Thursday, May 5, 2011

Green is for Growth

So...L lost his job this week (through no fault of his own), which is why I've been a little down in the dumps. L will land on his feet - he's an amazing and smart person (well, duh, he married me, hee) and whoever hires him will be hugely lucky.

However, it feels like one thing after another this last year: my dear kitty Othello dying last spring, ongoing repairs to our condo building, L's grandma dying, me losing my job...I think I must be due to win the lottery or something, at the very least!

Anyway, I'm trying really hard to "fake it till you feel it" so I wore one of my favourite pairs of shoes today: Another somewhat conservative outfit for me (ha, I guess not too many people would consider a leather skirt with monster heels conservative), but it helps me feel confident and powerful. If I can't control what happens to me, I can at least control how I look when I face it, right?

This is my awesome off-white blazer (last seen here), my many-times-worn funkadellic green shirt (last seen here), and the same leather skirt I wore last weekend.

I grabbed Inigo for some kitty therapy:
Aw! He is just the sweetest kitty ever! I just smile looking at him. Look at that face.

I tottered outside to do the stair pictures. There was a lady across the way doing her dishes who saw me as I staggered up and down to set the camera and check the pictures. I'm sure she thought I was mad.
As Sal so rightly commented yesterday, "embrace the pale!" I do like my pale skin, but I like a touch of colour in the summer, just to even things out, so I use a bit of self-tanner a couple of times a week (I have lots of varicose veins, thank you, 14 years of retail). I haven't tanned in over 20 years.

I barely made it to the stairs for this shot:
Yes, I am firmly back to heels after over a week in flats! Those shoes are not meant for lunging up and down stairs. They were pretty impressive for stalking around the office today, though. Hee! I last wore them here.

The stuff:
Sweet platform-y goodness!

A close-up of the jangly bits:
I generally try not to be noisy with my outfits (exceptions: this skirt and these pants flap like sails when I wear them, which I love).

Jacket (Club Monaco, consignment), blouse (Nicole Beniste for Point Zero), leather skirt (no label, thrifted), shoes (Le Chateau), necklace (Plum), jade ring (Mom's, vintage, 70s).


  1. Sheila: Sounds like your luck needs to make a big turn around. You are right, if you cannot control things around you, you can control how you look when you face them head on. Good luck. Peg on Vancouver Island

  2. Ah Sheila, so sorry to hear of your troubles! You do look wonderful and that can lift our spirits. Your kitty is too sweet, what a face! Cheers to you and wishes for a happier wind to blow very soon.

  3. Oh, Sheila, I'm sorry to hear about L. losing his job. I do hope he finds something that he finds interesting and fulfilling soon!

  4. Sending super lucky vibes your way... I know everything will land sunnyside up!

    Those are some rocking heels, wowee!!

  5. Sorry about L's job-loss. I'm glad you're able to keep a positive attitude.

    Your kitty has an amazing, unusual face. I love looking at it. Like I enjoy looking at those cool heels. You got style!

  6. Sending you major good luck vibes. You guys have been through a lot recently. Here's looking towards the silver lining.

  7. Sorry to hear about L losing his job Sheila ... stay positive and we'll keep sending up prayers for you guys. Remember - after the storm comes the rainbow :-).

  8. I am confident that you and L will bounce back from these hardships stronger than ever!

    P.S. Those shoes look even more fabulous in the natural light!

  9. So sorry to hear about L. losing his job! I hope he's able to find something else very soon. I know the feeling though, like when it rains, it pours. I hope things turn around. It might not hurt to get a lottery ticket :)

    And as a fellow pale-legged gal, I say definitely embrace it! My legs are the one thing that never, ever get any color, no matter how I try.

  10. Sorry about L's job. I hope he finds something else quickly.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about L's job loss, you guys have had quite a run of crappy luck. Hope he finds a new and better employer soon. Here's to better days ahead, meantime kitty power is a good comfort.

    Re your necklace, I just bought some chain to make one with an old key I found in my house. Glad to know I'll be following in your excellent style footsteps!

  12. You're overdue for a nice long string of good luck, Sheila. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Keep up the positive attitude and fabulous outfits!

  13. Looking fabulous woman! You are definitely due for some serious good, and I know it's just around the corner. You are such a smart, sassy, fun, strong woman. You are destined for a life of greatness!

  14. OH Sheila! Tell L to hang in there and you too! I think it was worse for me my hubby lost his job than it was for me when I lost mine. I hated to see him so sad. You guys will be ok. You have each other which does help. Life just sucks sometimes. I'll be thinking about you guys!

  15. I'm so sorry for L's job Sheila... It's sad. I'm sure he'll find something else pretty soon! My luck is playing tricks too... Our kitty Cartman died, we crashed the car and I lost my job two days ago... (and this was one of my best years-ha!). Let's hope for the lottery, shall we dear? I hope for some good news soon! :)

  16. Ouch, Sheila, so sorry about L. You have had a rough go of it, my friend. But you were back working again soon and he will be too. Fingers crossed!

  17. Aw no I hope your hubby finds new work soon - happy thoughts your way! And ps. love the pic of the kitty x

  18. oh Sheila, i am sorry to hear that bad news. you HAVE had a lot of rotten stuff this year, and i'm one of many keeping my fingers crossed for a change of luck for you & L!

    i've found that keeping focused on what you can control, even if it's something small, works well to keep an even keel. (Sheila's not only an amazing dresser, but wise as well!) and kitty therapy is the best there is :) that widdle face!

    you look beautiful in this outfit, and that leather skirt ..... well, i know we've never met but if you happen to feel like updating your will ;) i love thinking of you stalking round the office! take care and enjoy the weekend!! steph

  19. Sheila- sorry to hear about L's job. That just sucks, plain and simple. But, it's spring, and new opportunities are blooming along with the flowers. The lethargic winter energy has been "goosed" and good things are coming your way! I know L must feel deflated, but let him know we're all sending good vibes!
    And I can see why that outfit makes you feel powerful- you look righteous!

  20. Sorry to hear L has lost his job. These runs of bad luck seem to be hitting everyone this year. Hope he finds an even better job soon. Love those shoes!

  21. Was thinking about you a lot this week, and also about "L". Lots of good thoughts and prayers your way!

  22. Peg, thanks, that would be nice!

    Thank you, Patti!

    Raquelita, thanks, I hope so.

    Cara, thank you, hon.

    Thanks, Ralph! Yes, he's a cutie.

    Megan, thanks!

    Wendy, thank you. I need a rainbow!

    Kasmira, I know we will, but right now...*sigh*. Thanks!

    Anne, thanks. I'm going to get a ticket! Yes, agreed, pale is awesome.

    Thanks, Rebecca.

    Northmoon, yes, and I'm sick of it. Kitty helps. Nice, that necklace sounds great!

    Audi, I agree. Thank you!

    K, thanks. Aw, I appreciate that.

    Alison, thanks, hon. It's been tough, but he seems to be okay about - it's the nature of his work.

    Dimi, aw, you too? Good news soon!

    Kristen, thanks, hon. Fingers crossed!

    Wendy, thanks.

    Jamie-Lee, thanks!

    Steph, a change of luck would be nice. I agree about the control thing, for sure. Kitty consoles. Ha, you can have the leather skirt when I'm tired of it (never!). Thanks, hon.

    Rita, thank you.

    Chris, thank you!

    Bonnie, thanks, good to hear from you.

  23. Sorry to hear about L., but I'm sure things will get better, soon. Sending good vibes your way.

  24. Hey, I am so sorry. I have faith that L will find a job and that said job will be EPIC IN ALL WAYS. So hang in there - you are an awesome person and good stuff is coming your way.

  25. Sheila I am sorry about the news - and I admire your bright and positive attitude.
    It will pass - plus
    I think L has the best asset ever: you :)

  26. Thank you, Lorena! Aw, that's adorable, thank you. *hug*


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