Sunday, May 15, 2011

Revenge of Dress Week! Sorbets (Saturday Outfit)

For some reason, when I planned my outfits last Sunday, I created six dress- and scarf-based ensembles. Sometimes I just have brain-farts like that. No matter! I wore this to my WW meeting, to the Ultimate game (big skirts are handy for changing into and out of shorts), out for lunch and out for a bit of shopping. The outfit is built around the scarf, which is by Smoking Lily (which as you may recall, I can't resist), and was $20. Again, a bit pricey for consignment, but it's handmade, silk and they don't make this design anymore. As well, I was spending trade-in credit so it wasn't like I spent cash. Plus, chartreuse green trimmed in pink! Squee!

I adore this dress: It's a pretty skimpy halter top, so I usually wear something over it to prevent excess boobage. Last seen here, as well as here, here and here. I saw this exact dress in a consignment shop yesterday, so I finally found out what the brand is (mine has had the label removed): Ricki's!

The sweater is one of my attempts to work pink into my wardrobe. Pink has been one of those "not me" colours for a very long time, but I do like this dusty shade of it. Last worn here.

The stairs shot:
I got a lot of compliments on the colours in this: butter yellow, pink sorbet and the pale green. When it was sunny (very briefly) I felt very summery.

A close-up of the scarf pattern:

It's gold amoebas!

Check out this one:
Maybe that's a spore.

Hope you had a good weekend!

Dress (Ricki's, consignment), sweater (Esprit), shoes (Circa Joan & David, thrifted), scarf (Smoking Lily, consignment).


  1. Another fabulous scarf - I think this one is my favorite. Great outfit top to bottom! I wore a skimpy sundress today with a close-fitted tee *under* it to preserve a scrap of modesty : >

  2. The print of the scarf is very sciency. I love it. Sort of adds a funky punch to an otherwise sweet based outfit.

  3. So it is not only "revenge of dress week", but it seems to be "happy-spring-scarf-time" as well!

    And WHAT a scarf it is- truly stellar- amoebas! So, so, SO cool.

  4. Thanks, Patti! I love the crazy pattern. Good plan - tees are super for layering that way!

    Megan, I know, isn't it cool? Thanks!

    Rita, yes, definitely! Thanks!

  5. This one is my favorite of the last 3 outfits! I love love love the color combination! You rule! :)

  6. Spores? How cute! ;)
    Great scarf! Great shoes!

    I want lemon & strawberry ice-cream... now! :)

  7. Wow, Sheila, my favorite of all dress + scarf week! you look so pretty without any trace of saccharine or 'too sweet' - the color pairings are, rather, quite sophisticated. it's rare to see you in such pale hues - they let your face shine!

    and either that scarf or those shoes would make me (ahem) 'green with envy'....both together, well, you know it's got to be things from Sheila's closet :) happy week! steph

  8. Aw, thanks, Dimi! I wasn't too sure about the colours.

    Sal Kaye, thanks! Mmmm...I would love some sorbet.

    Steph, really? Thanks! You're right, I rarely do pastels (they are tough for me to carry off). I have a green scarf this colour - would you like it?

  9. What a great idea! I always thinkg of shrugs to go over dresses, but why not a blouse? Thanks for the inspiration and just love the ameobas!

  10. Sheila you look like a sweet little doll here, i like this look. Its amazing how you can change from pretty in pink to rough in black. I love that you are able to pull it off so well.

  11. Ha, I'm so misleading, aren't I, Lorena! :) I like to mix up my looks a fair bit. Thank you!


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