an unfortunate turn of events, many of the comments from Monday and Tuesday appear to have been lost. *sigh* Ah well. Let's move on!
Following my grey leather dress on Wednesday, here's my other leather dress again (last seen here):
For only having paid $20, I'm getting good wear out of this dress! I liked the neutral vibe of this outfit - the muted colours kept this from looking too outrageous. After all, I am wearing a sheer blouse (last seen here), a leather dress and massive heels!

I had Book Club on Thursday night, so I had to dash to get my outside pictures done before my ride picked me up:
These patterned tights turned out to be snagtastic following their last wear with my Fluevog booties here, which apparently gave them a huge fuzz rim midway up my shins. Shout out to Lesley at work who gave me an awesome tip for tights with snags - turn them inside out! Duh, why did this never occur to me? It's brilliant! The snags and fuzz weren't even visible, and now I have a longer lifespan for these tights, as I would have otherwise chucked them.

Recognize the shoes?
I've only worn them once - for New Year's Eve!

Mere minutes after I took this picture, my boss called - he'd locked his keys in his office and couldn't go home. Yikes! I ended up standing on the street to hand over my desk key so that he could find the extra key to his office. I wonder what my neighbours thought of me passing something through the window of a car that just drove up, ha!

The stuff:
I wore my scarf today as a belt. It's a long navy and gold Chinese patterned silk scarf (with fringe!) that I bought a couple of months ago for $20 (a bit pricey for consignment, but I was using my credit, so I didn't actually pay any cash for it).

A close-up:My Grandma J's leaf necklace and my bronze-y leaf earrings. I like the dragons on the scarf.

Dress (Truly, Part Two), blouse (Express, thrifted), scarf (no label, consignment), shoes (Aldo), necklace (vintage '50s, Grandma J's, stamped "Lisner," info about it here), earrings (Plum).


  1. I lamented over my blogger woes in today's post as well...but your poster is the best!! And so are those shoes...they are FIERCE!! I love the whole look and the shoes just make the outfit!

  2. You and leather dresses! This outfit is indeed fierce. I love all the subtle tones that are working together. Those shoes are badass.

  3. I may have said this before, but it bears repeating- I love those shoes!
    This outfit looks very sophisticated.
    Très chic~

  4. It was so annoying, eh, Pam? Thank you! I love the shoes, and need wear them more.

    Megan, yeah, I know, I have a thing for leather! I like that the tones are all kind of mis-matched but they still go.

    Rita, thank you!

  5. Stupid blogger... The outfit rocks and I think the key element are the shoes! Kisses :)


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