Friday, May 20, 2011

Casual Friday - Fluttery Long Skirt

Happy Friday! Woo! It's a long weekend for most Canadians - it's Victoria Day! (It celebrates Queen Victoria's birthday).

One of my coworkers today said, "You just don't do Casual Friday, do you?"
Yeah, no, not so much. This is a new-to-me denim vest that I picked up on consignment last weekend (around $24), from the same store where I found this fabulous new-to-me silk skirt (around $36).

Although I already have a denim vest (this one), this one is quite a bit different; it has a much more casual vibe due to the wash of it. Both vests do have one thing in common, though: lock and load! I love a vest that fits snugly - it just holds everything in.

I may have mentioned (ha!) how much I am in love with maxi skirts right now. I particularly liked all the ragged edges on this one - the hem has fluttery strips that hang down a bit and move around when I walk. I like clothes with motion.
The shoes are new-to-me as well - I got them in January! Today is the first day that I felt it was warm enough to wear such a strappy shoe. I think they were around $59, but the consignment store I got them at had a bunch of them that they were selling off on behalf of a shoe store that was clearing out, so these are actually new shoes.

I wore my trusty boyfriend blazer as my coat in the morning:
I couldn't bear the thought of a heavy coat.

A close-up of the top half:
I wore all my old amethyst jewelry that my Dad gave me for Christmas when I was about 17 years old. The black t-shirt is one of my workout tees - I realized when I got dressed this morning that I don't have a single plain t-shirt that isn't a workout piece!

The outside shots after work:
The skirt was wafting around in the breeze as I plopped down on the stairs.

For some reason, this shot came out much brighter:
I tried to spread the skirt out at bit. This skirt is not as full as my parachute skirt, but still good for taking long strides.

A better look at the sandals:
They are Kenneth Cole Reaction and that's real leather and cork. I love the thick wedge and platform - these were a dream to wear all day (not a bit of rubbing or soreness), and really easy to walk in.

Vest (Part Two, consignment), t-shirt (Sport Mart), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), jewelry (gift from Dad), shoes (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment).

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Maxi-skirts can be very attractive and this one certainly is. I never paid attention to them before I started blogging and that blindness was inexcusable.

    I found a gorgeous green dress today that has a long skirt that I love, love, love. I rushed home to post pictures of it immediately. I am so excited about how well it makes my body look.

    Oops! I'm talking about me and it's YOUR blog! Sorry, Sheila! You got me started with your pretty skirt. P.S., the shoes are really cute, too.

  2. You're still wearing denim though! That skirt is amazing. I bet it looks great in motion. The new sandals are fab too - and a good deal.

  3. This skirt is beautiful...I love the way it just flows and the color is striking. On Fridays, I am suppose to wear a school T Shirt and jeans...I usually do the jeans with something else. I had a co--worker say, YOU JUST DON"T DO THE T SHIRT, DO YOU!! I hate that T shirt look and most wear it oversized any way...I think they think I am trying to show them up, but I am just trying to make me feel good about what I wear!! Oh Well You look great!!

  4. Wonderful skirt! And I wish I could wear sexy heels and platforms like that, but I have the ugliest feet ever (and size 41, which I think is 11 using american sizing!!). But it's always great looking at them! :)

  5. "You just don't do Casual Friday, do you?"

    what do they mean, that's super casual for YOU!! i'd be surprised if anyone else in your workplace makes as big a change in their style between regular and casual days - am i right?

    wow that skirt is lovely! wonderful fluttery motion + bits hanging down = my fantasy skirt! and how sweet to have your Dad's necklaces with you all day - it's like the skirt is a tribute to that gift. have a great long weekend! steph

  6. Oh, I think we need video of that fantastic skirt so we can SEE the motion. I am reminded of a Valentino dress with similarly cut ruffles, but as these are on a diagonal, I can't quite imagine.

  7. Ralph, thank you so much - I don't think many of us paid much attention to maxi skirts for the last few years. I love seeing fashion cycle around again. That dress you found was wonderful! And I'm always happy for you to let me know about something on your blog here, hon. :)

    Megan, that's what I said to her! It's a fabulous skirt in motion. Thanks!

    Pam, thank you! Ugh, that sounds like such a boring Casual Friday - you keep on doing your own thing, girl!

    Dimi, thank you! I have size 40 feet so you're not that far off! Wear what you love - who cares what size your feet are?

    I know, Steph! They're just not used to me yet. :) No, you really can't tell the difference with most people - their casual and everyday is basically the same. I love the movement in the skirt, thank you. Yeah, it's nice to have the jewerly Dad gave me. :)

    Terri, not going to happen, at least not anytime soon. Just imagine. :)

    Almost 40, thank you so much for reading and posting a comment - I really appreciate it. :) look like spam, Moms Couponing Madness....

  8. That skirt is stunning! And definitely not casual!

  9. Thanks, Wendy. I would love to wear it dressy too.


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