Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nuptials, Casual Friday, Fatigue and A Race

Well, now, where have I been? It's been a very full few days!

First, there was Casual Friday: My little teal kitten heels make an appearance (last seen in the Wardrobe Challenge here), along with my matchy-matchy cardi (last seen here) and my wardrobe basic denim dress (last seen here). I also layered my navy blue floofy sheer skirt thing under it for a little more coverage (last see here).

I was exhausted all day Friday because, yes, I got up at 2:30am (gotta love the West coast!) to watch the Royal Wedding. When I was 13, I got up and watched Charles' and Di's wedding, so I had to watch this one! I stayed up until 5:30am when they kissed, then crashed and slept for another hour.
An unprompted yawn...I napped for 2 hours when I got home from work.

The stuff:I actually built this outfit around the bracelet, which I got in Vancouver back in March.

It was $10 in a consignment store:
It's made up of 7 rigid panels that are attached to the two wires. I love all the little flowers (they have a bit of colour on them, with the cut amber glass. It has no marks on it or anything, so I have no idea how old it is...but I liked it and that's what matters!

Possibly a better shot in natural light:My, I am pale.

Cardigan (Kersh), dress (Ricki's), underskirt (Noa Noa), shoes (Le Chateau, consignment), belt and earrings (Plum), bracelet (consignment).

On Saturday, it was our first day of Ultimate for the season, but I had to skip it due to the 10K race on Sunday. I did go to my WW meeting, though:
All nice and light! My purple cardi (last seen here), my sparkly tee (last seen here), and my velvet pencil skirt (last seen here). I had to dig out my boots so that I could have some flat shoes to wear.

Cardi (Bobeau), t-shirt (Lisa International), skirt (Armor Jeans, consignment), boots (Aldo, consignment).

After another nap in the afternoon, L and I headed out for dinner with his boss and some coworkers. I was going to pose inside, but the light was really glare-y. However, Inigo was too darned cute:
Aw! Look at his little paws all tucked up! I couldn't resist giving him a tummy rub.

I ended up outside:
Same boots for walking to town. I got that skirt at a thrift store during the day - it has no label, but it was $12.00. It's leather and the waist is quite high, so I'd guess it is from the early 90s. I wanted to look a little sexy, so I did my sheer leopard blouse (last seen here) with a cami underneath.

Check out the skirt details:
The two zippers open up and those are pockets. Inside one of the pockets was stapled a replacement assembly for the back snap at the waist. Based on that, and that the skirt didn't have any stretch or creases, I'd say this was never worn.

It's hard to see in these pictures, but I love the crackle finish on it - it reminds me of those Indiana Jones/aviator flight jackets:

Blouse (Planet, consignment), skirt (no label, thrifted), belt (Gap), boots (Aldo, consignment).

Finally, today was the big race. I don't know how I did yet, as it took time to get to the Start line and the results aren't posted.

After jumping the gun last year, I'll hold off announcing my time until the official results are out. I don't think I beat my personal best of 1:07 for racewalking it, but I think I was around 1:12-1:15. Man, I am going to be sore tomorrow!

Hee, posing in my gear:
I am strong like bull!

And nerdy like dork!
But it was a beautiful sunny day and I'm glad I had my hat on!

And how was YOUR weekend?


  1. I love your Casual Friday outfit, particularly that gorgeous skirt!

  2. Love that purple cardigan. The leather skirt is fan-freaking-tastic. Congrats on the marathon! Hope you did great.

    My weekend was some ups and downs. But everything is mostly going swimmingly.

  3. You look so amazing in skirts and you always have the best around. I love them all.
    My other favorites here are the gorgeous bracelet and the purple cardigan!!
    You are looking great!!

  4. I only had to wake up at 3:00. I dade my whole family stay home from work/school. We scones (exuse me, bricks), crumpets, Iced tea (don't forget we live in Florida and everyone had a tiara, including the cat. My husband drew the line there.

    The night before we had a dress drawing contest, none of us came really close, but we LOVED what she wore. What did you think?

  5. Oh, by the way, you are looking "smashing" British word? as usual.

  6. You rock every outfit sweety! Congrats on your race! :)

  7. So many good looks. But I must comment on two: the bracelet is heavenly! And the kitty -- nom nom! I cannot resist him.

  8. I love your little black slippy thing. What does it look like whole? LOVE that addition to your outfit--it just gives it a kick!

  9. Congrats on the race!

    I am so in love with your bracelet, I want to marry it. The outfit is perfect for the royal wedding... all you needed was a fascinator!

  10. Thanks, Chrissy!

    Megan, me too - it's such an easy piece. Thanks, but I only did a 10K (no more marathons in my future for a while!). I'm glad you're doing well, hon. :)

    Wendy, it's floofalicious!

    Pam, thank you so much! I love skirts and am always on the lookout for cool ones. Thanks!

    Lesa, lucky you! East coast is so much easier for UK stuff. Aw, that's cool that you did the whole English-y thing! I loved Kate's dress (and Pippa's!).

    Ha, yes, smashing is perfect, thank you!

    Thanks, Dimi!

    Patti, thank you! I know, I can't resist kitty either.

    Thanks, Paula! It's actually a navy/French blue - it has an elastic waist, drops straight, and then has a flounce. It's completely sheer.

  11. Awesome leather skirt and even AWESOMER walk! Congrats!

  12. You got up to see the wedding ?!
    OMG ! I saw pieces of it - mostly re runs...
    Ok, I am all over Inigo and his tummy - how could you not stop for a rub ?

  13. Thanks so much, Kasmira! I am still sore today!

    Lorena, yes, I did! I'm glad I did, even though I am still really tired. Gah, I'm old! Hee, Inigo is the cutest!

  14. I love the equestrian chic of that leather skirt ensemble. What a great thrift find. And congrats on your race!!

  15. Love the teal and those red-brown stones on Friday. And GO YOU on the race!!


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